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  1. spiked wheel nuts

  2. Water leak from quarter window

    Get some windscreen sealant something like this and you will not have to take the glass out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Granville-Car-Van-Windscreen-Sealer-Window-Sealant-Clear-40g/302014957179?epid=12010460595&hash=item46517e867b:g:e0cAAOSw9Z1agvn9
  3. Fiesta 12v not connecting to devices

    How clean is the bottom of the socket?
  4. Reversing Camera that plugs into cig lighter? Bluetooth?q

  5. Reversing Camera that plugs into cig lighter? Bluetooth?q

    just scotch lock it to the reversing light wiring not sure about Bluetooth as ours is connected to the Android radio/cd unit
  6. No its not that, I have taken some photos of what shows in the cluster at each light switch position. You now what they say 'a picture paints a thousand words' Light switch on dipped beam, this shows those two side by side green icons (maybe all one icon) in the top part of rev counter side, first photo. Light switch on main beam, this shows a blue icon in speed o side, second photo. Light switch with front fog lights on, shows a green icon in lower part of rev counter side, third photo. Light switch with front and rear fog light on, as above now shows a yellow icon in lower part of speed o side, fourth photo.
  7. When I switch the lights on in the Focus i get two green icons, side by side, in the left side of the cluster then when I switch to main beam also get a blue icon in the right side.
  8. Windscreen washers

    Or is it that the nozzles where frozen? Have had to stop a few times on trips out to either warm them up with a lighter or give them a squirt of deicer. This Focus does has heated nozzles.
  9. Hi again Tracyl In your first post you said:- ' Garages I've called said they don't deal with automatic gearboxes.' Get your other-half to give them a ring and see if he gets a different answer.
  10. Hi Tracyl Makes you wonder why some of them advertise that the do automatic gearbox repairs then.
  11. Hi Tracyl Have a look at this link:- https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=automatic+gearbox+repairs+in+essex&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=wL2ZWrGdB6_P8Aeow76gCQ
  12. Mk3 Windscreen Washers

    Before I started to add mouthwash and because of the position of the windscreen washer bottle on the outside of the wing with only the wing liner cover covering it the wash is always likely to freeze. The nozzles will freeze up due to the wind chill factor its only the wash coming out that is heated, but thats no good if the water is already frozen.
  13. Mk3 Windscreen Washers

    I hope you are not adding anti-freeze to your windscreen washer solution.
  14. Mk3 Windscreen Washers

    I add a cap-full or two of Mouthwash that contains alcohol to my screen wash even when mixed with water to suit the temperature.