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  1. thanks that's good to hear. ive had the car 4 years so should be ok then
  2. Hi, I've got a 2011 focus tdci 1.6 dpf. it's the 2008 to 2010 model but on a 11plate late reg. I'm on 82k miles and just wondered do I need to do anything about the dpf I.e service it etc or should it last a while? I've just read a lot about them only lasting til 70k or so? thanks
  3. hi on xmas day I was going along the motorway and I got the engine malfunction message and car went into limp mode. the next day the car was ok but I've now got half the power (turbo still boosts but not as much) mechanic says it's the fuel pressure regulator which is £300 fitted. I keep reading alot about clogged fuel filters. could it just be the filter? I've had the car 40k miles and not changed it. I asked my mechanic if it could just be the filter but he said hes getting a code for the fuel pressure regulator? thanks in advance
  4. Thanks it's just the only car I've ever worked on myself was my old 406, just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything stupid I'd do/miss on the focus for a service, plus it's a diesel so wasn't sure if they need different services and items
  5. I bought the car on 38k from a ford franchise and it was serviced when I bought and stamped but not sure how much of a service they would have done? Prob don't need to do fuel filter or brake fluid etc
  6. Need to service my car soon, on 50k miles. Do I just need to get oil, filter and air filter? anything else need dojng on these? This will be the first time I've done anything on this car
  7. It's not charging very fast, I'm guessing as its trying to do data and power? Will it charge quicker if I get a usb to 12v adapter and stick it in the 12v socket?
  8. I seem to get a vibration a bit like an engine mount broken sound when I accelerate under load, but seems to go away once engine is up to temperature, is this normal or is it likely the exhaust or something making be noise? I'm sure it's not engine mounts as car is a 2011 on 39k
  9. So this means mines Gona be nackered soon?
  10. I read its units made in 2008 to 2009 or something? My car was registered July 2011 so hopefully mines not affected?
  11. Great more problems lol, so it couldn't just be the bump made it cut out like any head unit would?
  12. I don't think it is the sd as I took the card out and icon stays, also the icon has at least 3 fill levels as if it's indicating battery or signal, I'm really stumped by it and wana know what it's for lol! Also yesterday on the motorway I went over a bump and my stereo (sat nav one) cut out, is this normal? It didn't feel like a massive bump so I was surprised when it cut out and had to be restarted
  13. It was a constant sound and it changes when I move the wheel which must mean it's the steering pump, but I don't know if the sound is normal being constant or means a fault?
  14. Notice my tdci has a sort of whine/buzz coming from the area near the coolant resevoir, the noise changes as I turn the wheel, is this Anythjng bad?
  15. I will do, so howcome this doesn't happen on everyone else's focus then? Thought it's a common problem due to design