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  1. My 2013, 1.25 had the pocket lights as well as my current 2014 titanium. Thought all that stuff was standard, even the glovebox.
  2. Was this the meet at the dogs trust? Tried to get the day off but couldnt. Grr Lovely looking cars.
  3. Lpoking sweet cookey, doing mine tomorrow i hope in white. Thinking about taking the same line as you. Where dis you get the tape from?
  4. Finally .... my first go at wrapping and im 80%happy with it. Next is the mirror covers and possibly some chrome deleting. Ill get the roof done by a shop as its a big area to do and it isnt that easy.
  5. Aliens.. !!!! Get ya tin foil hat on and I'm sure soon enough they'll realise your mind cannot be controlled and leave you alone. You ever wonder how you got somewhere but can't remember driving there????? ALIENS.
  6. I have no idea if the engine will fit but...... Why not convert the ST into a 4 wheel drive? Not even sure if that can be done. Hope you get ya answer.. Happy modding
  7. Really? What about a button om where the speedo is?
  8. The gangster wrapper is a flop so I've decided to bit the bullet and do it myself. Gonna attempt the bumper bar first. Then if all goes well I'll do the roof and mirrors. Watched a shed loada vids off utube and the principles are easy enough....Maybe a new career. Hehe. Got myself some gloss black vinal, a squeegee and some cutting tape. Have a heat gun I hope I can borrow, if nor argoose has them cheap. So I'll let you know how I get on soon. Won't be till next as I've ordered it today. Been looking at rear diffusers (bumper bottoms) and had this one in mind. Only thing that's a put off is the combined diffuser and side wings. There not 3 seperate items. A few wow member is selling his st one but 200 notes is alot ..
  9. You wanna just push the tip. Not the whole stick. It will cycle round a few categorys.
  10. https://youtu.be/68Y Hope this works and helps. Had a car stolen myself and it's not a nice feeling. Keep safe.
  11. Would this fit my car? Not sure if there's a difference in them. Cheers all
  12. Does the re mapping void the warrenty?
  13. It's a car.....I'm sure. What a weird picture game? Welcome to FOC
  14. I thought the wire was for the fogs. Anyway I checked all my lights and the front sensors. All works as normal. Next will be the front bar wrapped and possibly the roof. Need a black spoiler and I'm scouring the fook out of eBay & gumtree. Saving me penny's so need cheap as possible. Update ya with any finds.
  15. Grill changed today. What a fooker to do. Broke the original one and no one mentions the wire thats clipped to the lower fixing points on the grill. Couldn't reattach them to the grill so tie wrapped them to the bar at the front (bumper bar) infront of the rad. If you wanna save your grill then I would remove the whole bumper.
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