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  1. How can I tell if the valve is permanently closed? Can't see any black smoke out the back of the car, and I had blocked up the vacuum hose some 10 mins after turning the engine off. Is that enough time to leave me to assume that the valve has closed itself? Thanks :)
  2. Ended up blocking the vacuum hose on top of the Valeo egr valve in the end, as couldn't be bothered with taking the manifold off just to get to it. Far hareder to fit the plate on this 2011 Mondeo engine set up than my 2003 Focus! Started the engine 10 times since, and still no egr fault code showing. Sure it's a matter of time though, judging by other comments in this thread.
  3. ok thanks. Just have to work out exactly where to put the blanking plate now. As nobody seems to know the set-up for the EGR valve in my photos (not in Haynes manual either)
  4. Ok thanks for the advice. I will probably just fit the complete blanking plate then and put up with deleting the fault code once a month. I guess that it's proably too difficult to fashion a mechanism to change the electric signal across the EGR terminals in line with when it should and shouldn't be open through normal driving? Or a mechanism for changing the pressure on the vacuum hose perhaps? No idea at the moment where I would start with that, nor do I have the time to investigate! The Valeo SKU number (V29002691) for the unit in my photo appears on a few dutch websites. So perhaps that is why no-one else has posted photos before? I'm sure there are many others who out there who have this style of EGR valve though. Looks like I will have to take some of the manifold off to get to the very short section of pipe going from the manifold to the EGR valve though. So it's certainly not as easy to install the blanking plate than described by the OP! Will the car pass an MOT if the EGR fault is flagged? Or will I need to delete the error code using the F-Super software, just before handing over for a MOT?
  5. I have managed to locate my EGR valve on a 2011 Ford Mondeo 2L TDCi, towards the front cnetre of the engine. Can anyone confirm from the photos where exactly the EGR blanking plate will go? And if the blanking plate does not have a 10mm (I have both), then does the engine management system (FORDconvers+) repeatedly warn you of the EGR error every day? Or is it something that you can live with and not notice whilst driving, and just periodically delete the error with F-Super program and the like? Thanks
  6. How To Reprogram Push Button Start Remote

    Has anyone successfully found a procedure for programming their Ford smart key used for keyless ignition? I have an unprogammed spare smart key, and I can't see how you can program it without taking it to Frauds. The iginition barrel under the cover on the steering coloumn is just a plastic cage for holding the unprogrammed key in, it does not turn so can not "turn ignition from position 0 to II". I have a spare programmed key. It looks like that is all you need to program a newer 4 button smart keys for the 2014 Fords! But I guess the 4 button smart keys are not compatible with the 2007-2014 Mondeo ECU? Thanks
  7. Clutch Vibrations

    Surely Valeo can't expect to sell these kits and not have numerous customers complain about excessive clutch vibration!? If this is a common issue AND they want to sell these flywheel kits AND claim that there is little or no difference in clutch feel from the kit to the DMF (as did on the phone to me) then they should either offer a solution to the problem or take them off of the market!!! You can't expect to live with or resell a car in this condition unless the potential customer has lost all feeling in his left leg! :(
  8. Clutch Vibrations

    Cheers. Changing back to a DMF will require me to take out a loan so I'm better off selling it.
  9. Clutch Vibrations

    The garage say it could be the thrust bearing but their not convinced. So as I can't live with it it's now up for sale to get shot of it! I guess the lesson of this story is don't let your family car have a solid flywheel conversion (especially a Ford Focus or VW)! I feel a complete fool for the garage convincing me that there would be no difference in clutch feel between DMF and SMF on a Focus! :(
  10. Clutch Vibrations

    Thanks. Is there not anything you can do to relieve the pulsing on the clutch pedal when puting a solid flywheel conversion kit on a 2003 ford focus 1.8 tdci??
  11. Clutch Vibrations

    Thanks for the advice. I intend to take it back in for another test-drive at least. I wish I knew whether changing the the crankshaft pulley to a standard (for SMF) one would make a difference to the clutch pulsating (as oppsoed to the current pulley used in conjunction with the previous DMF).
  12. Clutch Vibrations

    That's me f**ked then. The garage convinced me that there should be no difference in clutch feel with DMF and SMF as per 100's of Transit van solid flywheel conversions they have already done. How the hell do I sell the car now when it gives my left foot repetitive strain injury from vibrating the clutch pedal so much!? Surely there must be some simple adjustment to the clutch/flywheel/crankshaft pulley to subdue the harsh juddering and at least take the edge of it!?!?!?! :(
  13. Clutch Vibrations

    Thanks After reading various forums I am starting to suspect that the garage SHOULD have changed the chrankshaft pulley/damper from the DMF one to the solid flywheel compatible one. Anyone know if this will make the difference to the harsh cyclic vibrations felt through the clutch pedal from the transmission/chrankshaft!? :(
  14. Clutch Vibrations

    What is considered an acceptable level of vibration felt through the clutch pedal from a Focus TDCi and/or TDDi ?? No vibration or a tingling to the foot? I had a solid flywheel conversion done to replace a failed DMF but now the car is very irritating to drive as vibrations are felt though the clutch pedal when depressing it, in the form of cyclic piston stroke vibrations. Driving the car in heavy traffic for more than 10 mins tends to leave my foot feeling a bit wierd (the clutch pedal seems to move slightly as the vibrations are so strong). Is this normal for a diesel engine with a solid flywheel? Or is this result of an ill fitted flywheel/clutch/conversion kit? I've never felt vibrations through the clutch pedal before in any petrol of diesel cars I've driven in the past nor my TDCi with a screwed DMF! Thanks
  15. Dmf V's Solid Flywheel

    Full power was finally restored by clearing out a vacuum hose nipped when replacing the clutch and flywheel. However, the slight cyclic piston stroke vibrations remain when depressing the clutch when idle which were never there with the failing DMF. There hasn't been any noticeable increase in engine/transmission noise though, perhaps my ears need testing. Is this considered normal for a TDCi with a solid flywheel? I thought a TDDi had a solid flywheel as standard so are there noticable clutch pedal vibrations on this?