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  1. 17 inch wheels? Mine are 16” and still get out far too easily! I haven’t tried Avons @Tizer, I’ll consider them next time!
  2. Thanks @TomsFocus & @Tizer, Funnily enough I think all the stuff you have listed I have already done, and a few extras: New brake pads / rear shoes every couple of years. Brake discs and rear drums. Fuel, air & pollen filter and wind screen wipers every other year. New cam & auxiliary belt (including water pump, idler & pulley). Front wishbones and later ball and socket joints at. Bonnet catch. Sump. Rear bushes. Lots of bulbs (and they do cost a fortune!) New hand brake cable. Front springs. Rear reversing switch. Wing and bumper, silver trim and a few interior and exterior plastic parts. Brake fluid change. Condenser. Oh, and I had the wheels powder coated. And of course, the new DPF. I imagine there are other things but I can't quite remember. I guess I am into slightly unmapped territory so I will have to wait and see. One thing that is on my mind is the clutch but I don't there are any tail tail signs of that yet... I have that problem also!
  3. Oh, @TomsFocus, Here is the DPF sticker: What do you make off it? Stophen.
  4. Thanks @TomsFocus, I thought that might be the case 🤦‍♂️! The first drive I did was about 40 minutes (motorways and A roads) so hopefully that would have given it enough time to seal. I will keep my eye on it! Cheers, Stophen.
  5. Hi @Tdci-Peter & @Tizer, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for the good advice, it's defiantly helped put my mind to rest! I will go ahead and reset the 'Exhaust Gas Sensor Temperature Learned Values' & 'Differential Pressure Sensor Learned Values' as @Tizer has suggested and I have performed the 'Oil Reset' so hopefully that will resolve the problem (it hasn't come on this morning so fingers crossed). I've owned my car from 15,000 and am now sitting at around 126,000. Is there any big things that should be on my horizon to watch for? I've done a fair bit of suspension work / brakes and have replaced a few of the AC components but if anybody has experience of potential things to break it would be good to hear about them! And finally, a gail force wind took out my used oil and spilled it all over a paving slab, any suggestions on how to remove it before my wife removes me? Big thanks as always, Stophen.
  6. Hi Guys (@Tdci-Peter, @TomsFocus & @Tizer), I have finally got around to installing my new DPF and thought I would give you an update. The unit from the Catman ( seems ok but needed a small amount of fettling to fit. Some of the screw holes didn't match up and others were a tight fit, but I guess that is to be unexpected from a non Ford part. So, the label on the new DPF said to reset the diesel particulate learned values and then perform a static regeneration. Below is what happened next: 1. I went onto FORScan and attempted to perform the Service Procedure 'Reset the Diesel Particulate Filter Learned Values'. When going through this procedure it warned me that I shouldn't perform a static regeneration afterwards so I stopped the procedure as the label told me I needed to do this. 2. Next I thought I would perform the static regeneration first and then reset the DPF learned values. I took the car for a quick drive to warm it up and then started the static regeneration. Now, the procedure got about 2% in and stopped due to the error message 'either too much or too little soot to carry out procedure'. 3. At this point I needed to go to work so I thought I would just reset the DPF learned values and see what happened. I thought it was odd to carry out a static regeneration on a brand new unit as there wouldn't be anything to burn off..? Below is the log file and data from the test run, what do you think? 11 09 2019 DPF Ford Focus Test Drive (new DPF).txt @Tdci-Peter, I remember you asking to see the EGT data but I couldn't find that option in FORScan, might it be called something else? I have also included a screen shot of the service procedures, should I be carrying any more of these out? And finally, is it normally to have a noise coming from the area roughly around the diesel fuel filter after the ignition is switched off (it's kind of a tone and then a click repeating for a few minutes). I did get the 'Oil Service' light flash up on the dash so I checked the oil (once it had cooled down) and I must have over filled it. I probably missed seeing the clear new oil and focussed on the black stuff. I've removed some and now it is below the minimum mark so maybe that will make a difference tomorrow..? Looking forward to getting you comments, Stophen.
  7. Hi @Tdci-Peter, Thanks for this, you are defiantly a knowledgeable guy! Well, I sent the DPF away to the DPF Cleaning Company ( and they have checked it out. Unfortunately it is not salvageable (see picture below): I had the engine / DPF TerraClean at about 70,000 miles and they seemed to think this is what caused the filter to fail. A new genuine Ford filter was going to cost me around the £700 mark and as the car is fairly old / high mileage I have opted for a new one from the Catman ( for £238.85. I've got a new gasket and retaining nuts coming from Ford so hopefully the part will not be too difficult to fit - I'll let you know how it goes! The DPF comes with 2 years warranty so fingers crossed! Oh, here's a picture of my DPF part number (in case anybody is searching for one for a 2010 Ford Focus in the future): Hopefully I will get it fitted this weekend and then I will see what FORScan has to say! Bye for now, Stophen.
  8. Thanks guys, that will save me some money! I got the DPF off today, although it was a fair fight as the sensors would not come loose and I didn't want to risk rounding of the nut heads. I can defiantly hear something rattling around inside, I'm hoping it's just loose ash (some white flakes did come out), but knowing my luck it's probably the core. It's getting picked up tomorrow so fingers crossed! Stophen.
  9. Hi @TomsFocus & @Tizer, I've just always used the brake / accelerator combo but maybe there is something at a service level..? Out of interest why don't you guys like using an engine cleaner, it seems every time I take my car to Ford for a service they try and force one on me! I've just booked the DPF in for later this week so will hopefully not have too much trouble getting it off the car later today. They offer a 24hr turn around service so I'm hopeful (providing the core is not completely destroyed)! Thanks again for all of your help and I will let you know how I get on! Cheers, Stophen.
  10. Hi Guys (@TomsFocus, @Tdci-Peter & @Tizer), Thanks for all of your input so far! I think I'm going to send the DPF off to the DPF Cleaning Company ( and see if it can be cleaned. I realise this might not completely resolve my issues but at 125,000 miles it could probably do with a decent clean anyway. The cost is good and if they find it to be beyond saving there's no charge, so not much to loose. I will then change the oil and filter, use FORScan to "Reset the Diesel Particulate Filter Learned Values" and hope for the best. Are there any other sensors I should be resetting? Oh, can anyone suggest a good cleaner for the engine before I refill the oil? And finally, a FORScan question. How can you read the battery condition? Cheers again, Stophen.
  11. Right @TomsFocus & @Tdci-Peter, Sorry to bother you again but I've just got back from being away and thought I would check my oil level before attempting a static regeneration tomorrow. When I tested it I found the level much higher than it should be. Would I be right in assuming that when the system has being trying to regenerate the fuel being used has been leaking into the oil when it fails (the P253F fault code is starting to make sense)? I guess I will need to add an oil / filter change to my list of jobs once the DPF is fixed? Also, is this higher level of oil/fuel mix doing major damage? Cheers, Stophen.
  12. Wow, was that damaged in post or did they actually think it was ok to send to you like that? I've found this place: which looks like they do what I'm after. It seems they also produce a certificate to present at an MOT and the price doesn't seem to bad either. From what I'm reading about this services is the DPF will need to be deleted from the ECU and then re-added / mapped. I'm guessing this is something that is beyond the limitations of FORScan? Cheers, Stophen.
  13. Hi @TomsFocus, I checked with them and the brand is 'Delta', have you heard of them or is it just another name for BM? I've supplied them with the registration & VIN and checked it was a cDPF so I suppose it just depends on what kind of quality it is. To be fair they have been very quick at getting back to me. Thanks for the eBay links, do you reckon it's worth buying one with a fitting kit? I guess the only way to find out the one I need is to get the product number of my current one, any idea where it is hidden - knowing my luck I guess under the heat shield! I have contacted a couple of places in Scotland who advertise DPF cleaning, some stating 98% effective at removing ash & soot to see what kind of cost and time is involved. I'm kinda tempted by this as I would be able to keep my current DPF, but if ash is the issue I'm not sure they would be able to remove it all, especially the way these are designed... Stophen.
  14. Thanks @TomsFocus, yeah this thread is probably running better than my car! I've had a quote from for £238.85, anybody had any experience with these guys? I found one on eBay:|Model%3AFocus|Cars+Type%3A1.6+TDCi|Plat_Gen%3AMK+II&epid=250800929&hash=item2a942ee844:g:WMYAAOSwADxbbZhy (I think this is the right part..?) I hate to think how much the genuine Ford would be! Great idea about selling the old one, I never thought of doing that! Did you just take it to a breakers yard or to a scrap yard? Cheers, Stephen.
  15. Hi @Tdci-Peter, Thanks for this! I will check FORScan for 'FACM module' and hopefully won't see it! If i'm able to do a static regeneration I will run regular tests and see if I can see anything that looks like regeneration cycles. My normal commute is about an hour long with cruising so hopefully will produce some results. Thanks all for your help so far, providing I haven't missed anything I will let you know how I get on over the next week!