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  1. My old man smacked his C-Max wheel off a kerb this afternoon, car slipped on ice as he parked. On inspection I can see that apart from the alloy being damaged he's also got a slight tear (2cm x 1cm) in the sidewall of the tyre - just looks like a flap & it's on the bead (the raised bit?) just above the alloy. It's a Goodyear tyre, I reckon about £60-70 fitted via Black Circles. It's not done many miles - but is it a definite 'needs to be replaced' or is there any chance the tyre fitter is going to tell him it's ok if he goes to get it checked first? He is sick...probably more so about the damage to his alloy - hopefully there is no other hidden damage, he said the impact was quite low speed. Any comments/advice appreciated. Cheers & A Happy New Year !

    Fitted....and it was a doddle...thanks for the advice/encouragement - hopefully the morons won't return !

    Thanks for the reply folks - yes it's the opening one. My Dad managed to pick one up for £17 (+vat?) from a local scrappy. Most other quotes off the net/ebay - were around the £35 mark. We've just to fit it now ! Sounds like it should be ok tho'. Thanks again.
  4. Does anyone know if it's an easy DIY job to fit a rear offside window to a KA (2000 W) ? Some moron panned in the one in my late Granda's car (now used by my folks) the other night. It was one of a dozen cars hit in the same street. Cops were a complete waste of time - not even interested in a great footprint in the snow where the moron had come over the garden wall Looks like we'd maybe be able to pick one up on ebay for £35-40? which I am guessing is a fraction of the cost of a new one - even via the insurance, what with excesses etc, but we'll only tackle it, if it's a case of a few bolts etc. Would be grateful for any pointers.
  5. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Well Ford have never replied - just about sums up the customer service you can expect if you deal with that lot ! If this wasn't a safety issue I don't know what is. Maybe we won't bother with that S-Max after all - I am sure there are plenty more companys out there that will value our business more.
  6. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I've now got the spring & I'm going to drop in past the dealer tomorrow or Monday with it. It has simply sheared & while there is surface corrosion on it, most of it has a paint/rubber coating. It simply looks like it's a faulty bit of material/casting...or whatever. It's incredible to think this item could fracture & fail...with potentially very serious consequences. Am I being unreasonable expecting that the part should last past 20,000 miles, the car has a full Ford Service History & was just serviced & MOT'd a few weeks ago. The fact it is out of warranty is my concern, that & the fact we have been advised that they should be replaced in pairs. so that'll be another 100-200 even outside of the Ford network I've tried to attach some pics FYI but failed. I'd really appreciate some comments on this...or is this thread old hat now & dead???? If our pleas to Ford go the wrong was - they may be about to lose a few potential customers & repeats...but do they really care?
  7. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I am going to get the spring tomorrow & go & visit the dealership later this week. I'll keep you posted on developments. I reckon this is a disgrace, especially for a company the size & experience of Ford !
  8. fiesta suspension WARNING

    £180 to replace the broken spring & fit a new tyre, as it was damaged by the spring ! Do you think we should pursue Arnold Clark/Ford for some recompense/repairs to the other side? or are we wasting our time? My mother in law has the damaged spring & has found out a friend had theirs go recently while driving at 40mph ! Would really appreciate your comments/advice on this guys.
  9. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Couldn't believe how many threads I found on the net re this issue. I searched because my mother in law's 2006, 16k miles 1.4 Zetec - suffered from a sudden spring failure, thankfully whilst sitting on her driveway! Unfortunately it is now with a local 'tyre fitting company' - thanks to the RAC ! - it is just weeks out of warranty & just had an MOT/service at the local Arnold Clark dealership. I would have thought she'd have had a good case for a free repair (out of warranty or not) if it had gone there instead. More worrying is this issue of replacing both at the same time + the zinc plates. I can't believe some of what I've read on here as regards why there was no recall - a damn disgrace & will make me think twice of having a Ford on any shortlist for a future car purchase ! We'd converted her out of Vauxhalls into the Ford - but I am sure she'll also think twice if she ever replaces it!