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  1. focmember2016

    Creak In or Near Passenger Footwell

    I already brought it to a garage and I'm reluctant to waste my time (and money) going to another one without first pinpointing where the noise is coming from. The garage I went to showed no initiative and little interest in tracking the cause and Ford CRC team were equally disappointing. It clearly is something wrong with the car and how you think otherwise amazes me. If I tried to sell the car privately a potential buyer would ask about the noise and try to haggle using it as leverage or would walk away (which is what I would do). I wasn't actually thinking that the vehicle was unsafe but I don't expect this from a new car. If you ordered a new car and at delivery you saw a scratch, that clearly didn't compromise the safety of the car, then you'd still not accept it. If you choose to pay the premium to buy a new car then you are entitled to certain expectations. I'm not expecting anyone here to somehow cure the problem from their armchair. I'm asking in the hope that a) someone might have had creaks that appear under the same circumstances and had corrective repairs carried out, or, b) that someone who is more knowledgeable about cars than myself would have the intuition to be able to suggest areas to check.
  2. focmember2016

    Creak In or Near Passenger Footwell

    Wish I'd bought that Punto now. Guys over on the Fiat forum seem to think Ford have better build quality.
  3. focmember2016

    Creak In or Near Passenger Footwell

    It happens even when I am at crawling speed over ramps and it freaks even on normal roads (although not as loud and it is a shorter creak). I noticed if I push down on the clutch when going over a ramp then there is no noise...
  4. focmember2016

    Creak In or Near Passenger Footwell

    I am thinking now that it is actually between the two foot wells. I took the plastic panel off the passenger side of the transmission tunnel but I see nothing. I wonder if there is anything going through the firewall that's rubbing off something, like the gear shifter cable.
  5. focmember2016

    Creak In or Near Passenger Footwell

    I did, they really just told me to bring it to a different dealership...
  6. I have a creak in or near the passenger footwell on my 2015 Fiesta. It is heard when going over bumps in the road (even at low speed) and when I let my foot off the clutch (although if the engine is off then there is no creak when releasing the clutch). Also it only seems to occur after the car has warmed up. For example, when leaving my home after the car has been resting there is no noise going over the speed ramp outside but if I come back maybe 20 mins later the same ramp will cause a creak. Ive searched forums and it seems I'm not alone with this but there doesn't seem to be a fix described. I brought the car back to the dealer but they were useless. Any suggestions? Thanks.