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  1. Ahhh damn.. think I'll steer clear then.. wide love to get another 2.0 ltr but can't find any!! Have to look at the 1.6. Thanks for advice though. Saved me potential trouble
  2. I always thort that engine was ok as it's the duratec he engine.. same as the 2.0 I had which was bullet proof. But I'll check it if i go look at it
  3. Hi everyone. Been a while since been on here, had a 2010 2.0 titanium which was written off last year.. Anyway looking at another focus, as my current car, 2010 insignia 2.0 cdti is just a mobile cash bin! Seen a 2009 zetec 1.8 petrol 5dr.. £2k full service history, 4 new Michelin tyres, new clutch. Only worry is it done 108k.. I know it's a chain not timing belt. So is the milage a worry for the engine? Car is otherwise clean and in very gd nick for age.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Gives me something to think about!!
  5. Hi all, not been on here since my MK2.5 got written off, but I'm back in the market for another focus but this time I'm leaning towards a diesel.. Anyway, I've found 3 that interest me, all mk2's 2008 to 2010 models and either titanium or zetec spec. A 1.6 with dpf, done 60k, timing belt done at 55k A 1.8, done 110k, no mention of timing belt done but says full service history from ford. A 2.0 with 120k again full service record. Cost of car and insurance isn't an issue, my question is of those 3 are any of the engines best avoided, performance wise is the 2.0 that much better than the 1.8 or is there owt I should look for on them. I've always had petrols in the past so not used to a diesel. Cheers in advance
  6. Me too! One good point is I got to remove my stereo so least I can sell that. So if anyone is interested in a Kenwood dmx2017dabs msg me lol
  7. Just had call from the repair centre. Total loss due to structural damage..
  8. Nice one, yeah think I'll steer clear don't wanna risk it!
  9. It was and I got the stereo out but didn't have time to remove the speakers. When I told them I'd changed the stereo they tried to tell me it was a performance mod hahaha.. had a long conversation about that with them.
  10. We're they all subject to a recall? Or was it just a certain age range? I've heard horror stories of the clutch going due to being a dry clutch of somat.. never really paid much attention as I always had a manual. It's the TI-VCT version. Yes going from a 2.0 Titanium to a 1.6 Zetec is a drop, but I only got my MK 2.5 as was a bargain at the time. I'm holding out hope it can be repaired as money I've got in it I'll not get back. Sound system alone is worth £1k.
  11. Further to my previous post bout the kind person who rear ended me, the car has been recovered and I'm currently driving bout in a 17reg fiesta ecoboost, nice car act. Anyway, going on worse case scenario and its a total loss, ive seen a 13 plate 1.6 zetec with 33k on the clock. Full service history 1 owner, but it's the powershift model. I've heard the odd thing bout powershift but is it as bad as ppl say or was it just the odd one that failed. Or am I best avoiding a powershif totally should I have to change cars.
  12. I've been looking at dash cams front n rear last few MTH. Too little too late lol
  13. Getting new fiesta tomorrow as a hire car so not all bad lol
  14. There is a banner with name and number. I've ring em asked and obviously they denied it. But gave details of company to cops and my insurance
  15. Yeah was in reverse handbrake etc.. close inspection of rear shows marks from a scaffolding van where the poles lay on the bed. House nearby has got new scaffolding up. My guess is a lorry has reversed into it n shoved it. It's being recovered tomorrow by insurance No CCTV n all neighbours I've asked said didn't see or hear owt.
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