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  1. Mk6/7 parts for escort

    Do you have photos of the wheels please pal
  2. Ford Escort Mk5

    Nice car! Just bought one myself :)
  3. I have since spoke to ford and bought the correct part. The control arm has a 21mm ball joint for my 2008 1.8tdci incase anyone else is wondering.
  4. Yea I've been researching also... A couple things I read say that the different size ball joint is dependent on whether or not the car has Xenon headlights? Found this info on forums and on the Euro Car Parts website. I'm no expert but I can't understand why the headlights would effect the size of a ball joint on the suspension. My car is fitted with xenon lights, and as these are an optional extra, I wonder if mine is a different size from the 'majority' who have 18mm like you said. Perhaps mine is the 22mm?? The mystery continues until after the bank holiday...
  5. Cheers mate, ill see about going down the ford garage this week. Hopefully they will know the answer. :)
  6. Hello, Been experiencing suspension issues on my 08 Focus, I was told by the garage that I require a new lower suspension arm. I have been looking online to buy the part and find two different parts for my car. One has a 18mm ball joint and the other has a 22mm? Both say they are for my car but I cannot decide which one I should buy? Any help with this matter would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Front Suspension Dilema Focus 08

    Hey there mate. Yea I wish I could change parts in pairs but cant really afford it at the moments. I had a look under car and it seams the engine drip tray had come loose aswell as the inner wheel arch. Bolds had fell out. Tightened it up and the noise is not as bad but still get a slight knock from the passenger side only. I also changed the suspension top mount and bearings aswell as the shock. Also noticed my front tyres were quite low on tread so I think a new set of tyres will further improve any noises I have. Thanks for your advice mate :)
  8. Front Suspension Dilema Focus 08

    Replaced shock, still got the noise... Any idea folks?
  9. Front Suspension Dilema Focus 08

    I'd definitely want to have the job done properly and do both at the same time, will have to price it all up.
  10. Hi guys, wonder if I can pick some people's brains on here. My 2008 Focus 1.8tdci has had some suspension issues recently. At first it was the front passenger suspension creaking/knocking when going over bumps, I had this problem diagnosed as a suspension bearing and had this replaced along with the top mount whilst the job was being done. Problem solved, the noise which I had been hearing has gone away... For about a week, but has now been replaced with a new noise... This time it is a loud bang when I go over a bump with any kind of speed or hit a pot hole. I was told when having the other work done that my shock absorber seemed like it was towards the end of its life (car has 140000 miles) and this makes me think that perhaps the suspension is 'bottoming out'? Or could the new noise relate to the previous work not being done properly? Very annoying scenario as I wish I could go back to the old problem now as this new 'bang' is a lot worse that the old knocking kind of noise. On a side note, I was planning on lowering the car using the Eibach springs and keeping the original shocks, but now this one has failed (possibly) would I be better getting a coilover kit? or replace just the 1 worn shock with an OEM part and then get the springs like I planned? Thanks folks.
  11. Thanks for your help mate, I'll look into getting some when I'm back from my holiday next week :D
  12. Yea mine has started to become a pain to close! I love the pod idea, yours looks like it should have came with the car, you wouldn't know it was an upgrade if you didn't know what you was looking for, blends in really well. Currently I have my phone hooked up to my OBD port and have an app which displays gauges and graphs etc... really neat app, DashCommand I think its called. Would like a dedicated display though. I checked out your MK2, looks really nice! I think I will get the Eibach springs for myself, they make such a huge difference to the car. Don't suppose you know where you bought them from or how much they set you back? I've seen quite a range of prices online and also lots of different springs made by Eibach, not sure of the exact product code I need (think they may be different for petrols and diesels due to weight?). Do you know which size springs you bought e.g 30mm lowering? or is there only one choice? If your anything like me mate, I always think things on my own car look odd but no one else ever notices unless I point it out to them! :D
  13. Yes mate from what I've read some people put them in the oven to loosen the glue! Sounds a bit scary to me, will have to see if there are any other methods. Did you use film or a tinting spray? Looks great! Such an improvement over the standard ones, really need to get round to doing this.
  14. Thanks mate glad you like the look of it! I'm definitely looking into lowering it soon. Not really sure which kit is the best to use, don't want it to be so low that I can't go over bumps properly but want it to sit nice and like you say, improve handling. Don't suppose you have any suggestions? As for the wheels, I was playing around with the idea of going for a two colour style, something darker like you suggested, alongside some gloss black to match the car, perhaps on the inside of the rim... Too much choice! Thanks mate! It's coming along nice I think. As for the lights I'm still undecided on them at the moment, definitely want to tint the spoiler brake light and the mirror indicator lights. As the for the tail and head lights, not sure I want too yet. I have plans of opening up the headlights and spraying the chrome parts inside (and fitting DRL's) The tail lights on my car are the LED type, and look quite cool already, not sure how they would look tinted as I haven't seen any examples. How come you are unhappy with yours mate?
  15. Updated the original post! Enjoy :)