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  1. Evening all, I've got a 59 plate Fiesta Zetec S and while cleaning it at the weekend I noticed something odd going on with top of the passenger side of the windscreen (see attached image). To me it looks like the screen is coming unstuck from the sealing bond (either the bond from the screen or the black masking paint coming away from the glass) - which if it gets worse will cause it to leak! Anyone seen anything like this before and/or know how to get it fixed? If my suspicions are correct, I'm guessing it's a screen out and back in job or even a whole new screen - which I can't see being covered by my insurance's screen cover.
  2. coysht

    Fiesta Reverse Gear Is Driving Me Nuts

    Put it into 5th on your way to reverse and it'll never crunch and will go in 1st time, every time. Not ideal, but quicker than waiting for everything to stop moving before engaging reverse.
  3. coysht

    Rear Coat Hooks Etc.

    The small holes in the trim are to poke the metal bit of rear seat belts into when the seats are folded down, so that the belts don't get trapped behind the seats when you put them back up.
  4. coysht

    Footrest & Illuminated Doorsills

    Not the best image in the world, but this is the fixings in place in the carpet - they're worryingly similar to the plugs you use in plasterboard walls for !Removed! into.
  5. coysht

    Footrest & Illuminated Doorsills

    I'm amazed that Ford don't sell this footrest for the Mk7 Fiesta. Fits perfectly and they could probably charge £40 - £50 just for the footrest and people would still buy it! I managed to buy a kit from an auto Mondeo a couple of years ago for about £15 off eBay and then sold the spare brake/accelerator to some guy in Italy for £10 - Bargain!
  6. The passenger door window seal (the one round the top of the glass) on my car has got rolled over on top of the window at some point and is now so deformed the window barely closes (the gap for the glass to slide up into has narrowed in one spot, which stops the window moving fully up into the seal). I'm hoping that a new seal isn't going to be too pricey and would solve the issue. Anyone got access to parts/price databases to give me a number and a rough cost?....and any suggestions on the cheapest place to buy it from. It's 59 plate Zetec S if that makes any difference. Cheers.
  7. coysht

    Parcel Shelf Rubber Gromets Wanted.

    Seems the Mk4 ones are different - mine is much taller and hollow.
  8. coysht

    Sony Stereo Installed

    Out of interest, whats the thing in front of the screen?
  9. coysht

    Parcel Shelf Rubber Gromets Wanted.

    Do you need a pair or just one? I have a single one from a Mk4 Fiesta which might be the same.
  10. The plastic handle/gaiter is lightly glued on, but I found you can break the glue by removing the top of the centre console and pulling the gaiter section of the handbrake around a bit (flexes the plastic and pops the glue off) then just pulling the grip quite hard till it slides off. Took me a couple of goes to get it to come off but once I found the right way to move it around it was surprisingly easy. I fitted this to mine:
  11. coysht

    Dipped Lights

    H4 bulbs for a MK7 Fiesta? Pretty sure they wouldn't fit - you need H7 (single filament) ones instead.
  12. coysht

    Money Supermarket Add Mk 7 Fiesta

    The cars in the background are definitely American (except the LR Discovery), I'd say they've just edited the video to colour the plates - enough to fool all but car geeks and Fiesta forum go-ers :D
  13. coysht

    2009/58 Zetec S - Alarm Keeps Going Off!

    Had the same problem - was a faulty bonnet catch/switch assembly. Got mine done under warranty during a service, but I guess you might have just gone past 3 years?
  14. a similar amount of damage to real golf balls it seems! Anyone know any good bodyshops or mobile dent removal services in the Coventry/Leicester area?
  15. coysht

    Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    When I took my car in for its last service (2nd @ 2 years old) I reported this issue - apparently it's caused by a tiny bit of free-play in the steering column at significant amounts of lock. The fix is something like removing the steering column and packing something full of grease.....which would have cost about £40 - £50 (total inc labour), so I'm living with the clunk for now!