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  1. Depends a great deal on the traffic in the postcode and the crime rate. I moved from a high crime rate area last march, (Sneinton, Nottingham centre) to NG16 near the M1 and insurance rates dropped appreciably.
  2. Thanks guys. I've stripped and repaired gearboxes in the past (the distant past) but I don't think I'd like to tackle that one.😀
  3. One thing I don't understand. I've done a hell of a lot of research on this gearbox as I've never had a twin clutch auto before. I understand that one clutch operates 1,3 &5 and the other 2,4 & 6. But where does reverse come in?
  4. First time I got into an auto car, Roger, the instructor told me to take my left shoe off. It worked.
  5. I owned an automatic Volvo 240GLE about 35 years ago Roger. Had it for three years. I was a police driver though and we trained on both manual and automatic cars as we might have had to drive either on occasion.
  6. Had a similar thing happen to me. Looked like a trolley dent and they didn't bother to leave me a note. Cost me £200 to put it right.
  7. Just filled up again and this car, despite being automatic, is returning exactly the same mpg as my last Fiesta which was exactly the same but manual. Very impressed with this auto box, it goes through the gears much quicker than I could in the manual one.
  8. I'v been driving since I was 16 (67 years ago) and have never had a diesel car. I just cannot stand the smell of the stuff.
  9. Did you have cruise control on by any chance?
  10. Surely it shouldn't lock with the keys in the car?
  11. I had a similar problem and it was because the battery didn't have enough charge.
  12. When the doors are unlocked you should be able to open the boot by pressing that release switch. On a previous Fiesta I found, one morning, that I couldn't open the boot either with that switch or by pressing the bottom button on the key. I had to have a new boot switch fitted, fortunately under guarantee.
  13. I've got the satnav in my car but I use a Garmin Nuvi 65LM instead. I can load speed cameras on the Garmin and I can't on the Ford satnav. The Garmin is bigger too and easier to read.
  14. My wife has a similar problem with a Renault Kadjar. It has a sunroof and a large bass unit where the spare goes. She got a latex fill kit instead of a spare. However she has the Type 1 Latex Allergy and if she comes into contact with latex she goes into anaphylactic shock; a life threatening condition. I bought a spare, removed the bass unit and, although the spare fits in the space it protrudes out of the top. The spare has to be carried in the boot and I wonder if the Fiestas with the sunroof have the same problem.