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  1. What symptoms on the focus do bad cv joints show? Other than the usual clicking sound when turning
  2. As I get a bit of vibration under load and some general vibration but the mechanic can’t find what’s wrong and says my mounts seem ok. Cars on 86k miles so I thought about just changing the mount anyway to see if it feels any better. Is it worth changing anyway at this mileage or is the mount fine still?
  3. Fan hasn’t come on since so hopefully it did a regen. I now have the intermittent “no gps” on my standard sAtnav which is annoying. Non stop common faults with this car 😞
  4. I just took it for a 30 Mile drive up and down the motorway but didn’t hear the fan come on at all on the way. I hope it’s done it
  5. Thanks, engine should be warm by time I get the m4 so I’ll just go for 20 mins. I’ve got a 2011 mk2 so latest one. I’ll fill fuel up just in case too. Makes me wonder when it was last regend as I’ve been on quite a few long drives over the last year
  6. Thanks, lastly, how many miles of motorway speed do I need to go for it to complete? I’m right by m4 so this is easy. I also have about 80 miles of fuel range, this is enough for regen to still work? As you mentioned fuel amounts. I’ve got the 1.6
  7. Thanks. I suppose there’s no way il know when it’s doing a regen or when it’s done will I? Shame it doesn’t say on dash that’s it’s done it needs doing soon etc
  8. Ah ok thanks. So it I take it down the motorway today it should start the regen again? Basically it will keep trying to do it until it’s done?
  9. The last few times I’ve switched my car off it’s left the fan running as if the engine is hot on a hot day but it’s a cool evening. Is this the car trying to do a regen? It’s annoying as I went on a motorway run on Saturday but now it wants to do a regen? Does it just work on mileage? If this is trying to do a regen, do I just go and take it down the motorway tomorrow? Will it still do the regen as don’t want to waste my time if not lol
  10. hi, my sAtnav unit is randomly working and then not working. Would it still be water ingress if it’s working intermittently? I assumed it wouldn’t work at all?
  11. I did a recalibration while I was driving and it worked again but now it’s playing up again and not knowing where I am. Is this a aerial issue still? Strange how it randomly works then doesn’t work though?
  12. My sAtnav started doing this again last night (haven’t tried it since though) what usually causes this and what can I check?
  13. its working again now. maybe was just a satellite issue or something
  14. my standard satnav today isnt picking up where I am and just has the arrow icon as if it's on a new road which it doesnt recognise. what could have caused this and is there a fix? was working fine not long ago and I pulled the sd card out and put it back in but no change
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