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  1. Wow, thanks @Tdci-Peter for this great guide! When my stuff arrives I'll give it a go and hopefully can find out what is going on under the hood. Thanks again for all our help so far! Stophen.
  2. Thanks @TomsFocus, I am slightly dreading now what I will find! Oh, the Car Genie OBD2 reader was free with my membership, although I hopefully won't be needing to call them out too soon!
  3. Oh, one last thing that I forgot to mention. The system engine fault light didn't come on today when I drove the car, but the fault still registered in my CarGenie app. Is that usual? Cheers, Stophen.
  4. Thanks @TomsFocus for explaining that! My journeys are normally 40 - 50minutes with speeds ranging from 20mph to 70mph and it has covered just over 125,000miles so it does sound like it could be clogged up. I'll get some readings and get back to you! Cheers, Stophen.
  5. Thanks @TomsFocus, I will get some readings and get back to you. Would I get a separate error code if it was full of ash NOT soot? Or are they the same code faults? Cheers, Stophen.
  6. Hi @TomsFocus, Thanks for this. I'll get you the data when I'm all set up. I take it is fairly straight forward to capture live data on FORScan? I can only remember one occasion when I was desperately low on fuel, and if I remember rightly the engine system management light did come on. But it's normally kept well fed so that's a funny one. The DPF doctor was a little confused as to why the light kept coming back on since the readings were ok (hence the suggestion to replace the sensor) and that the error code only suggested soot accumulation, not ash. Is it possible to clean the DPF yourself using a power washer? Cheers, Stophen.
  7. Hi @Tdci-Peter & @TomsFocus, Thanks for the advice. My thoughts behind thinking it is a sensor fault is that when I initally took the car to the Glasgow DPF doctor he took a look at my fault codes and worked out that at some point the car had run out of diesel (whoops) and as a result the computer had stopped the DPF from recharging. He carried out a static recharge, test drove the car for about 20 minutes and then checked the sensor readings (manually and electronically) and confirmed everything was now within parameters. After I reported the problem for the second time he reinstalled the Ford DPF software and test drove / tested again, all being fine. The error code keeps reappearing after about an hours worth of total driving (P2463 - Diesel Particulate Filter: Excessive Soot Accumulation). Bizarrely enough my 'Oil Service' light also flashes up on my computer screen just before the system management light flashes on..? The oil was changed about three weeks ago so I don't quite know what that is about, unless it is a bug in the system. The DPF doctor did say to me that as all the readings check out the next stage would be to replace the sensor. I've got a Windows laptop / ELM27 arriving later this week so can take a look at the readings then. I don't mind paying for a new sensor / pipes if it will help as the car is at the 125,000 mark. Any other ideas of what the issue could be? Cheers, Stophen.
  8. Hi @TomsFocus & @Tdci-Peter, I've checked my V5C and under emissions there are just numbers. The variant is G8DD1P & version is EURO55KAC MH, first registered on 16/02/2011, if that makes sense? I haven't used FORScan before, but is it a case of just deleting the fault codes for the DPF, or is it more involved than that? Do you reckon these are the right parts; 1. Ford Sensor Assy 1415606: 2. Ford Hose Assy 1451716: Cheers, Stophen.
  9. Thanks @Tdci-Peter. I will check the parts carefully, do they normally come as a combined hose & assembly set? Is there a way to check whether my car is Euro 5 or Euro 4? Cheers, Stophen.
  10. Thanks @Tdci-Peter & @TomsFocus, Is this the sensor I should be checking (this is a picture I found on Google, not my own car): Here's a schematic of the DPF: Is it '5H241' (Ford part: 1451716) & '5H2090A' (Ford part: 1415606) that I should be looking to replace? Cheers, Stophen.
  11. Ah, @stef123 I never thought about the water running in, good point! I'll have a think, and if I do get one I'll let you know what it's like to use! Cheers, Stophen.
  12. Right, after a few more miles the same fault code has registered to I reckon the next stage is a new sensor. Is it possible to replace the sensor myself? I guess afterwards I would need to reset the fault codes and clear the system? I've been thinking about buying ForScan and a cheap Windows laptop to run it so this might be the time and save on all those diagnostic charges. What do you think @Tdci-Peter & @1979Damian? Stophen.
  13. Hi @stef123, I think I would probably leave the groundsheet out of the equation as it would take a bit longer to set up and the ground beneath is ok. Have you used anything in the past that is quick to set up and easy to store? Stophen.
  14. Hi All, My beloved Focus is starting to show a few signs of minor paint bubbling and I won't to sort this out before the rust takes over (I have recently fitted a new O/S wing because it was cheaper to replace than repair). I have done some minor car painting in the past using water based paints / clear coats but am by no means a professional. What options do I have to rectify these issues? Will it be a case of rubbing down all the effected areas, priming, base coat and then clear coat or is there a better, less toxic option available (I would want to use 2K as the water based materials just don't cut it - and yes I'm aware of the PPE required)? Any and all help would be most appreciated! As I said it's not a full car respray, just small areas about 20m㎡. Cheers, Stophen.
  15. Hi All, I live in Glasgow, a city renowned for it's rain. You would think I could rely on a summers day for good weather, but no, not even this is possible! So, I have started to look for an affordable solution to allow me to work out side without the pain of extending my house. My criteria is an affordable garage that I can put up and take down within a matter on minutes. Something preferable that won't blow away in the wind, waterproof but will allow light in. My searching has taken me to this product: Has anybody been in the same situation and found a solution that works? Thanks in advance for your work, Stophen.