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  1. Thanks @TomsFocus, I've contacted a few refurbishment places and one suggested a different test which was to just let the car idle for 3minutes (not sure whether the engine needs to be warm or not) and see if the injectors go over the maximum 30mls so might try that (far less noisy for the neighbours)! The car starts first time, every time 🤞, so that's a good sign anyway! The new Bosch washers came through so i'm hoping that will take car of the fuel leakage. Cheers, Stophen.
  2. Hi @nicam49 (& everyone else), I've carried out the test you suggested and i've posted the results below, they are not encouraging... I should say I carried this test at around 80 degrees as I drove to a car park so not to disturb the neighbours, could this have had a negative impact on the results (I just got to the end of the test before the bottles completely filled up)? I guess now it is a question of whether to try and refurbish or replace? I have found this DIY guide for cleaning, but I'm not sure how effective it would be: I should also mention that I haven't had any fault codes and I'm still getting around 50mpg. All thoughts welcome! Cheers, Stophen.
  3. Hi @TomsFocus, @isetta, @iantt & @Albert27, Thanks for your recent help regarding my engine noise, it is now sounding much healthier! I put together this quick YouTube video incase anyone else has this problem in the future! Cheers, Stophen.
  4. Cheers @iantt. I'll finish it off and hopefully this time the pulley won't disintegrate, 🤞I just got a faulty part last time...
  5. Thanks @Albert27 & @iantt, always great to have your opinions! Would you recommend me adjusting the torque settings or mine ok (i've already put the cove back on)? New pulley bolt arrived today so I will wait for the better weather next week to complete the job! Cheers, Stophen.
  6. Yeah, there's not a lot of clearance in a Focus either! I found using my phone camera was a good way to see if I was getting close. As you can see, the before shot was spot on, I wish I had torqued it then! 🤦‍♂️
  7. Fair enough, i'll give it another go and torque it this time (I think I had it right in the 'before' picture). I guess all I need to do is loosen of the bolt, adjust with the hex key and then tighten to torque and carry out the same 10 revolutions as before? Cheers, Stophen.
  8. Thanks @TomsFocus, I did put some tension on it and by my eyes it look likes it has stayed in place, would you agree? Cheers, Stophen.
  9. Hi @isetta, @Albert27 & @TomsFocus, I just wanted to check a few things with you guys before I start up my car. I have replaced the timing belt, tensioner pulley & idler pulley. I torqued the tensioner to 30Nm and the idler pulley to 35Nm. These are the settings I found in Haynes, do they sound about right? I managed to get all the timing pins and the tensioner pulley aligned (with the old belt on). I rotated it 10 tens as stated in Haynes and it looks still in place, do you guys agree? Just a query, when I rotated the engine the tensioner pulley was not torqued up, was this correct (Haynes isn't clear about this)? When I rotated the engine some of the 10 rotations were easier than others, does this sound right? Oh, and finally here is a comparison of the old and new pulley, I'm hoping this was just a faulty part... Cheers, Stophen.
  10. I'm pretty sure when they carried out their 'engine investigation' all they did was plug it into the computer and see if there was any error codes, it seems undoing the top timing belt cover was too much to ask for... This sounds about right for me, first big job I do and I get faulty parts 🤦‍♂️. Hopefully next week when the new parts arrive I will have better luck. Cheers, Stophen.
  11. I've just given it a turn (with the belt still in place), it moves but by no means spins, maybe this is where the problem lies..
  12. That’s brilliant, exactly what I’m feeling at the moment! Cheers, Stophen.
  13. Cheers, I'll give it a go and see where I get too. If I remember rightly there should be a bit of resistance when turning it over by hand?
  14. Yeah, I think the plastic shrapnel and the metal surface of the bearing caused the belt fatigue. I can't see anything else that was rubbing against it. I guess, once I fitted all the new parts, checked the movement by hand I could start the car without the timing cover on to check to make sure there is no interference to the belt?