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  1. MarcusB

    Flat Battery

    Is the 5-10 minute delay normal? Sounds excessive to me. The problem these days is most garages rely on the diagnostic computer for everything, the skills to have a OK and actually fault-find are lost. All them to get a skilled auto-electrician involved if they cannot find the fault, at their cost, as you've already paid for an unnecessary battery!
  2. MarcusB

    Engine died - is it worth replacing

    You don't mention whether petrol or diesel. I assume diesel. I have a 2008 diesel 2.2 with 108,000 miles and consider it has at least the same again in it. I would think a garage could do some work for next to nothing to see what the issue is (I'm an engineer and can think of several reasons why it won't turn that could be less than fatal!) Contact the warranty provider and explain the position, but £900 to take the engine out and have a look is madness. I have a warranty and if they have given you if with 80 odd thousand miles on the car, they v would struggle to get out of paying out with me! If the rest of the car is fine, is go for it, as even a recon engine will come with a warranty, and I'd expect 50-100,000 out of a diesel that is well looked after and regularly serviced.
  3. Depending on the repair kit 'gunge' some kits use a water based type, that is washable. None of these inflation kits work on a large hole, but are OK with a screw or nail in the tyre. I bought a Mondeo 16" steel wheel and fitted a tyre to give the same rolling diameter. £15 for the wheel and £20 for a good part with tyre, fitted and balanced. A cheap new tyre could be had for about £45. Sadly, I usually forget to put it in the car; and you need a jack to lift 1.5 tonnes (not even that, but err on the side of caution) and a wheelbrace. Securing the wheel isn't too difficult, but unless it is actually bolted to the vehicle structure, it's not 100% safe and as such an MOT failure. Take it out for that ;-)
  4. MarcusB

    Ford Fanatic Required!!

    Looks like an XR3 / XR3i steering wheel?