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  1. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    will be nice to hire explanation about this, thanks .....
  2. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    I totally agree with you its not acceptable but what we can we do?!? Ford did not mention anything about this in any documentations so this could be big fraud by Ford. Maybe we could to sue Ford because of this ?!? Ford knows about this problem and did not do anything to fix it, they still deliver cars with skipping problem?!? I think that Ford don't have fix for skipping because if they do have a fix, cars without skipping would appear some where already.
  3. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    If we say your average is 6mb then you are using 480MB of 700MB CD space which is close to my case. It looks to me that I missed those posts! Anyway depends on what they meant exactly. If they meant 10 mp3 songs than all us which have around 80 songs on CD should be very happy with that. But maybe they meant on 10 songs on normal CD. On normal CD songs are not compressed they are in .wav format and average song in .wav needs around 40mb so 10 songs will take around 400mb disk space. All this looks to me like a hardware problem not software because all us have similar problem but not exactly the same.
  4. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    Skipping issue seems to have something to do with how many MB's is written on CD. In my case skipping starts after 410-440MB which is around of 60% CD total capacity (700MB). I tried CD-R and CD-RWs no difference. Like how someone already said, as laser head getting to the outer edge of the CD skipping will start. I think that number of songs on CD have nothing to do with skipping if you don't pass around 60% of CD total capacity. That's why we all have different number of songs which are not skipping 60-70-80-90-100. Low quality MP3s will take less CD space and you will be able to record maybe 100 songs on ~400MB, middle quality MP3 you will have around 80 songs on ~400MB and high quality mp3 songs you will have around 50 songs on ~400MB. Can someone conform all this?

    I asked nicely of course and I want to dealer shop where I bought car. Their service department try to enable that option without any success. After 1h of trying they gave up with excuse that they don't know how to do that and they will try to get answers from ford. After one week of waiting I got answer that enabling "fader" option will cost me around 1000eur because some electronic part needs to be changed!!! Of course I did not believe in 1000eur story and I dont know why they made that up?!?! Just make something straight, rear speakers are working but I can not change sound volume font - rear which is done via fader option! Can you please check exactly what needs to be done? And also can you tell how much that will cost in UK? Thanks!

    As you are working at Ford you could help many people on this forum by answering some questions which are running around for some time. Like how I know Ford is using diagnostic system which needs Internet connection with Ford central in order to change some things in car MCU firmware or to change firmware. Which means just Ford official dealers can make changes and upgrades in the car software - firmware. Every change in car on that way will be recorded in to Ford main database, Ford will keep a track of everything. That's bad for us car owner as Ford dealers can set any prices for car upgrade, and we can not go anywhere else!!! Big question is can simple diagnostic can be done by car universal diagnostic system like in the past ?!? Question's for you 1. can USB be fitted into head unit version with just bluetooth? 2. can we have new firmware for head unit in order to fix MP3 skipping? 3. can front - back speakers "fader" option can be enabled in cars which have by default just 4 front speakers? and how? This should be possible because all hardware is in place, amp for rear speakers is there, just option "fader" in menu is missing. 4. can you tell me fitting adapters finish code for rear speakers? And I would like to ask you again, can you please take picture's of your original font and rear speakers, I would like to see them from front and back, thanks! Thank you for your time!
  7. USB Connection

    I saw that you found TitanimSteve, you are in good hands now .......... Anyway you don't need to cut anything, you can tap into your speaker wires on the head unit at the speaker wires connector like how TitanimSteve suggested. Also you could tap into your rear speaker's wires but for me its easier to do all that on head unit because you need to connect ignition live wire with your amp or your amp will be permanently on and that is not good! Regarding the general wiring you should do it like how TitanimSteve did it, its the beast and easy way.
  8. USB Connection

    There is no sub connector's on head unit prepared by Ford, than by my opinion Ford did not approved sub fitting at all. You need to add speaker line out to RCA converter on the head, but you don't need to modify head unit on any way! RCA converter is small independent unit which will convert speaker out level to RCA level. It's very simple unit. Also you need to do some wireing for sub like how TitanimSteve did. (RCA line and power line) Here is speaker to RCA converter, its stereo like how you can see: h**p://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330341726370
  9. USB Connection

    TitanimSteve did this ..... "Installing a Sub box to Mk7" You will need speaker line out to RCA converter !!!
  10. Still no soloution from pioneer!!!

    Thanks for fast reply! Yep, I understand exactly why they used 2 of them, its because you need more depth for speakers, they got few mm more (max 5mm) with one extra adapter. I have more interest in rear speakers. Sound is better from rear speakers ( if you have mk7 with 3 doors) as there is no nasty vibration sound which is coming from car doors.
  11. Still no soloution from pioneer!!!

    Thanks again! I noticed that some kind pads will be needed as speaker hole is 16cm wide and standard speakers are 16.5cm wide which is not enough for the hole of that size .....
  12. Still no soloution from pioneer!!!

    @Ronnie Do you maybe have pictures of your rear and font original speakers? Thanks!
  13. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    I dissembled my head unit of mk7 and I can conform that head unit with or with out USB are same on the look, where is no more wires or connectors on head unit with USB. Head unit is used to reproduce sound and all control is done via car main computer because audio font panel, display and head unit are connected via main car computer, not directly. So USB must go directly into car main computer and then to head unit. There is also some version of mk7 audio system in which USB is just hidden and disabled by software. That is my opinion ............ Do not count to much on Ford dealer's they don't know much about mk7 at least not in my country, and as you need to take picture to Ford dealer's to show them difference between head units (which are at look same) that tells me also in your country Ford dealer's don't know much about mk7. That sounds to me very very bad. Aston
  14. USB Connection

    @KesN, @harweyko I have also mk7 trend version which I bought in Hungary. Trend in coming with 4 speakers which are fitted in doors. My head unit looks like same as in above picture just few wires in bigger connector are missing which are for rear speakers. Unfortunately audio system in ford is much complicates as it looks like. Audio font panel, display and head unit are connected via main car computer, not directly. In smaller connector we can see audio wires L+R which are AUX. In other words head unit on the picture is used just to reproduce sound and all control is done via car main computer. Because of that we can not add USB port at all in basic audio system which Trend version have. Only thing which can be done in Trend version is to add rear speakers BUT with out fader control! I went to into few ford services - dialers and they could not enable speaker fader control for me (maybe they don't know how). I think that fader control is just disabled in the software .............. Aston
  15. Mk 7 post-delivery usb installation

    Sorry for my English! Could be that all head units have same PCB inside and same software, but some parts like USB and bluetooth is chips could be missing. Something like that could be seen on PC mother boards. Some mother boards could use same BIOS, same PCB but on some version you will have RAID controller firewire, LAN and etc. and on others, places for those chips will be empty. Similar situation could be with head units. Other possibility is that head unit have some jumpers inside by which some options could be disabled or enabled. This is more likely if ford requested to be made by MCU factory, special deigned MCU for their head units which will have everything implemented in one chip. I have also few other idea how ford could made head units but without comparing head units with or without USB will be very difficult to know, can USB be implemented after post-delivery. This means head unit must be extracted from car and needs to be open all the way to the main PCB. Aston