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    With respect you can make most things fit with converter sleeves, but if this was me I would like to see the whole thing the same bore from fount to back>For example on my focus St its 3" all the way through downpipe to back box with a 200 cell sports cat. It could lead to problems in running if you do other mods later but may be not. A miss match some ware just may upset the max power you could achieve. Think of it this way some idiots just change the back box to a big bore they get lots off loud noise but the miss match actually reduces any real power they already had just for that loud sound
  2. Mk7 fiesta splitter

    I don't know if it would fit, but mind the speed humps they eat front splitters and that's why I don't have one form experience.
  3. 1.8tdci timing belt change

    Not sure if you need to remove starter motor but the other stuff is about right. You might as well change the tensioners etc. at the same time. Its not difficult with the right tools and equipment but if you are really unsure in my opinion get a local garage or mate who knows how to do it, as if you get it wrong it can be a problem.
  4. Windscreen stone chip repair

    By shear luck a friend of mine works for a famous windscreen company so I get it done for free every time(chip) and a discount on the screen if I buy the whole thing myself and free fitting.
  5. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    All I can say is have ago with VW R turbo I have 340 bhp not a hope in hell in catching that from a standing start due to its very aggressive launch control. But if I was to catch him at a higher speed I would give him a good run for his money. Main thing is doesn't really matter how fast your car goes in real terms it, Its really how much you enjoy it I just love that 5 pot grumble that my Mk2 does.The question is are modern cars really that fast and the answer is yes if you had a1ltr car say in 1980ish you would probably be quicker walking you wouldn't get 140 bhp or more from a 1ltr 3 pot engine probably a 3 pot engine would only be on a motor bike. A 2 ltr engine then would typically be about 110-120 bhp if you where lucky
  6. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    If it is the hill start you just have to drive off not bother about flicking any switch it will release automatically usually quite smooth but now and then will bind but only slightly before it goes off. Yes with mine I called the AA when I couldn't get mine to go off on my mothers steep drive all I needed to do was drive away with confidence . Don't mess with the switch as that is what confuses it .ITs the same with other well known cars makes to.
  7. Fiesta Red Edition Revo Tuning?

    I don't have a fiesta but a focus and it was one of the best things I did. The only thing I would say is with the small capacity engine is that by tuning it you will have a stressed racing snake instead of a normal engine. In my experience the small capacity engines (maybe not in this case) die far quicker that large capacity engines as lager are not so stressed by the mod. Might be good for some time then one wet and windy winter night pop. Bin there done it but obviously not on a modern Fiesta so I could be talking outa my bottom.
  8. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    In my younger days it was all most impossible to buy a newish car as in my case I only earned £5 a week (yes that is correct) I used to ride round on a 125 Lambretta scooter ( yes it had all the mirrors and back rest etc a proper mod machine) ,so the only car we could buy would be a bit of an old bangor and you had to try to do a better and better swaps as you whent along. Repairs no chance of taking it to a garage they wouldn't shake an oily rag at your car. So you fixed it your self you had to. You learn very fast and do silly things and fit like a baffle less back box that actually looses power and not increase but sounds good and because your mate says it real good and absolutely convince your self that the little chrome air filter assembly I fitted on top of the carburettor made a bit more noise was adding mega BHP LOL we have all done something like that. Eventually I mangled to get a Ford Capri 2.8i and now a 345BHP Collins modified MK2 Focus as my mans toy (I do have a more sensible car for day to day family stuff).I used to call my first car a Rolls Canhardly, rolls down the hill and can hardly get up one lol it was certainly that . There was no computers no mobile phone no color TV only black and white so no Utube to help just a Haynes manual if there was one for you car. You know I wouldn't swap all those old memory's for anything even if I am a grumpy old git now a days.Have fun with your modern better cars that's what my generation worked for so you could get the best and not the old rusting and sometimes a bit unsafe stuff we had to put up with.Oh forgot to say the most moded car as I remember was the Old Ford Anglia they did lots to them.
  9. Focus Bulb Lists

    Change it anyway if you think its that, as other drivers don't want to guess what you may or not be doing regardless of if its an MOT failure or not
  10. Air Con problem. Exhaust in cab???

    Have you had your pollen filter changed recently with the air con mine smells like a damp warm dog(needs changing badly have a butchers at that first as that is supposed to get rid of fumes/smells in the cab. If old it can smell bad when air con switched on
  11. Very Watery Oil

    If its supposed to be 5W-30 and you have 5w-40 in it won't make any real difference in real terms .As advised by others an Oil and filter change with the correct (reasonable quality or better) grade of oil will do it some good weather it needs it or not and that way it will give you peace of mind knowing that the Oil is good. For example and not every one does this but I change my oil every 6 months regardless due to the nature of my engine . Most people change theirs at least once a year. As long as its changed regularly ( at least recommended service intervals ) you won,t have a problem as this will keep your engine sweet for longer. TBH as you have just bought this car I would as a matter of course change things like oil/ filter check other fluid levels, battery electrolyte levels, brakes, etc etc takes a couple of hours and you then know its right.
  12. Mk3 Aircon Light non-responsive

    I would definitely check the refrigerant level you may have a very small leak .low level can cause exactly the symptom you have on any car try this first else you will be going round in circles chasing your own tail. I have had no lights on no run with other cars new gas fixed it. If your aircon fans are running you may have a little gas in the system but not enough to fire the system up.
  13. Very Watery Oil

    Are you sure the oil is actually watery ?. Modern cars oil is very thin i.e. in my car I use 5W-30 its like cats pi** very thin I could use 0W 40 that is even thinner but expensive. Older cars with 20W 50 is a lot thicker.Have a look and see what oil type your car uses I bet its something like 5W 40 thin watery stuff.If you have water in the oil then the chances are that when you remove the oil filler cap it will be coted with a thick white gunk on the underside. I bet its just the modern type of oil you have and nothing wrong
  14. How fast is the ST really?

    Sorry to hijack the thread a bit but, Depends on what ST you mean my MK2 Focus ST is 156 MPH ish so they say with 345 BHP. You can put a £50 on my dash and I challenge you to get hold of it on full acceleration if you can get hold of it its yours (Hint no one's won as of yet no one ).Goodness knows what the new VW Golf R with it's launch control is like ,now that is real acceleration form 0- 60 must melt your socks eats my MK2 alive and with less BHP.