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  1. Over Heating

    artscot79 Thank you very much for your advice about going to a mobile engineer, This elderly gent turned up, took my car away and changed the, Water Pump, Cambelt & tensioner, Thermostat and the sensor at a very pleasing cost of £190. (All Parts taken off of car returned to me) had car back in a day and a half. Car now running like new. Except: He did say that i need the front nearside wheel bearing to be done and wishbones, and with parts and fitting cost will be £95. Have i found a car machanic worth hes salt. Will Defo use again. Thanks again artscot79 mkj
  2. Over Heating

    Hi, I have now had the water pump and at the same time changed the cambelt, but still getting the original faults, ("failsafe cooling system" & multi-function warning light) what sensor would it be that thinks it still overheating? mkj
  3. Over Heating

    Thank you artscot79 for your help. I have got a mobile machanic coming tomorrow to have a look. will post what he says. mkj
  4. Over Heating

    artscot79, No the oil is still dark oil colour so It looks like the head gasket hasn't gone. on the engine. How do I check the thermostat? where it is mkj
  5. Over Heating

    artscot79' thanks for yout reply, I failed to add that when I opened the bonnet the coolant reseviour was boiling.
  6. Over Heating

    Hi all, Can anybody help with my over heating problem. I think its called "failsafe cooling system" I have a 1.6 Zetec hatchback auto on 04 plate. I drove down to the supermarket today no problem. Got into car to return journey, driving along I lost most of my power and i noticed my temp guage in the red and the amber engine warning light on and also multi-function warning light on. any advice will be appriciated. mkj
  7. Hi all, Can anyone inform me as to where I fill the auto transmissin fluid (where the filler tube is). I have a focus zetec 1.6 auto on a 2004 plate. mkj
  8. engine light keeps coming on

    Hi, Not to add a bit of doom to this, But I had the yellow engine light come up on my people carrier (citroen C8) Asked Citroen about fault they said bring it in to check, The engine completely seized within a month. Now to repair it, I was quoted telephone numbers. They just stopped short to say I require a new engine. Be careful with this warning light. It could be a small thing or large. I now have a Focus.
  9. Door Problem

    Hi, Thanks for your reply, by the look of things the Hinge Pins look fine. It seems the bottom of the door has moved slightly and is rubbing on the front panel causing the paint to chip.
  10. Door Problem

    Hi, Is there anyway of adjusting the doors. My nearside passenger door has suddenly started to scrape on the front nearside wing. mkj
  11. Repair Manual

    Hi, Found the manual at a Accessory Shop called Stockwell Motors in London at £17.00. That's the cheapest I've seen around and searching the web. :D MKJ
  12. Repair Manual

    Hi, Is there anywhere I can get hold of a 'Haynes Repair Manual' or indeed any repair Manual, for a Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 Auto Hatchback. Regards mkj
  13. Hi Guys, I have a 2004 Focus Zetec Auto. And if any problems occur, I hope this site will help me solve. Looking forward to hearing from you all. (hopefully not) MKJ
  14. Front Grille

    Sorry, Both top and bottom. mkj
  15. Front Grille

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a front grille for a 2004 1.6 zetec auto cheaply. Regards MKJ