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  1. Bluetooth compatible phones.

    Use to have one of these phones many moon ago & it turned that the bluetooth was sh*gged on the phone only solution was to replace with new phone.
  2. voice recognition

    You might require some additional software on your phone, which will allow your phone book to be download/read by the bluetooth system in your car, I think in the manual towards the back it will provide the web site address.
  3. voice recognition

    To make use of dial name, you first must use the store name cmd which is same process if you are going to store to store radio names that will allow you to switch stations by voice. Of the top i think you start by saying phone, then store name and say the name of the person in your phone and once it has stored you can then use dial name feature. Works really well!!! If in doubt check your manual it is in there!
  4. Hi, I have connected the HTC Magic phone, which connects to the ford audio fine, however the phonebook does not display contact names, it only displays contact numbers? Does any body know how to resolved this problem besides getting a different phone?
  5. Leaking Passenger Door on New Fiesta

    No condensation problem, just when it rains heavy it like having a water fall in the car!!! I guess if this don't get resolve soon, will have to speak with ford uk about it.
  6. Buying Advice

    I looking to purchase the following items for my new ford fiesta & wonder if anybody had any advice on the best place to get them: red led for the footwell, to match the ambient lighting? Replacement ford fiesta, don't want to pay dealer prices but want genuine mats that have the fiesta logo embroided on them? Any ideas?
  7. My 09 New Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TDCi has developed a leaking passenger. It leaks from the side of the glove box where window and plastic interior and it runs down and fills the footwell. It has been in the garages and had the seals replace, it has had the window resealed, but it still leaks, it booked back into the garage next friday, has anybody else experienced leaking door problems? Any help or advice appreciated. :(
  8. I have an 09 New Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TDCi, it has the latest software, if there is a voice command to adjust the volume of the radio? If not why have ford not included it? Regards,