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  1. As the title says what is the red led directly above the fuel gauge but below the trip computer screen? The manual doesn't say what it is but I thought it was the alarm light. Anyways mine has started flashing whilst driving recently, but not every single time. If I pull over switch the engine off/on then it stops. Called the garage but they didn't seem to have much of a scooby. I have the 2009 5 door version. Anyone?
  2. Buying a spare wheel

    Hi all, does anyone know where I could get a spare wheel from for my Fiesta? Keep meaning to buy one as I never got one with the purchase of the car unfortunately. Thanks in advance
  3. Ipod Connection times

    Yeah press it quite a few times and sometimes nothing happens at all! If I have been listening to the Ipod and left it connected in the car, then come back to it the next day, when I start the engine the display shows the Ford screen and you don't hear anything. As I presume its waiting to sync. Generally once it syncs it will change to the radio channel (???) and then I can hit the Aux button and it will work, although sometimes it will sit at that stage for ages and ages, and then I'll try unplugging it etc but this does nothing! Going by the other post of it working almost instantly, I'm wondering if I should take it back and get them to look at it again!
  4. Ipod Connection times

    I was just wondering what everyones else Ipod connection time is when they connect it to the car, to when they can start to listen to it through the radio? Sometimes mine will take a couple of mins, sometimes it will take up to and over 15 mins, and maybe even not connect. I took it to the dealer who said it was the cable I had bought, so got a replacement, now it seems like its just the same! I'd really appreciate if others can feedback on how their Ipods work with the radio? I'm using the Y cable, and my car is about 3 weeks old from new now.
  5. MPG

    I'm well happy with mine. My first tank of petrol in the new car did me 50 mpg and I was mostly doing bog standard roads, not many motorways! Hopefully that will get even better when the engine is run in.
  6. Flippy key

    Gutter, was hoping it would be slightly cheaper than £150! Ah well bog standard key for me! Thanks for the info
  7. Flippy key

    Hi all, with my new Fiesta I got the standard key, but I kinda fancied the one that flips round when you press the button on it. Anyone know how much they are to get, and where to get it from? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone! First post here as I'm a new owner of a Ford Fiesta as of last Tuesday! I've got a 1.6TDCi Econetic 09 plate, and from the off I've had issues with the bluetooth and ipod connection working at the same time. I found this forum and bought the Y cable, which has helped but not solved the problem. The problem I have is that the 2 do not seem to work together. If I have my phone connected via bluetooth without an ipod connected then it works beautifully. If I connect the ipod then the bluetooth will stop working, and I cannot switch it back on. When I first connect the ipod at this point, it will not work either. I can hit the AUX button numerously but it will not do anything. I can eventually get the ipod to work by unplugging it and plugging it back in, switching the radio on and off etc, but I have no idea what I have done to get it working when it does start working. Hope that isn't too complicated :( Can anyone help? Or has anyone had the same problem? It's going back in this week so they can have a look at it, but just wondered if there's anything I can try before it goes in? Thanks!