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  1. Bobr

    Service reveals Cat has been removed

    When you bought the car it had to be fit for purpose and it obviously wasn't. Take it back to the dealer.
  2. Bobr

    Strange reaction to stop / start

    I think you're probably right Chris.
  3. Normally, when my stop / start operates, I find that I can't move the steering wheel. Yesterday I did an 18 mile run and, every time the stop / start operated I could move the steering wheel. When I drove back, when the stop / start operated, it was back to normal and I couldn't move the wheel. Can anyone explain this?
  4. Bobr

    A/C causing engine lag

    I use A/C quite a bit in this weather and have never noticed any difference.
  5. Bobr

    Does cruise control saving petrol?

    I asked myself this question when I first got cruise control. I often use the M1 so I did a few journeys without CC and a few with. I found that using cruise control decreased my fuel consumption by an average of 2 mpg.
  6. I agree with Martin above. ASDA or Morrisons - never had a problem.
  7. Bobr

    Spare wheel size query

    The difference in size between the 195, 50, 16 tyres and the spare is made by the fact that, although the rim is 14" , the tyre is 175, 65, 14. The spare is perfectly safe to drive on up to 50 mph and that tyre fitter doesn't know what he's talking about.
  8. Bobr

    Supposed to be like this?

    Just been out to have a look at mine and it's the same with a bare bulb hanging down. Must say I was surprised as when I had a Granada Scorpio 4x4 it had a cover there.
  9. Bobr

    Impressive MK8 1.0 EcoBoost 140 MPG

    Could it be wind direction?
  10. Bobr

    TPMS Sensors not detected

    I don't understand why the car would fail its MOT if the tyre pressures were all correct.
  11. The Ecoboost 100 doesn't seem to have as much engine braking as i have experienced with other cars.
  12. Bobr

    Odd boot problem

    Started the car this afternoon and got a message on the dash: 'Boot Open'. Thought it was strange as I hadn't opened it. Then I found I couldn't close it. It just bounced back up. Tried to lock it and unlock it with a screwdriver and couldn't. Eventually found the answer. Unlocked it with the button on the key and then it went back to normal. I wonder if it unlocked in the first place because it's black and was stood in the sun at 28 deg.
  13. Bobr

    powerfold mirror issue

    I had this happen on my last car. I just pushed it into place and it was OK after that.
  14. Glad you sorted it out Ben and thanks for the update.
  15. Can't hear mine.