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  1. I've used Kurust for many years. It is very good. If I remember rightly, you have to leave it to cure for about three hours before you paint over it.
  2. Years ago I had a brother in law who was a panel beater at Ford Dagenham. He used to fit them as a side line. I think people think the make the car look faster.😂
  3. If I remember rightly you have to fit all four keys and then pull the radio out of its slot after which the keys are automatically released.
  4. It depends on the model. I had a 2013 Fiesta Titanium and the wing mirrors opened and closed on that.
  5. The dual clutch auto box on the earlier Fiestas had a lot of problems. However I think the problems were ironed out with the 2016 model onwards boxes. I have a March 2017 Fiesta with the dual clutch auto box and, having driven it for a little over a year, I'm absolutely delighted with it. It gives me exactly the same mpg as my previous Fiesta which was exactly the same model but with a manual box.
  6. It sometime won't work if the air con is on.
  7. I always go to a Ford Dealer for servicing but I can get an MOT done a lot cheaper elsewhere. It appears to me that Ford dealers always charge top dollar for an MOT.
  8. If it was the wiring loom then surely it would happen regardless of the temperature.
  9. It's way overpriced. Needs about £2k knocking off.
  10. Receiving a car from a dealer you can never be sure of the tyre pressures. When I got mine they were 20 psi all round.
  11. High mileage cars may have a very serious problem with the cam belt snapping if it hasn't been changed at the service interval. If this happens it can write the engine off.
  12. It's a pity you can't just buy the driver's mat on its own. My driver's mat is pretty well worn out but the other three are like new.
  13. Bobr

    Dash Cams

    I have a Nextbase too and it does have an internal battery. The battery is only used when the ignition is off and there is a shock felt by the dashcam.
  14. I think they'd ironed out the problems with the old dual clutch box before I got mine Roger, Mine is absolutely superb.
  15. I see that you can no longer have an auto gearbox on any model below Titanium X