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  1. Careful what you wish for. Jaguar build quality is nothing to write home about. Far lagging behind the perceived quality of the Germans. As for Audi. We had a 15 plate S3 saloon which was riddled with issues (tech and build quality). And besides, a visit to most forums will show up build quality issues, tech issues and crappy uninformed dealerships and bad customer service with all manufacturers. Incidentally Landrover appear to be one of the worse ones.
  2. I had a faraday bag and that was ok for a few months. Apparently it wore out and no longer works
  3. Our 180 Mondeo current hits the heady heights of 41mpg combined on a 20min journey so a petrol powered Edge say 25mpg combined if you don't go too mad. Bearing in mind the lack of Torque that you get in the diesel will mean a heavier foot is required to move the thing. As for being able to afford. On PCP finance 35K for a car of his type is average at best. If you can literally pay 35K up front then yes, maybe don't worry about the cost of fuel.
  4. sbird1975


    Although there are things you can do. Don't get too paranoid about it. If I was a car thief with the right equipment I might fancy a keyless entry St or something, not so much an edge. I've had 4 keyless entry/start cars over the recent few years (including an ST) and haven't given it a moments thought. But if it bothers you then a few extra precautions won't hurt. Just keep things in perspective.
  5. Although not everyones cup of tea. The Vignale came in 20-30 cheaper on monthlies than the sport due to residuals. When using Carwow.
  6. You can try carwow to get a general idea. In the end I found the whole thing a bit too much to shell out on a Ford (coming from someone who has always had Fords)
  7. The issue for me is the complete lack of thought that's gone into it. I could get an Audi A4, no premium car tax, add the traffic sign recognition option for £250 the.... bang, car suddenly becomes a premium car and now it cost an extra £310 per year to tax. Really a child could of thought this through better. In the days of HP finance then 40K would be a really big deal. In the days of PCP it's not so much. My budget on HP runs into about £22K, with the right car however, 40K is more in budget.
  8. I guess that's so the engine has a longer life. If you only keep cars 3-4 years then that's probably not much of a issue. These modern cars will be a noose around the owners neck after 8-10 years anyways as the electrics have a complete meltdown.
  9. Check out the configurator on the ford website or download the brochures !
  10. Did consider the Vig. I like the extra detailing on the sports bumpers over the titanium look and the vig has this and the 20" wheels without the sports suspension. Also, with a good discount the Vig works out cheaper per month than the sport. Although in the end, the lack of a decent engine prevented me going for the Edge. Nice car though.
  11. Sounds like a great car, we have the 180 tit x and it's superb. The LED lights are the mutts nuts. Just leave then permanently on auto. As for park assist, its ok. Had it in a Focus a few years back but to be honest it takes longer to park than when I do it myself and needs a bigger space than if I do it myself. Can be helpful for some though so fair enough.
  12. Being a loaner, it probably hasn't had a good life so far !
  13. I heard of this problem on some Audi A3's I recall the adjustment was done on warranty,
  14. Isn't there a valet mode in one of the menus for this sort of thing.
  15. Never noticed this on my testdrive. However this is the behaviour that plagues a lot of DSG/Stronic boxes.