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  1. Who drives an older fiesta?

    I was wondering how many people on here actually have an older fiesta, most seem to have mk6's onwards so wondering if people will have the knowledge for any questions I may have. I have found a few forums such as www.fiestaguides.co.uk and UFKN and southeastfiestas.darkbb.com but was wondering because got a few mods coming up and would be looking for advice. Cheers guys
  2. FITP who is going?

    Is anyone going to FITP on here? Also if you are in north london are you in a convoy?
  3. boot release button

    Like Kristal said sounds like the contact is dirty, take the switch out and clean it try again if that fails a clean the contact point and then it should be ok touch wood. Check for any wear on the connection points as well
  4. I have a mate with a mk6 fiesta celebration and he drives with his side lights on because he thinks it looks mean when coming down the road. I think that it is a personal choice and in the day it doesn't affect you when you go against or with the traffic and they are on. Fogs really !Removed! me off though at night because you can't see past them and then have like blots on your eyes when they have passed you really hate people with their fogs on when they don't need to be. Police should start pulling them over more often and giving out the fines.
  5. What's the Deal???

    I hope it is all good news for you mate, spent money and would be a waste and !Removed! take if it come back and was bad news. let us know :) fingers crossed and touch wood.
  6. List of items needed

    Got some time free so over the weekend and next week I shall be spraying a kit for my car so it is ready for Fiesta In The Park. I need a filler for the plastic side skirts and arches to give them a nice finish been told cellulose putty any other recomendations?? Will need to sand them down to smooth as well so have been told wet dry sand paper 1000 or above is good. Any pointers on this at all or other products I should use?
  7. Ford Forums

    The other forums are like this and offer advice to you but the only people who you can sort out any possible complaints with are Ford direct. For any info though def check out. zsoc.com fiestaguides.co.uk ukfn.com southeastfiestas.darkbb,com/forum but yeah often there aren't any employees so it is just advice
  8. Help me pick new wheels

    Personally, I like the third option because they are similar to the zetec s alloys that would look mint on your car, however they have to many holes and that will look silly so the first ones will look mint with the colour contrast on the car.
  9. Newwww

    Welcome to the club, car looks mint :)
  10. Improving my acceleration??

    Adjust the tappets maybe?
  11. PM's gone?

    Yeah had an email saying I had a pm and it said I can't view them on this board wtf :S major confusion
  12. New Girlie :)

    Welcome :)
  13. Spraying Xr2i kit

    I will be spraying my xr2i bodykit over the break from college and wanted a quick list of what I will need. Spray Laquer sandpaper anything else I'm missing?
  14. 6th April 10:00am

    Someone won't be getting much sleep tonight methinks. Wanna see some pics as soon as you get a chance
  15. Got my new Fiesta Mk7 :D (Photos inside)

    Looks mint mate and yeah I would take it back because when you have paid that kind of money it isn't worth not being 100% happy. I don't let anyone wash my car and its 10+ years old lol so take it back mate.
  16. Spraying Xr2i kit

    I have a spray primer that is red will that do? Used it for rust
  17. Fiesta vs Corsa

    It depends on the valves and engine condition really mate. But I would say in general unfortunately the corsa is slightly faster.
  18. Formula 1 '09

    Hamilton would be better leaving the sport or moving to Ferrari because the FIA HATE Mclaren and anyone associated. Think Lewis should have his 3rd place reinstated and be put in 5th for today
  19. Who drives an older fiesta?

    Ok cool just a very similar name lol
  20. Who drives an older fiesta?

    Mine is a mk3 1995 reg that if were honest I will be the last owner of this car I think which sucks so I'm not gonna put anymore money into it and scrap it soonly. Dave The Rave are you registered as daverave on fiestaguides.co.uk??
  21. rusty seat rails

    I would a car this new should not even be thinking about rusting let alone actually starting.
  22. Who drives an older fiesta?

    Not as old but we are getting there slowly :) Anyone going to FITP?
  23. Who drives an older fiesta?

    I have a mk3 and it is hard to find places that have the information. Check out the other sites I posted as they are good with information. What is the best thing to take the glue off after debadging?
  24. Changing display name

    Is there anyway that I can change my username that is displayed, I really hate it and was young when I signed up To the website. Sorry to be a pain
  25. New Fiesta!

    That's a mint looking car mate. Love the shape of it and I agree the spoiler really does finish off the car. Nice one