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  1. Thanks for reading this.......Let me start from the beginning...... We moved into a new home and the driveway way on possible 20% slope. Me being the smart ***** i am back the car up the drive. One night i was woken to a massive bang........a front suspension spring had snapped.......little did we know, we aka me and the missus were already driving round on 1 broken spring...... The problem........ After buying new springs on 2nd hand struts £60 quick just passed a MOT. When driving the car feels very light on the front, spinning the front wheels with very little power. The main problem is the slightest little bump in the road, feels like the front spring are bouncing around....alot of rattling and feels like there is no grip. It vibrates horrendously when you hit a small speed bump shaking on the steering wheel as if the springs are just bouncing round in the strut..... Any ideas Would be grateful....... Ford Focus MK2 55 Plate 1.6 Petrol Joe
  2. Brakes are fine from what i have checked. The thing that worried me was when the first AA fellaa, seemed decent enough, told me its strange because the car was selecting gears alright, I've never had any slipping of gears, just every blue moon wouldn't take reverse on first go. The second fella (flat bed) said something about a fluid leakage (second cylinder) just above clutch pedal but no fluid in drivers footwell, so he was lost. as i said i know jack about mechanics, but i know the smell of a burning clutch. The thing i can't get my head around is 58k and the clutch? if i've read right, 80k depending on driving skill. i've been driving for 10+ years i know i haven't been riding the clutch but i did buy it with one previous owner a 64 year old who had it sat for 2 years. its been fine for the 7 months ive had it. just pi**ed a cheap week in Wales cost me 200quid recovery and pos 290 for a clutch, These things are made to try us! :) I like the style of the mk2 focus. (now thinking about an 2.0 titainium upgrade)
  3. Thanks bud, is there certain mesh for certain cars or is its diy cut to fit? if its cut to fit diy i have plenty of materials i could get from work, just don't want it to look like a bodged job. i have 1m2 Sheets of this i could use. (In Work)
  4. Ok guys, i have of course 1.6 55 plate focus, i've noticed recently after my van was hit with a brick and a hole was made in the radiator. The bottom end of my radiator on my focus isn't protected very well, damage to lower half. ive also notice the the temps in the engine stay steady at half way according to the dash, but from a cold start rise very quickly just by sitting idle. I'm thinking the damage to the lower half of the rad is causing this problem, if i did get a replacement rad. What could i use on my front bumper to stop this issue happening again? my rad
  5. To answer that question it's a no. 1.6 engine I thought my car would of easily of taking a hill roughly 30-40 degrees. 4 passengers all adults. Just as we hit the peak loads of smoke and the smell of a dead clutch. Was in 2nd gear about 4 thou revs. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Thinking about give my focus a facelift. would Ford Focus st225 front, back and skirts 05-08. fit as standard to my 55 plate Mk2 zetec? What mods would i have to do if any? and is it a DIY Job or bodyshop Job?
  7. Afternoon all, Ok i'm no expert, this week we went to Wales. Try to climb a steep hill in my 55 Plate 1.6 zetec with 58k miles on clock. The smell of a burning clutch and smokes as far as i could see, Tells me i burnt the clutch out on my car. When the AA recovered me, they said it's strange, The clutch pedal is completely slack (pedal spring is still there) It's selecting all the gears fine but reverse now and then, Bite for the clutch is at the max in all gears the car will drive very slow but with crazy amount of power on the acc pedal. Before i put it in the garage to be sorted, does this sound like i've completely burnt out the clutch? i've been quoted £290 for clutch repairs does this sound reasonable. Thanks in Advance Joe
  8. If anybody, has any useful and Cheap upgrades i could use on the car, for performance or cosmetic. I would really appriate it. some idea's im think of ordering: and for performance
  9. Good-day all, I recently bought myself a 55 plate ford focus 1.6.