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  1. So ally nuts for fiesta would do , assuming the thread pitch is the same across generations?
  2. Hi , I have been looking for some Fusion OEM alloys to replace my Fusion's rusting Steelies . I couldn't find many but there are lots of Fiesta alloys , I wondering if OEM Ford Fiesta Alloys could be fitted to a fusion without any spigots ? I can see the bolt pattern is the same but is there anything I should look out for
  3. Thanks , Is there a reputable garage that can fully inspect the strut/top mount ? National tyres said it was a big job , though I am debating having a look myself , I have changed drive shafts, rotors/pads and bodywork myself before Though I dont think I could Identify problems with the strut/top mount myself . Looks like an hour's job max for a pro with tools . Maybe 2-3 hours for me , hmmm
  4. Basically had both front tyres replaced on MK4.5 Mondeo , largely as the nearside front was worn excessively on the outside edge . I wondered why one tyre was worn on the outside edge only but the other tyre is fine , I asked the garage ( national Tyres ) to check but they couldn't find anything wrong but said for me to go to get car tested on 'Shaker Plates' Now after about month with the new tyres ( apparently balanced too ) there is additional vibration occurring on the steering wheel . My gut feeling is there is something wrong with the strut/ coil , as there is a horrible thud on the front left ( nearside ) when going over a narrow bump quickly- the Thud sound was there before the new tyres but only occurred on bumps . I got the tyres to get though MOT but I wanna get the thud and potential uneven wear checked . I guess shaker plates is the way forward here?
  5. So I have the adapter in place but , to be honest the FM signal is worse than it was from the old unit . Maybe the adapter is incorrect ? Can anyone advise?
  6. This adapter seemed to do nothing, If I connected with either, or both Fakra connectors I get the same reception , when connecting the blue wire ( to Antenna amp/ Blue wire ) this made no difference
  7. So I just removed my Stock Head Unit ( CD6000 ) from my Mk4.5 Mondy , to replace with a Android Touchscreen with FM radio . The car has two RF facra leads going to the old HU but the new HU has just one Antenna ( ISO ) input . I read that some cars have dual antennas , or a single antenna with a booster - So I just purchased a Dual Antenna Adapter ( attached )which supposedly adapts the dual FACRA to one ISO Antenna Connection and one Voltage tap connector ( powers the booster ) Before I wire this and blow something , I just wanted to check if I am correct in my thinking ....
  8. I believe that is the dual antenna connection , they are used for FM and DAB , I have the same issue , looking for adapters ...
  9. I am trying to find some documentation on bodywork removal ( bumper ) for a Mondeo MK4 ( 2014 1.6 Ecoboost) . The bumper is damaged but , I dont know how to remove . Ideally need a to see a schematic/ diagram . I can see there are Haynes manuals but , not sure if they include diagrams/ instructions on panel/ bumper removal [Edit] I just tried ETIS but it errored out ! . Is it £44 to register though ? Can someone send me the bumper pages for a donation ?
  10. I too would like to know how to remove the bumper , It seems there are several parts latched together ( grill / bumper/ sub bumper ) , My Mondeo was previously a CAT N and repaired . Its apparent the front bumper was replaced , however the front bumper grills and trim are coming loose/apart after some months of ownership .. Ideally I would like to check pages in a service/ or assembly manual . I may need to due some gluing and/or plastic welding . Its a 2014 Graphite model
  11. Hi all I have only driven the car twice , I went out again today , I did the stationary clutch test , no problems there , car stalls immediately wen pulling away in 4th . I also depressed the clutch , gave high revs while coasting, then letting clutch out yet , no sign of slipping , engine brakes accordingly . I noticed again , after a long night sleep , on my second drive , switching on my more astute senses , that I can feel light pulsing vibration all the time but only occurs when driving ( car moving ) . If I am stationary and in gear , slowly releasing clutch , there is no vibe or judder at all strangely . Also I noticed the vibration increases when cornering or going uphill more . The vibration is only enough to feel in the ball of my foot and toes , it is not felt in whole leg or above sole of foot really . I really hope I am just paranoid , or over sensitive - I really love the Mondeo , such a lot of car for the money, lovely ride . However I do not remember feeling any vibration in my Fusion clutch pedal , though this maybe a different type of clutch ?
  12. I would like to add , that the private seller wrote and signed a receipt offering refund if there were issues with the car, I guess this is covered for 30 days consumer rights anyway . However I would rather keep the car , as I like it . I am just curious if/what work would be involved to to prevent it getting worse
  13. Just purchased a ecoboost Mondeo Mk 4 ( 2014 ) for silly money , it has only 60K miles on it . Very happy with car , I did not see anything wrong during test drive before purchase . However car was in London , and in hindsight not many hills or open roads to fully test as thoroughly as I would have liked . On my way back from buying , a good 30 mile long journey , during a drive on an open windy road 'A' road , going uphill about 60MPH . I noticed some faint pulsating on the clutch when shifting down a gear , during the uphill drive at speed . This has not been noticeable in any other condition on flat roads or motorway . In the interim I will do some more thorough testing , to see if the clutch is slipping . I dont think this could be slipping . I guess only a mechanic can really tell if an issue . Should I be worried , will this get worse , should I address it ?