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  1. Zetec Blue update

    De-tangoing was difficult! Had to basically poke out the orange plastic filters and break them up with long pliers! Took forever aha Side repeaters look great! I’ve always thought VW/Seat one’s would fit, as Galaxy/Sharan share the same as the Fiesta. The alloys were standard on the Zetec Blue, but thought I’d colour change for a different look. Uprated brakes defo food for thought, looks/sounds great.
  2. Zetec Blue update

    Took this photo today in snowy Scotland. Current changes (visible in photos); gloss black upper/lower front grilles, ZS/ST fog light surrounds, chrome grille, de-tangoed lights, xenon halogen bulbs, richbrook aerial, wind deflectors, anthracite powdercoated alloys, aero wiper blades. Also you can’t see in this; rear chrome tailgate strip, LED number plate lights, interior map lights, black leather gear gaiter/handbrake surround with blue stitching, original floor mats. Next up (potentially!); Seat Ibiza side repeaters, rear window tints, fit Vodafone flush rear parking sensor kit, mudflaps, replace driver door mirror (the common clicking when folding problem), DAB radio, ZS/ST silver interior door grab handles, silver door handles, LED map lights, some interior ambient lighting. Think that’s all for now, but any suggestions welcome! I’m very OEM-like, as you may have guessed.
  3. Mk6 heater control mod

    I've just seen this Fiesta on eBay, and was wondering if anyone else has replaced their heater control switches like this? Think it looks great!
  4. Mk6 DAB

    Definitely yes, the size of the space is the same - so quite a few different ones will fit in.
  5. Mk6 DAB

    I was wondering if anyone with the Sony CD fitted (i.e. late ST and Zetec Blue models, plus those fitted as optional extra) has swapped it for a CD DAB or 6-CD DAB model, which I believe was available on the Kuga/Transit Connect (possibly others)? If so, are there were any potential issues to take into account? I'm assuming it'd be pretty much plug and play, including the steering wheel controls, however two things I was concerned about: Would the Bluetooth/Voice Control system be easily compatible? Is it difficult to fit a DAB aerial to the windscreen? Cheers!
  6. 12V/Aux issue

    Hey, My iPhone charger accidentally dangled inside the 12V socket earlier this week, and after some little sparks it now no longer works and although the Aux input seems to still sort of work, the sound quality has been ruined. I'm wondering if I just replace the sockets that the problem will be solved, or do I need to do something more? Thanks!
  7. Mk7 fiesta steering wheel in a mk6

    Looks good!! Hope you manage to get it all functioning okay. I've thought about doing something similar as I've always thought the facelifted Mk6 interior was let down by the unchanged steering wheel; especially in my Zetec Blue with quirky colour scheme and Sony stereo. Plus I'm all about the OEM modernising modifications! I think I'd either get a low-end Mk7 steering wheel without audio controls (that would mean sacrificing leather though) and keep them on the column; or try to wire up the audio controls on a steering wheel with them fitted (as in yours). Would probs get one without cruise control though as I don't like redundant buttons! I made a quick and crude Snapchat edit! Could look good...
  8. Mk6.5 Zetec Blue update

  9. Mk6.5 Zetec Blue update

    Not a great pic, and I can't wash it for a week, but...
  10. Mk6.5 Zetec Blue update

    I've had my wheels done, will post a better full pic when I've got some space!
  11. New 07 Car. What mods should I do first

    You should check out my Fiesta, as I've made some changes that I think you'd like to do on yours
  12. Mk6.5 Zetec Blue update

    Hi, thanks! I just did them both myself. To remove the orange filter from the indictors you firstly need to purchase some silver bulbs (like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131590518654) and you have to remove the headlights, push the orange filter through into the unit using a screwdriver then break it up using sharp pliers bit by bit...it takes a long time! For the fog light surrounds, you need to purchase the ST/Zetec S surrounds (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008FK1XUI/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item) and once you've got them you have to cut off the clips (there's no where for them to clip into) and just superglue them to the plastic. Liam
  13. Mk6.5 Zetec Blue update

    Thought I'd post a pic of the front of my Fiesta now I've done pretty much everything I want to there! Chrome grille, gloss black plastics (upper and lower grilles, fog light surrounds), flat wiper blades, Richbrook aerial, de-tangoed indicators, (and xenon headlight bulbs), and ST/ZS fog light surrounds. My plan is always to have an OEM-type modernised/updated look, so any other suggestions welcome! I shall be posting again next week once I've had my alloys powder-coated anthracite ;)
  14. Fiesta Zetec Blue

    Yesterday I sprayed the fog light surrounds/upper and lower grilles gloss black, and also 'de-tangoed' the indicators.
  15. LED map lights

    Thank you very much!!