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  1. I sell new Fords. Can confirm that it used to be like this but it has now been updated in VISTA so that the Camera option now says "Rear View Camera (Includes Rear Sensors)" and we don't need to add them separately.
  2. Shes so pretty. I've had her for a couple of weeks now, keep forgetting to post here. It's a ST Line X 140 ps 5 door w/ B&O Play, Comfort Pack, Rear Camera and Rear Sensors on it. The B&O speakers are ridiculously good on it.
  3. I always quote up to 3 months when I am taking orders from my customers. Generally we should be able to get something in 2-3 months if it's a custom build.
  4. Nice looking car, but I'll agree with what Alex said, I've never had to register a car whenever I've ordered them for my customers. They've been looking to meet a February target by doing that.
  5. 05 is the standard code that all orders get why they are sold. It means it will come quicker than stock cars which are just for display purpose.
  6. They are available as an option from the 5th March, £600 option from B&O Titanium and up. Might be standard on the ST but no details about that yet. I had a note about them come through on an internal system a few days ago, I see it's now been made public on the Ford website. I wish they were available back when I placed my order. Link -
  7. I was at the Fiesta launch events in Daventry and they had a Mk7.5, a Mk8 non B&O and a Mk8 with B&O. We had music aof all kinds playing, classical, pop, rock, techno etc etc. The non B&O Mk8 was so much better tha the Mk7.5 and the B&O Mk8 was miles better still. I listen to a lot of hard dance music so it's perfect for me. There's 675W of power in the B&O which is a massive upgrade over the Mk7.5
  8. DAGTOPS - Dagenham Transport Operations. - Basically means that it's in the transport network from the Dagenham port.
  9. Correct. It's in the UK and on the train. VISTA updated this morning to give me the new ETA and status update.
  10. My car is showing as being on DAGRAIL today so maybe it was on that train!
  11. My ETA has moved forward from w/e 17th March to w/e 10th March. Hopefully I can rush it through my valet bay and workshop and be on the road on the Saturday
  12. Yeah my VIN works on ETIS, but I've got a dealer login for it not sure if that makes a difference. Send me your VIN over and I'll check it if you want.
  13. Mine is Gate Released this morning, getting excited now
  14. My Car has gone Body Offline this morning, so all being well it will arrive with me in 3 weeks.