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  1. Strange message coming up

    I've wondered about this too. Although I understand what it does, if it dials 999 what is it going to tell the responder. How will it know where the car is?
  2. In a careless driving case, it is not at all unusual for the prosecution to quote the highway code.
  3. Stoney871 said it was illegal to reverse onto a public road. It is not advisable to reverse onto a public road but it is certainly not illegal.
  4. Is there any other way?
  5. I'm with Gerald. I drove police vehicles too and were never allowed to get low on fuel.
  6. I have the same model and the same problems. I've had any number of Fiestas and they have all had the same problem with reverse gear.
  7. Ford fiesta mk6 thermostat

    It doesn't have all that much coolant to heat up.
  8. Brake grinding ABS?

    First time I experienced ABS actuating I was amazed at the speed it can switch the brakes on and off. I've known slower machine guns.
  9. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I'd certainly want to get that fixed.
  10. The official capacity IS 42 litres. You must have been running on fumes.
  11. I always brim the tank as it gives me a good indication of MPG.
  12. I fill up as soon as the car tells me I'm low. Can't see any reason to run out of fuel.
  13. Seat Belt Torn for MOT

    It will be checked and will fail.
  14. Tyre recommendations

    My Rainsport 3s have now done 5000 miles and still look like new.
  15. Dropping Rear Door Windows

    Mine does this regularly but as soon as they get 1/2 inch down you can hear the wind noise so I just wind them up again.