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  1. Just checked and it looks like they're all around the headlight on a Fiesta Active.
  2. If you look at the front of the car with the ignition on you will see the DRLs under the headlights. Usually a row of LEDs on a Fiesta.
  3. I thought the oil for an Ecoboost 100 was 5/30 but, reading the handbook while waiting for my wife at the QMC this morning, discovered that it is actually 5/20.
  4. I've had this in the past and the cure involved cleaning out the air con system and re-gassing it.
  5. Unfortunately, it's not going to increase its value.
  6. I had that model as my first Fiesta and I loved it. Eventually passed it on to my son. I really agree with Isetta; it isn't worth doing any updates on the car.
  7. I've never had a problem with not having mudflaps. The plastic wheel arch liners on the modern Fiestas do a great job. Not sure about the person driving behind me in the rain though.
  8. Not a very good design in my opinion. Having to replace a whole unit if one little part goes wrong?
  9. For me it's next to impossible a I broke my back some years ago and the position of the seat belt on a 3 door doesn't help.
  10. It's for that very reason that I've always bought either the Ghia model or the Titanium. I think they're the best value with all the extras one could wish for.
  11. As soon as I heard that I thought it was bearing trouble.
  12. Never heard of it and, for that reason, I wouldn't use it.
  13. I would never fit mud flaps again. I fitted them to a previous Fiesta and I reversed into a kerb which not only pulled the mud flaps off but did quite a bit of damage to the bodywork. I hasten to add that it was the mudflaps being pulled off that did the damage not the reversing into the kerb. If the mudflaps hadn't been on there would have been no problem.