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  1. Just fitted new reversing sensors to my 56 plate 1.8 ghia. fairly easy,just buy the complete kit from e-bay,comes complete with the right size circular cutting tool.Just measure correctly,cut the holes in the bumper,wire up to the reversing light,fit cable ties and use rubber sealant to keep it waterproof,job done. Full instructions in the kit. It takes a couple of hours and works perfectly every time. Best of Luck.
  2. from,jannergeoff : You have to be carefull with the oil quantity in a zetec engine, I have overfilled the engine with oil and it blows the crankshaft oil seals,luckily it was still under warranty and Fords fixed the seals. Just take care,I thought it better just to monitor the levels after an oil change : take it for a short drive,then let the engine cool down for 20 mins,re-check the oil level,with the car parked on a level surface. I know its basic stuff, but a little messing around will get that oil level spot on the full mark. Note : some of the oil dip-sticks show the level graduations differently,do your home-work and check with the manual or get the info from Fords.
  3. Hi folks, I'm Geoff or Jannergeoff...and a Newbee. Anyway over the years I,ve owned 1 Capri 2000 G.T. 2 Escorts and 2 Focus,s? But now I want to buy a third Focus. a 2 litre diesel (134 bhp). And get it Superchipped upto (160 bhp).....hope the engine will take the extra stress ? I have enjoyed the Fords although the old Escorts seemed a little under powered. My one wish would be for Ford to start fitting Bose (6 speaker) sound systems in all their cars...that would be very nice....e.g like the Mazda. ...Bye now...Geoff.
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    'Focus Zetec S,2016,1.5 ecoboost in white.Has 18" alloys,rear tinted windows,rear camera and k&n air filter.My first automatic and I love it,especially when sport mode selected.This car is certainly fast enough for me at present,although could do a remap if needed in the future....love the body styling of this car,knocks the beemers,audi and volkswagen in to second place in my opinion.