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  1. Remap Focus Mk2 1.8 Tdci

    Thanks guys, was thinking a " safe " map like its quick as it is but just want that little bit more.
  2. Remap Focus Mk2 1.8 Tdci

    Ive got the 06 mk2 2.0 cdti and im dying to get mine mapped i have a reputable mapper close by however im scared !Removed! of destroying my new clutch and flywheel any id get gains from 136bhp - 167bhp something like 50nm, anyone on here with the same car had a stage 1 map done ?? Cheers
  3. 20160326_110553.jpg

    Really nice looking focus i love this model !
  4. 20151019 125233

    I have to admit im a big fan of the zetec S fiestas !!
  5. Modifications

    Thanks for the info stoney ... Wont be removing the ford badge then 😂
  6. Modifications

    Hi guys, just de badged my focus mk2 also thinking about de badging the ford badge however havnt touched it yet as i dont want to remove it for it to have holes behind it, anyone removed one ? Thanks
  7. Flywheel and clutch

    Ah damn thats a great point you make i actually didnt even take the torque into consideration, i have spoken with the guy who will be re mapping my car and he recommended to just go with a new DMF obviously nothing will be getting mapped until my clutch and flywheel have been replaced, thankyou guys for giving me some information.
  8. Flywheel and clutch

    Hi guys ive got a bit of flywheel judder on my ford focus 2.0 cdti 06 model, im wanting to get a re map but of course want to sort clutch and flywheel out first before doing so. So i was wondering if anyone could confirm if an ST flywheel would fit directly into my car ive seen a few rumours that it would as other parts are direct fits any information would be great cheers guys
  9. Dashboard Lighting

    Ive just found same problem !!! Pretty worried about this hope it doesnt flatten my battery.
  10. Hi l, new to this forum

    Thanks ryan just spray painted the silver band on the grill gloss black looks much better
  11. Re maps ?

    Hi everyone owned my focus mk2 cdti now for around a month dont get me wrong its quick think its 130-40 bhp was thinking about a " safe " remap, but i hear too many stories on how it can damage the engine etc, anyone else with the same car had it mapped and had any issues also what sort of gains would i get. thanks guys
  12. Focus mk2 cdti st pack