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  1. Msc1

    Mk1.5 Upper Control Arm Bolts

    Cool. I'm actually not going to change the wishbones for at least another 12 months. I may have to change the rear sub frame, so makes sense to do it then if I do it then. Thanks for looking for those bolts tho
  2. Msc1

    Mk1.5 Upper Control Arm Bolts

    Wishbones on this car go by many names! Do you mean the arms the rear springs seat into, are the carrier arms which has the b*stard bushes that can't be removed unless you disassemble the whole rear suspension and use a special removal tool?
  3. Msc1

    Mk1.5 Upper Control Arm Bolts

    Possibly mate if you can guarantee they are the right ones and how much. I'm sure the bolts will be obtainable from motoring shops as I've done before, but always prefer OEM
  4. Msc1

    Mk1.5 Upper Control Arm Bolts

    Almost! These are the lower arm bolts, and it's the upper I'm doing. Assuming they are different bolts
  5. Hi. Anybody know what bolts I will need for the Upper Control Arms (the curved ones) on the rears? Due to change these but my arms didn't come with bolts, and I just know they will be rusted and seized like the lowers were, thus having to grind them out. Fleabay isnt resulting in them from searching so size etc would be great, cheers.
  6. Msc1

    Front Shock Replacement on MK1.5

    Damn! Did you change this yourself? Assembly arrived from Germany this week so will tackle this soon! Going to be doing Rear Upper Control too
  7. Msc1

    Front Shock Replacement on MK1.5

    Thanks guys, really helpful. Good shout on changing the mount too, I will. MOT station was a bit pedantic to be honest, flagged up the clipping of the brake pipes (which have been fine at last 2 Mot's elsewhere) and failed on a broken rear spring. Much have been hairline fracture as that bloomin spring fought to the death coming out! So yea, but I've had a terrible wobble going over bumps that I'm hoping this dodgy shock is behind, as I have essentially rebuilt the rear suspension where I thought the wobble was coming from.
  8. Hey, so my MK1.5 received an advisory on last month's MOT for a ineffective front shock absorber. I'm hoping to change this over the Xmas period, but looking for advice hopefully! I've done the rears and the spring and struts are separate. The front are coil overs and to buy a replacement set (strut with spring already attached) are very expensive compared to buying the struts and springs sesperate. 2 questions really - 1. Is assembling them difficult, and does anyone have any guidance? I'm pretty handy with a spring compressor but my Haynes only instructs to replace the whole assembly with an already assembled unit. 2. I have a spring left from one of the rears, are the springs on the front the same as the rear? Hoping to use that one for time being Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Msc1

    She's still going.

    Good to hear. I also have a 16 year old silver fox which also failed its MOT on a fractured rear spring and a missing heat shield. Done the jobs today and she's back in for her retest on Tuesday. Including MOT and cost of parts, £150 all in. Its better the devil you know sometimes and I've spent a fortune on her this year this rebuilding the A/C, new brakes all around, 80% suspension overall and other jobs.
  10. Msc1

    Fuel Tank Heat Shield

    Cheers, will be hoping to call out a few scrappys tomorrow. Managed to find it new on the bay but for £59. Sod that!
  11. Msc1

    Fuel Tank Heat Shield

    Does anyone have the part number? Bought one of the bay but it's wrong one, they sent me the shield after this particular section despite being labelled as fuel tank heat shield 😒
  12. Msc1

    Fuel Tank Heat Shield

    Hi guys. My Mk1 failed its MOT today on a broken spring and also because the heat shield near to the fuel tank is missing, which under new MOT regs is a fail as its dangerous, could possibly cause a fire if exhaust heat ignites the fuel. Fair enough, previous owner must have removed it for some reason. What's the best way of getting a new one on there? Sourced a replacement shield but this thing I'm guessing goes up and behind the exhaust/tank. Plenty of advice on removing them, but none on installing so hoping somebody has done this and can advise! Thanks in advance
  13. Msc1

    Mk1 wobble

    Ta. Nothing untoward visually in them, car seems and sounds fine going over speed bumps, it's just minor pot holes that really brings it out. Feels a little unstable in windy conditions on the motorway at 70mph which I know also points at the struts. Always makes me laugh when I read 'had my Focus for 150,000 miles and only changed a lightbulb'. Mines on 80,000, got it at 50,000 and changed about 50% of it so far 😭
  14. Msc1

    Mk1 wobble

    Hi, hoping someone can help. My 1.6 petrol facelift has developed a loud wobble when driving over uneven surfaces (silent on motorway and smooth surfaces) from the passenger side rear. Tried swapping wheels around, changing all 4 drop links (which improved it for a week before returning) , and the lower rear trailing arms, front and rear brakes but still it's there and driving me mad. Any idea what this could be? Springs and struts appear to be doing thier job but not ruling anything. Still have upper control arms, roll bar bushings, upper trailing arms, and control arms to do but hoping someone has come across this before I spend anymore time and money! Thanks in advance.
  15. Msc1

    MK 1.5 Lower Engine Mount

    It was the drop links as it turned out. I changed all 4 at weekend and wobbling has gone. Relief! Hope this helps someone else who gets the same issue.