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  1. It is rare for an alternator to fail these days, unless the bearings in it go. The ECU re-learns when a new battery is put on but backs off trying to charge a trash battery to protect the alternator. So once the ECU has re-learnt after about 30 miles or so, then it will keep the new battery charged up ok. As you mention, when the engine is not running, the battery will drop in volts slightly. This is normal because the 14V or so you mention (can be up to 14.7V) is about the accumulation of charge the battery can hold and sustain to optimise power for all the car electrics if you switch everything on. When a battery is short charged it will usually show about 13.2V and drop to around 12.7V within a few minutes after switching off the engine as chemical electrolytic reactions in the battery slow down and stop when it is no longer charging (amps).
  2. The stop/start does not work if the battery requires a charge or the charge is lowered too much, e.g. less Amps in the Battery. To prevent your battery going flat, use a battery charger every week or two to keep the battery charge topped up. There was some controversy years ago that this would destroy the alternator, but these days there is a fail safe to prevent this. It is insufficient to run the engine in the garage or driveway for 5 minutes to maintain the battery, particularly if it is an older petrol car battery - diesel batteries tend to hold charge longer because they are bigger with more Amps. Starting the car engine actually requires a large surge of power from the battery for starter motor to boost and transmit power to turn over the engine. Due to current Pandemic restrictions advise on non-essential travel so its not advised to charge the car by driving on the road unless you're going to get food, or Toilet Roll!
  3. I have a 2012 (62) Petrol 1.6 SCTI Sigma Mondeo Ecoboost. This may seem a silly question, but I hope you all can bear with me. I checked the manuals and it shows there should be a Steering Pump Filler Reservoir (labelled "I") to top up the Steering fluid. See attached diagram. But I can't find one here?!?!? 🤔 There's no visible Steering Pump reservoir to fill in this location that I can see Does this model have some sort of electronic steering system instead? Is the Power Steering reservoir underneath something else so it's completely obscured with looking down from the top of the engine? If so, how can I top it up (if there is one)?
  4. It's because one of the sensor's has got water ingress. It is usually the rear sensors which become faulty. When the faulty sensor dries out, it will work again ok. If you're concerned or want to replace a faulty sensor, take a hair dryer and dry each sensor one at a time, testing after each one is dry to see if the annoying noise is still there on reverse or going forward. This will eliminate the sensors until you find the faulty one to replace.
  5. Hi TomsFocus, apologies I missed your reply somehow and just it in my profile posts 😕 So yes, all 4 wheels were laser re-tracked and re-aligned after the rear suspension arms were replaced for the MOT Pass. I presume the garage set the rear wheels toe was parallel with new rubbers and suspension arms in place, and then lined up the fronts which may be a little worn to align with the new rears. So perhaps this may be why the bolts for rear toe are seen to be identical? Currently the wheels are all running true and there is no adverse wear on the rear tyres at all thankfully ☺️
  6. I had the rubber blades squeaking today but I presumed it was because it was snowing and cold. The blades appeared not to be flipping as the wiper moved to and fro because the rubber was near solid due to the cold so it was chiseling into the screen on the upward stroke. I squirted some Rain X on the windscreen and the squeaking went away. But it does appear to be a problem with rubbish quality rubber blades in the cold. Will look to change mine soon anyway.
  7. I have a manual Mondeo Ecoboost 1.6 Sigma Turbo Petrol (2012). I get 39-40 mpg urban and 46-47 mpg motorway when doing 65mph. It's about keeping the gear change on point with the eco-arrow and also keeping the Revs between 1500 and 2000 Revs to optimise the engine fuel delivery and efficiency. When using the Turbo boost to accelerate quickly in traffic, it drops to around 39-40 mpg on the motorway.
  8. I had a problem with a Sainsburys Pump (went in there because I got low on fuel). The pump clicked on and off loads of times. So I paid for only £4.01 advising their pump was not working correctly which didn't seem to figure with any of the attendants; they just take the money and they have no idea of how anything really works... Here's why: My experience of working in a Petrol Station Garage is the pump I used was rigged because I have very good control of a petrol pump having worked with them for many years. The pump I used was so obviously rigged because I double checked - it jumped from £1.99 to £2.01, £2.99 to £3.01 and then from £3.99 to £4.01 - It's called "Pump Clocking" where the loss of the 1p "clocked" in each £1 of fuel delivery is making the Filling station owner a lot of extra 1p's of cash per customer who fill up. Multiply by 20,000 customers a day and it begins to make big money! Too many Supermarkets are doing this - it's illegal, but it is going on. Beware. If a pump does the above symptoms and keeps clicking off and on, don't use it next time. Not all Pumps will do this on a forecourt because when ad-hoc inspected, the Tester will be directed to an unrigged pump. You can report it here also where it will get checked properly:
  9. Get the battery checked to see if it's holding a 12V charge when disconnected.
  10. Look to see if the bolt needs to be tightened up which goes into the bulkhead plate holding the Pedals for Clutch and Brake.
  11. Open the boot and push up and down on the rear boot lip. Does the knocking occur with the suspension bouncing up and down? Check the wheel is on the hub correctly. If you get hold of the tyre and rock it by pulling and pushing it, does it still knock? Check the bolts are tight on the back of the caliper. You would hope a mechanic would have checked this though.
  12. These sensors are ok to clean but care is needed as they are delicate. Spraying with Electrical Contact Cleaner is the best way, but you may need to lightly wipe off any sludge with a cotton bud to ensure it is clean. Once that is done, there are DPF Cleaner additives that can be added to the fuel tank which may help clean and keep it clean when the sludge is being expelled. The other place to look is the air hoses to see the jubilee clips and tightened up, particularly the Diesel Turbo intake hose which can cause poor running or a lack of power otherwise.
  13. These days, the only way to make a big company consider a complaint is to put it in the Public arena with Social Media to @forduk on Twitter and Facebook, and also copy in a Newspaper like the @TheSun who will take up the story too. Business does not like bad publicity. The more people tell their story, the more a business will look to remediate and rectify the problem to protect their brand as soon as practical.
  14. Since buying my MK4 2012 1.6 Ecoboost Mondeo, I've noted in the Service Section of the Owners Manual there a number of points where items are listed as "non-serviceable". One of these is the Air Filter. Usually an Air Filter is changed on a Service if discoloured and dirty, so why would this be listed as a non-serviceable item? Any feedback and information appreciated. With Thanks.
  15. With the headlights continually getting went, the connections can oxidize. If you clean the headlight connectors up to make them shiny, Resistance (R) is lowered. This will allow the correct Current (A) to flow and allow the motor to move the headlights more effectively. Might be worth a try to see if this resolves these issues.