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  1. The national speed limit for lorries over 7.5 tonnes on a single carriageway is 50 mph. On a dual carriageway and motorways it's 60 mph. It may be different in Scotland.
  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence. A lot of those idiots who drive at ridiculous speeds on the motorway finish up with a ban. As for smart motorways, they didn't exist in my day so I have no experience of policing them but, as a driver, I refuse to use them as I think that they are dangerous. Get a breakdown or a puncture and you've nowhere to go other than sit in a live lane and wait for someone to run into the back of you. My advice in that case would be to get out of the car and as far away as possible. The death rate on smart motorways per mile is well above that of normal motorways. ( ) I live in Nottingham 5 minutes from J26 of the M1 and my son lives in Leeds so the M1 would be very convenient. The smart motorway starts at J28 and on the one occasion I used it the red X came on over the inside lane together with the speed limit sign indicating 50mph.. I pulled into lane 2 and slowed to 50 only to be overtaken on the inside by a number of lorries; mostly with foreign registrations. There was a car broken down in lane 1 and how there wasn't an accident as I was approaching it I'll never know. There were vehicles swerving all over the place. I now go up the A1. Incidentally, you should never go onto a motorway if you're low on fuel.
  3. I agree with everything you say except 50 mph on the motorway. I'm an ex copper and have worked on the motorway and have seen a number of accidents caused, believe it or not, by cars being driven too slowly. A much safer speed would be around the 60 mph mark.
  4. Glad you have a spare wheel. That latex blow up kit is not only useless it's ruddy dangerous.
  5. Actually, Roger, I'm rather glad I don't have it.😀
  6. My warning doesn't come on until the pressures are well down. Waste of time really.
  7. Have you been running the air/con?
  8. Can't say I blame it. I think your pushing your luck on a 2003 engine.
  9. I now have a 2017 Ecoboost 100 titanium auto and it doesn't beep when going into reverse. I think, though, that this is because you have to go through reverse from park to get into drive so it would be beeping rather a lot even when you didn't intend to reverse.
  10. I've had quite a few cars with locking wheel nuts but have never had a spare locking wheel nut included. Can't see why you would need one.
  11. I've had a 2006 Ghia, a 2009 Titanium, a 2013 Ecoboost Titanium and my current 2017 Ecoboost Titanium. Apart from broken front springs on the 2013 I've never had a problem.