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  1. Front suspension problems - MK7

    you will need to get that trim done before its a year old otherwise they won't change it under warranty
  2. Philips blue vision

    Well my headlight had a large fin which fits just below the bumper which you had to give a bit of a tugg to get it off but i can't remember seeing a white clip anywhere???? I think the fin just keeps the bumper flush with the lamp has anyone else spotted this.
  3. Philips blue vision

    thanks mate was they hard to get to?
  4. Philips blue vision

    What bulbs did you use on your fog lights? I know there H11 but they dont do them in bluevisions
  5. Saxo won't start - any ideas?

    sounds like a dead cell in the battery or a bad positive or negative connection are famous for goin on them
  6. Xenon HiD lights?

    Not worth the money or the hassle to be honest just get yourself some phillips bluevision bulbs You need H7 and H1 bulbs they normally come with the 501 side light bulbs Ant
  7. Merry Christmas :D

    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
  8. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    Where abouts are you? And how much do you want for them?
  9. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    And what do you want for them?
  10. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    are they the x pack alloys or the titanium?
  11. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    whats the mileage on the tyres?
  12. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    Titanium or X Pack Alloys?
  13. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    The ones on the ebay listing?
  14. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    Does anyone know the tyre size to fit these alloys? Ant
  15. Daytime Running Lights

    I have been looking at daylight running lights to fit along the bottom of my headlights http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Daytime-LED-Running-...=item518b50301b Has anyone on here fitted them? Im guessing as its going to become standard fitment soon that its legal?