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  1. Hi Lilly, how did u get on? Having similar type issue being told engine and turbo dead due to fragment from piston broken off.
  2. Broken piston

    Hi there, new to all this but really need some serious help if possible please. Have smax 2ltr turbo and being told by ford engine and turbo are both shot at 35k miles??!! Battery and oil light flashed one or twice. Checked oil level even though it had just had service at fords approx 4 weeks earlier and oil was fine. Few days later the same and wife rings me saying horrible noise. She nurses car approx 1/4 mile to parents hse. Car recovered to fords and told piston 3 has a large fragment missing, it's gone through turbo and out back. There is no other visible damage anywhere and they cannot explain what has caused this other than its a 6k fix!!?? Any ideas please