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  1. ecu compatibility

    Hi everyone, I hope that you'll be able to shine a bit of light for me on a subject please.i have an old cmax and was wondering about the ecu compatibility.i have a problem with communication between modules' or even some of them not functioning well. I was looking everywhere for a ecu set (ecu,pcm,clocks,key,transponder and fuse board) with the same code but can't find it 😞. So I was wondering if I did replace all these parts with ones from another one the same year,model and engine size but diffrent ecu code would it work without the need to reprogram the units.its a great car and never gave us an once of problems.if anyone could tell me I would be grateful.thanks for reading.
  2. Hi all enjoy the site,I'm new and appreciate any help you could give me.i have a 05 cmax 1.6 tdci that ran dry of diesel,I found a fuel line that worn through from vibration and was letting air into the system.i bought a primer kit and got all the air out up to the injectors and back to the tank but she still wouldn start.had 1 trouble code pending u0073 wich I cleared.i found that I don't get any volts on my multimeter to the injectors,checked all fuses but none was burnt.could anybody please give me some ideas.a friend brought me a different scanner witch we got the following codes that wouldn't clear p128b glowplug control module (system volts) p0251 injection pump fuel metering control "A" malfunction (cam/rotor/injection).