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  1. Ford_lover38

    Fuel Filter on my Petrol 09 Focus?

    Thanks for your reply mate, I think your right. Found a few places online which say the 1.6/1.8 & the 2.0 petrol's all have fuel filters fitted inside the tank. One noted below "The Focus MK2/MK2.5 Petrol versions do not have a separate fuel filter. There is only a strainer located in the fuel tank on the intake of the fuel pump." - quote taken from JW1982 who posted on this thread
  2. Hi Guys, I was just servicing my car and it came to doing my fuel filter on my 2009 1.6 Petrol ford focus (the fuel filter came with my service kit). I got under the car and I cant see it the filter on the rear passenger or driver side. My question is, does my car have a external fuel filter? Or is it one with a filter built into the tank? I've had a look online and I cant find any info and calling the Ford dealership for advice....well dont get me started on that lol
  3. Ford_lover38

    Focus Clutch Pedal Pad

    Hi Guys, I noticed recent when my shoes are wet the clutch slips off my shoes which is pretty dangerous. I had a look at the rubber pads on my clutch and it looks like they are worn. Its a pretty simple job to replace but I just want to make sure I have the right part. I have a 2009 Ford focus and I've found the part number which I think it is (1234292) and here it is on Ebay: Its also listed here for £10: They both state 2008 but the pads look identical to my 2009 model. Do you think it should be ok? Also if I was to put one of those fancy silver pads in, is this something I wold have to declare as a insurance Modification? Thanks
  4. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    Thanks mate, I'll give it a try.
  5. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    This sounds like it could be worth a try. Any particular brand of brake cleaner you would recommend?
  6. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    Yeh whenever it rains or the rear brakes get wet I just leave it parked in first gear with the handbrake off. Leaving it in gear seems to stop it rolling off! Just cant believe how much of a common problem is with people and not much has been done to really address it
  7. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    I’ll drop them a call and see what they say regarding it. If I cant convert it it disks then I guess I will just have to leave the car in gear after driving in the rain rather than use the handbrake 🙄
  8. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    Ah the insurance aspect of this may be the killer here. Insurance is expensive enough as it is but thanks for sending that over mate.
  9. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    How complex is it to do a rear disc conversion?
  10. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    Good to know its not just my car! I've done some digging online and it seems its quite a common issue with Ford rear drum brakes. Cant find any real solutions to the problem though :/
  11. Ford_lover38

    Rear drum brake stuck

    Hi guys, I last drove my car two days ago in the rain then I left it parked in my drive since. Today I went to drive away but when I pulled the handbrake down, the car wouldnt move! i reversed with a side of high revs for abit then I drove forward and it made a loud thud and released. is this normal or do you think there is a problem here? My car is a 09 focus with drum brakes. This has happened once before in the past when it wasn’t driven for a day after lots of rain. cheers
  12. Ford_lover38

    Squeaking noise when accelerating

    Hi Guys, I have noticed recently that when accelerating off from a cold start I hear a squeaking noise coming from the front of the car. I friend of mine told me this could be the aux belt and its a sign it needs changing. Does this sound accurate to you? I had the aux belt, cam belt and waterpump changed last year so I cant see it being the aux belt that needs changing again. I had a look just now for any visible cracks on the belt or any wobble on the tensioner but I cant see any. Any ideas what could be causing the Squeaking? Like I said its only when setting off, never while driving for a while. Thanks!
  13. Ford_lover38

    Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Interesting, I'll give that ago. Thanks
  14. Ford_lover38

    Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Thanks for your responses guys. the scratch in question is right in the centre of the windscreen so I dont think shorter wipers would do the trick unfortunately. Inside the car its almost impossible to spot unless you really look for it and I wouldn't class it as a obstruction at all. My MOT is months away, in February so I'll take your advice and worry about it later lol. Thanks anyway mate!
  15. Ford_lover38

    Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Hey Adrian, Its right in the centre just under the rear view mirror. The snippet you sent is regarding chips or cracks, mine is more of a scratch. When I run my finger over it I cant feel a dip. I found the following snippet in section 8.3 of the MOT Manual: "Scratches on the windscreen, i.e. light surface scratching, are not to be considered as damage. However, an area of concentrated scratching such as caused by the prolonged use of a defective wiper blade which obscures vision is to be considered a Reason for Rejection if it meets the fail criteria" Hopefully the scratch falls under that criteria!