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  1. Headlight bulbs

    As above post says they are fully rd legal just low life.. personally I like them, the Def emit a brighter white than the night breakers I had. And I don't do much night time driving so not overly worried over the bulb life span.
  2. I believe so but I'm sure someone on here can give u a definite answer..
  3. I've got a Kenwood dmx7017dab HU with audison prima component speakers front and rear, also fitted the Kenwood reversing camera and soon goons get the dashcam too as they all link up together. HU cost me £400 though, not cheap but then it does everything, usb, apple carplay, android auto support, Bluetooth, Dab. It is mechless though so no CDs.
  4. My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Ur right my 2.0 MK2.5 is 300mm front and I think 260 or 270mm rear. Personally I'd go with best you can afford as you can't put a price on safety.
  5. I changed my oem headunit out and removed the stock Bluetooth/voice module and microphone and sold them with the headunit. New one came with it all built in and the new mic sits neatly above the int mirror and is hardly noticeable
  6. My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Can only comment on my MK2.5 but I run brembo discs and pads all round. Done 10k on them and they are gr8.
  7. Headlight bulbs

    I had night breakers in my MK2.5 since got it almost 2yr ago but one blew couple of days ago. Now running Philips racing vision + ones. Much brighter light n more white than the osrams
  8. 1.8 duratec tuning

    Pumaspeed offer a set of performance cams for the 1.8 and 2.0 duratec he engines. £300 delivered or £600 fitted. Proven to give minimum 15bhp gain on stock engine. I'm having my 2.0 done in April. I had a k&n filter on mine but removed it as it did nowt except give me a headache with induction noise when ran it without the bung fitted. I am thinking of a miltek catback system but I'm unsure if it will suit the look of the car n also noise So might just go with back box. As other post said getting any decent gains out of a N/a engine can be expensive. But not impossible. I prefer regular servicing and good quality fuel to keep the engine at peak performance. But like you I've done my discs and pads and suppension..
  9. Low mpg mk2...

    Was gonna say it prob a combination of a heavy car n small engine.. depends on how you drive it is it always loaded up with stuff in the boot etc.. so many variables. I've got a mk2.5 titanium 2.0 and round town I'm in mid 20s. Get it on to motorway though and into low to mid 40s so I can relate, mine done 57k with last service 3k ago.
  10. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    I did my boot myself. Doors were done by company who did my audio upgrade. They did outer door skins far as I know. Can't comment on sound quality of stock speakers as mine were removed n uprated. It has though quietened the cabin down a bit.. still loud esp on motorway compared to modern cars. But better than it was!
  11. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    Noticed improvement with mpg, throttle response.. and emissions were alot lower on mot. Had it done 9000 miles ago so due another this yr.. I've noticed drop in mpg recently though but putting it down to cold weather and car fueling more to compensate.
  12. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    +1 for the terraclean. Had mine done and it made the world of difference..
  13. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    It's a chain, as is the 1.8 I believe. Hardly uses any oil, well mine hasn't anyway, changed my oil 3000miles ago and so far the level hasn't moved. All I'd say is cause it is a chain I use the best oil I can afford, currently got magnatec in it. Tax I pay monthly DD and it's £18
  14. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    Well I know from experience 65mph is 2800rpm in 5th. Thats 65mph via gps not speedo.. 70mph takes it to 3100rpm ish
  15. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    I did do m1 jct 33 to jct 13 n back few times last yr bout 120mile each way doin constant at 70mph and it was doin 47mpg. Mainly tho it's high 30s low 40s on a GD run. Town work is high 20s to low 30s but depends how you drive car condition etc... But also the trip computer is never accurate.. I can't knock it though.