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  1. Gitfinger

    Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    I upgraded mine from F5 to F6 but a main road that was being built from January 2014 and open since December 2015 is still not on it! How out of date are these maps when they are brought out? I can't believe they want you to pay for them.
  2. Gitfinger

    Focus mk3.5 wheel nuts

    Sounds painful!
  4. Gitfinger

    Active city stop - anyone tested?

    Mine has operated a few times, mainly on a fast approach towards my garage doors. The first time it operated was at my Mum's house approaching the garage door, she has a gravel / pebble drive so the car skidded before the ABS kicked in, it was a bit of a toe curler but luckily the car stopped a few millimetres from the door. I thought there was something wrong with the car, it was only when I read the manual that I realised what had happened.
  5. Gitfinger

    Dash cam advice!

    Hmm, if that 3 was a T it would sum up the driving of this idiot!
  6. Gitfinger


    No problem John, I'm usually like that myself but I remembered seeing it on one of the rare occasions I looked in the manual, I can't even remember what I was actually looking for now!
  7. Gitfinger


    Copied from the owners manual: Condensation in Lamp Assemblies Exterior lamps have vents to accommodate normal changes in air pressure. Condensation can be a natural by-product of this design. When moist air enters the lamp assembly through the vents, there is a possibility that condensation can occur when the temperature is cold. When normal condensation occurs, a fine mist can form on the interior of the lens. The fine mist eventually clears and exits through the vents during normal operation. Clearing time may take as long as 48 hours under dry weather conditions. Examples of acceptable condensation are: • The presence of a fine mist (no streaks, drip marks or large droplets). • A fine mist covers less than 50% of the lens. Examples of unacceptable condensation are: • A water puddle inside the lamp. • Streaks, drip marks or large droplets present on the interior of the lens. If you see any unacceptable condensation, have your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer.
  8. Gitfinger

    Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    My dealer was originally saying they couldn't install it because Ford had suspended the 3.10 update due to problems with it. They ended up getting permission off Ford to do it to see if it fixed the USB problem so I'm not sure if it's officially supported at the moment.
  9. Gitfinger

    Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    My dealer has updated my Sync II unit, as I was having problems with the dash USB port on my Focus. It didn't fix the fault, as that turned out to be a faulty connection but my software version is now 3.10.16180 and the Nav version 5.67.6.
  10. Gitfinger

    Focus Titanium USB port on dash

    It has been repaired and is now working correctly. Apparently it was a loose connection so much for the Ford 'Technical' team saying it was for charging only! However, I do now have the latest software version loaded on the Sync II unit!
  11. Gitfinger

    Focus Titanium USB port on dash

    I know it would only trickle charge but the problem with it was it was not doing anything, it wouldn't recognise a memory stick or even trickle charge the phone. I was being told by my dealer, who had consulted the Ford technical team, that it was only for charging a phone and nothing else, it took 4 trips to the dealer and a lot of arguing, with the helpful information provided by members on this forum to back me up, before they admitted it was faulty. I have a proper charger but I wasn't just going to give up and walk away, I suppose drive away would be more accurate, when I knew the USB port was faulty. Anyway, thanks for all of the replies some of them were very helpful, which I appreciate.
  12. Gitfinger

    Focus Titanium USB port on dash

    Well I've finally got somewhere, after meeting the technician (mechanic) we tested his phone in the car, it didn't charge. He went and got the technicians phone, who said there was nothing wrong with the USB port because it was charging his phone, plugged it in, it didn't charge! I had downloaded an app on my phone called Ampere to test both the USB ports, the media hub USB was outputting around 480 mAh but the dash USB was outputting less than half of that, this is why it would not charge. The technician said he'd check his wife's car as it was the same spec and age as mine and call me the next day. He called next day and confirmed that the dash USB port on his wife's car charged his phone and played music off a memory stick. With all this information they have now finally admitted there is a fault with the dash USB port, however, now they are blaming it on the Sync 2 software and saying it needs an update, which they can't do because Ford have put a hold on it! I'm pretty sure a low power output wouldn't be caused by software but more likely a hardware / bad connection problem?
  13. Gitfinger

    Charging phone via usb in console...

    Thanks for the reply Andy. The media hub USB port in my car charges the phone but the dash USB will not and neither will it recognise memory sticks so is unable to play music. When I tried the phone in a car at the dealers with the same spec and built less than a month after mine, the phone charged off the dash USB port. I used an app called Ampere to test both the USB ports on my car, the media hub UUSB was outputting around 480 mAh but the dash USB was outputting less than half of that, this is why the phone wouldn't charge. With this information and testing the other car the dealer has now finally admitted there is a fault with the dash USB port!
  14. Gitfinger

    Focus Titanium USB port on dash

    Cheers for the reply Damian. Prior to taking my car in today, I actually looked up a few cars on the Ford ETIS site, which were for sale at the dealers and found one built a month after mine. Before I booked my car in I asked the sales manager who sold me it, could we test my phone and USB memory stick in the car that was for sale, we went to the car plugged in the phone, which started charging and then the memory stick, which was recognised and started playing the music files. I told the service department this when I booked it in but now I'm currently arguing with the service department, as they are still telling me the mechanic has contacted the factory and the USB port is only for charging. When I reminded them I'd tested another car with the sales manager present, they are now saying that the software is different to the other car so it only charges the phone, when it won't even charge mine!!! Just had another call, now they are saying they cannot update the software because of problems they are having with Ford and can I go back in to see a mechanic??? I'm getting rather annoyed with them now!
  15. Gitfinger

    Focus Titanium USB port on dash

    Cheers for the info Andy