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  1. Hi, Recently the heater/cooler fans stopped working all together in my girlfriends Ford Ka, its a 97 R reg. Basically its as if theres no power at all going to them, checked fuse and its fine. Obviously a big problem as its really hard to demist without them!! Any suggestions where to start would be most appreciated, Thanks
  2. Ka Owners Manual

    If you only want an electronic copy that you can print off yourself try; http://fordfcsd.wunderman.be/UK/Vehicle%20Manuals/Ka/ka_(CG1388en)%2012-2006.pdf
  3. Ford KA creaking from steering wheel

    Right Ive had it jacked up cos the noise is doing my head in, took a couple of photos which ive attached and there is a saucer shaped rubber cover that is split open and it sounds like the noise is coming from this. Could anyone tell me what this is and what are the implications of driving the car with this rubber split. also how much will it ost to replce etc?? Many thanks Stewart
  4. I recently bought a 97 R reg KA for my girlfriend to drive in, it only cost £600, the bodywork and interior are great, runs really well, BUT there is a creaking type sound coming from what sounds like the steering wheel. It happens more at low speeds, and it also happens when stationary and yo turn the wheel. Power steering fluid is fine and it doesnt sound like a power steering pump problem. Anyone any ideas what this could be? Thank you