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  1. Ford could end this tomorrow by paying the license fees for the modem software, like every other manufacturer has done.
  2. If you can wait and the deal was good then do. Cancelling now is bad because prices are insane. To put in in perspective when I ordered my Fiesta in January (a 155 ST Line), it was £196 a month, but that was cancelled because they closed the factory. The Puma on the same terms is £320 as month. £200 a month now gets a you a basic non turbo 1 litre super mini, if you are lucky.
  3. OK so how do I approach this? My car was released to me on Monday still with the fault, but its showing as having no outstanding recalls. I will give it a while and go to the dealer but either way the modem isnt working.
  4. 3 of us on the Pumaforums had our cars in the last 2 weeks, all 3 have the fault still. None of us have a serial number listed for the modem in the sync menu. Mine has Wifi and Bluetooth working (Wifi is unreliable at best though). The cars will not activate on Ford Pass and the SOS call error comes up. When I check with Ford my car has no outstanding recalls. I have heard that the 'fix' isnt working well, and many cars still dont work after its applied, the first fix has been pulled and Ford are looking at another fix.
  5. It was an online lease, I dont know the dealer. I assumed it was Lookers of Sheffield because it was registered in that area, but the number plate says something else and it doesn't have enough mileage to be driven that far to me (i'll have to go look). 2 other guys on the Puma forums had deliveries last week, so they are happening, but why they arent fixed I dont know.
  6. Well my Puma is here and its very nice! However the SOS call system isnt working and it wont register on Ford Pass, but the Wifi and Bluetooth are working.
  7. 2 Guys on the Puma forums had their cars delivered last week, one reports the modem system still doesn't work. Mine is being delivered tomorrow (hopefully), i'll report if it works. Seems as though the issue may actually be a patent licensing issue, because ford are being sued in Germany for patent infringement for mobile connectivity patents, as have a few other manufacturers. Its possible the modem was deliberately deactivated remotely until something had been worked out. It may be they are cleared to continue sales (the company suing wanted a hold and recall), but still haven't sorted the legal issues. Reading through this thread is very familiar to me from other forums. Longer term high post count users tend to come down on the side of the manufacturer because they dont know any different. Trust me, ive been driving long enough to know Ford are absolutely awful at recalls, the worst i've ever experienced. They also have the second most of any manufacturer. Toyota have more, but also have more models and more platforms, and they handle them respectfully, keeping the owner informed. With Ford no one knows anything, even the dealers, but most of all even anyone you might stand a chance of being able to contact at Ford.
  8. I just hope they fix it quickly, as in next week. Im getting desperate now. Its costing me a fortune in hire cars, Ford already let me down on a Fiesta ordered in January. Ive had no car for 2 weeks now.
  9. Yes its a requirement for all new models launched after 2018, so the Puma qualifies because it was launched in 2019, whereas my last car a Leon Cupra was a 2019 car but launched some years before. I get the point, but to hold back delivery for something that 99% will never use seems overkill. How many will ever use it, and how many will crash and be able to use it in a situation where no one else sees the crash? At least in this case the fault takes down pretty much all the cars connected services, including all the Ford Pass functions, but its still not something I'm happy to go without a car for. I have had a twitter reply from @FordUK and they confirmed it was a software issue that should be fixed in the coming 'days'.. However long that is..
  10. Apparently its also Kugas and some of the commercial fleet. Ford have so many issues right now, they cant build Fiestas, aren't taking orders for the Focus and the Mach-E has recall issues as well. I was due to get my Puma ST-line X delivered Monday, but they cancelled the delivery yesterday, another person Im aware of was turned away at their dealer yesterday when he went to collect his car. A very poor show from Ford frankly.
  11. Not sure if everyone is aware but all 2022 Pumas are being recalled due to a fault with the SOS call system, it also seems to affect all modem connections and the Ford Pass app. Worse they have halted all deliveries until the issue is resolved. There is no current fix available, and no timescale for a fix has been provided.
  12. My mk2 1.6 VCT broke down and while testing it seems there is 0v coming from the alternator and the battery is dead, with only 7.8v. The battery light came on as well of course. I recharged the battery, but the light was still on. The obvious cause is a dead alternator, but is there anything else I can check? The alternator seems a pain to replace on these.
  13. My problem seems to be the reverse, the problem is tank pressure should be monitored, and a hole in the cap would cause an error code (even a small hole). I will test it though by running with the cap loose for a short while.
  14. OK, so my car has had a stutter of nearly a year and nothing has fixed it. I thought i had fixed it by replacing one of the VCT solenoids, but it was short lived. However I have now seen a pattern to the stutter. If the tank is low on fuel its worse, after a fill up it almost goes away. However I don't believe its related to the pump, since it was replaced within the last 12 months and that had no effect. The fuel cap is sealing and lets air in as the fuel does down, so its not due to a vacuum in the tank, so maybe its due to excess pressure. There are no error codes from the EVAP system, so im still not sure what's going on. Ive now started releasing the pressure daily to see if the car remains OK as the fuel drops. If it does then any ideas what could be wrong? I was under the impression that if the EVAP system was blocked it would throw a code, but maybe not if its blocked before the carbon canister or in the canister itself.
  15. I know this is an old thread, but these issues still come up. My car has suffered from a stutter/hesitation since I got it in feb 2016. After much frustration and numerous part changes it turns out the problem was with the VCT system. The issue was the exhaust VCT solenoid allowing the timing to jump around. After replacing it for a much newer revised part (from a later model) the stutter has pretty much gone. I suspect there is some wear to the variator now, preventing it from being as smooth as it could be, but the main problem has gone. There were no OBD errors for nearly 10 months, then it started with cam slow response errors, which finally pointed to the likely problem. So it quite possible for the car to be almost undriveable and not have any errors reported at all.
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