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  1. Yep, sounds like it might be a common issue. Luckily enough, my local mechanic was able to weld mine back together, been fine since and a whole lot cheaper at £30 than getting a new Manifold, Cat and downpipe (All one piece!) at over £300!
  2. Sounds similar to what was going on with my car. Very loud clunk or knocking when taking off quickly from a stop. What it ended up being in my case was a broken exhaust bracket, the one right under the engine had snapped and was letting the downpipe smack off the subframe. Hope this might help!
  3. Paddy94

    Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    Anyone know if anywhere sells/makes a kit like this for the MK2? Cheers!
  4. Paddy94

    Low mpg mk2...

    Sounds about right. I have an 06 MK2 1.6 and I get around the same MPG's around the town. Usually 27 or 28. I get more on say, the motorway, usually high 30's or so. Seems to just be how these cars are unfortunately!
  5. I have a sound like that myself from the rear seatbelts. I can only hear it when I'm in the backseat, so it's not too bad...But still a pain in the butt. Can't offer any advice, but you're not alone lol.
  6. Paddy94

    Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    Hey guys. Leaving my car in to get the timing belt and water pump done next week and I'm wanting to get the main drive belt done as well. My car has aircon, so i think it has two different belts? The air con belt looks almost new but the main belt (Alternator, water pump, etc) is looking a bit worse for wear. What I'm wondering is, is it possible to just change the one belt? Or will I need to change both? Also, I've been looking at belts on eurocarparts and was wondering if this one would fit? Thanks.
  7. Paddy94

    Grinding noise/banging

    Had something like this in my car. Ended up being the very front exhaust bracket was broken and letting the exhaust hit off the front sub frame when accelerating. Maybe have a check for that.
  8. Paddy94

    Timeing belt kit

    Hey guys. Just wondering which timing belt kit I'll need for my car? Mines a 1.6 petrol, so I was wondering which I'll need from Eurocarparts (They have a few different ones)
  9. Paddy94

    Focus engine light and P0304 code.

    Just to add. If I was going to replace the plug leads, would it have to be OEM or would any brand do? I know I can get a full set off eurocarparts for £20, but the ford ones are almost £20 EACH online.
  10. Hey guys. The other day while on the way home from work, I noticed my car (06 Focus 1.6) was feeling a bit hesitant on acceleration and then it got to the point when I was going up a hill that the engine light started to slowly flash for a minute or so. It went off and when I got home I checked the code on my OBD2 scanner and got the code P0304, Which is Cylinder 4 misfire. I gave this a quick google and it seems to be a pretty common enough thing on these cars. I had a quick peek in the spark plug wells and noticed that 3 and 4 were swimming the water, again, another common thing. I'm still trying to find a break in the weather to go out and give them a proper clean, so that I can check the plugs and the gap on them (They've only been in there since just before christmas) I've read online that the gap on the plugs can sometimes be too large and cause issues in the long run. After looking online, I noticed that the most popular fix for the misfire issue was the coil pack, which I have ordered up and am waiting to get here. What I want to ask is, Should I replace the number 4 spark plug wire as well? And if so, do the wires need to be replaced in in a full set or can I just get the one wire I need? If anyone one else here has ran into this problem and has any advice, I'll happily hear it!
  11. Paddy94

    Focus MK2 map lights. Only one side working.

    Well, I went back out and tried to figure it out, but still no joy. I cleaned all the connection points and checked everything ands all I got was the light came on for a single, glorious split second, then then went off again after that, no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to come to life again. I think I've just about gave up on it. Surely it must be the unit itself then? Hopely I can get ahold of another to see.
  12. Hye guys. Just did the little map light upgrade for my focus, swapping out the standard single unit for one with map lights. But I've ran into a bit of a problem, Only one of the map lights seems to be working. The passenger side works fine, as does the center light, But the driver side map light won't work. I've swapped the bulbs around and still no driver side light. Any idea what this could be? Faulty unit maybe? This is the unit I've bought and fitted.
  13. Paddy94

    Cup holder inserts?

    Awesome, thanks for that!
  14. Paddy94

    Cup holder inserts?

    Just curious. Would this insert fit into a MK2 Focus? Going by the photos there, it looks almost the same type of cup holder.
  15. Paddy94

    Mk 2.5 Front Rattle / Clunking

    I had a similar noise, It ended up being the very front exhaust mounting. It had broken and was rattling like hell when you gave the car the beans. Maybe check around there?