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  1. Discoloured Alloy Wheels!

    If you would do that would be great!
  2. Discoloured Alloy Wheels!

    Do you happen to remember your case number? I'm tryin to compile as much evidence as possible to hit them with! Cheers guys!
  3. Discoloured Alloy Wheels!

    Hi chaps, My missus has a 57 plate Fiesta and a couple of months ago the front wheels started to discolour and go a horrible yellow colour. We then took a trip to the dealer, expecting them to offer to repair or replace them, and was told 'Sorry, there's only 1 years warranty cover on wheels. If you have a problem with this you'll have to call Ford customer service'. Several days after registering the complaint with customer service we received a call and was told that they would only pay £45 towards the total cost of repair! Even after we both expressed our disgust at their decision, and that if they did not sort it we would NEVER EVER buy Ford again, they would not budge! So..... Has anyone else experienced alloy wheel discolouration on any model and, if so, did ford agree to repair them? If anyone has I would be very gratefull for you to post pics so I can compile evidence to send to Ford that proves we are not the only ones.