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  1. Tashaamorrison

    Focus mk2

  2. Tashaamorrison

    Insurance question

    Ah right, I'll check to see what kind of price they will give me, thanks :)
  3. Tashaamorrison

    Insurance question

    Yeah I'll try that, thanks did your insurers increase your price much?
  4. Tashaamorrison

    Insurance question

    I can't find it anywhere on insurance sites
  5. Tashaamorrison

    Insurance question

    Hey, I'm getting my car wrapped next month and changing the colour and my insurance have told me they won't cover me for it, so I'm looking up new insurance, but not sure which category a wrap falls under, non standard respray or non standard paint work, I'm thinking it's non standard paint work but I just want to be sure
  6. Tashaamorrison

    Active Scottish Members?

    I'm in Edinburgh
  7. Tashaamorrison

    St rear washer jet

    Hey, does anyone know if the cmax rear washer jet fits on the st spoiler mark 2, as I know the high level brake light does?
  8. Tashaamorrison

    Focus mk2 st brake light

    Thanks a lot, I'll probably go for one of those c max ones
  9. Tashaamorrison

    Focus mk2 st brake light

    Thanks I had a look at that one but was a bit unsure cause it was for the RS
  10. Tashaamorrison

    Focus mk2 st brake light

    I've had a look on both, no joy
  11. Tashaamorrison

    Focus mk2 st brake light

    Hey, I've just recently bought an st spoiler but I can't find a brake light for it anywhere, does anyone know where I could find one?