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  1. Dealer 100% that the car is built and now they are saying mid May. Can't tell me what the hold up is just that it hasn't had any failed quality checks because it would say. Basically it's one of them things and not much they can do. To make things worse, someone I know ordered a diesel the week after me and he is getting his in April with no delays and it's been built in the same place in India.
  2. Hi Yes he told me again yesterday on the phone it was built, when I signed in Feb he even said then it had been built the week before which would of been the w/c 8th Feb. At first it was a problem with getting the 1.0L petrol that it hadn't been shipped, then it was it has been shipped with ETA 11th June, then the date had changed again but they couldn't tell me if it had been shipped or where it even was.
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem with the delivery of Ecosports. I signed my order form the 18th February 2016, dealer had already advised that the car had been built the pervious week and that delivery would be the 16th April. I have now been told that the car is being delivered the 11th June, which is around 4 months altogether and 2 months later then originally told. My dealer can't even tell me the reason for delivery. Is this a common thing with ordering with Ford? Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks