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  1. Nah im not on facebook mate and thanks very much for your help
  2. Does anyone know when nick wiley will be around the staffordshire area for any meets ? So i could book to get my bonnet vents done
  3. Cormill1990

    Ash zetec s

  4. Okay thanks mate has he done yours
  5. Has anyone had bonnet vents fitted on a zetec s mark 7 ? If so does anyone know who fits them
  6. Has anyone had any problems fitting the st 7.5 diffuser to mk7 zetec s ?
  7. Yeye they should clip in and out They seemed to come out easy enough i when i put it back in i put some glue on the back just to make sure
  8. Thanks i used high temprature engine enamal paint and they have come up beta than i thought with 4 coats on
  9. Just painted calipers and drums red they look alot beta then the black rusty ones
  10. it wasnt that expensive really cost me £50 the paint and lacquer was more expensive then the grill lol
  11. Nice looking car 

  12. on the paint i brought it told me a drying time i left mine about 45 mins before i added another coat it was quite dry by then i put 3 coats on mine and they look great
  13. Ive put this on my car today what do u think
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