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  1. I have been informed it's the Lambda sensor but then I've also been told about someone who changed that and still the light stayed on
  2. Where will that be situated? the car drives really well just the light is on I've taken it off but after 5 days off it came back on
  3. At the Classic Car Show at the NEC at the beginning of March I was talking to the Auctioneer at silverstone auctions He was saying that if you are looking to dip your toe in the classic car ownership but buy a modern day classic the cars to go for and that are starting to make money are the Ford Cougar and the Ford Puma just thought I'd say 😇
  4. Hi all I'm new on here my name is Steve and I'm from Durham ive just bought a 51 plate puma I've replaced the awful interior with a leather one from a puma thunder and also tidied up the rotten wheel arches happy days 😇
  5. Hi all I've bought a 51 plate puma ive been informed that the engine light is on because it's running LEAN any ideas what the problem is ?