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  1. You should be fine on 195-50R16 and your speedo will read the same. Plenty of these at reasonable prices on eBay.
  2. I agree with Tom. Don't buy a high mileage Fiesta that hasn't had the cambelt changed. It's like playing russian roulette.
  3. I have DAB in a 2017 model Titanium X.
  4. Anyone with a Bluelight Card: Mr Tyre takes the card and gives 20% off.
  5. Can't understand how some folk are getting such low mileage. I'm on my fifth Fiesta and not one has done less than 40mpg. My current one is a Titanium X automatic and, going by the brim to brim method is giving me 50 mpg both town and country. I think the calculations must be wrong.
  6. My brakes tend to 'grab' a bit but only when the car is cold.
  7. Once bitten twice shy mate. I always deal with Sandicliffe Ford now and have done for many years. I've always been treated well and never had a problem.
  8. There's no snobbery where I'm concerned Stephen. I once had them fit an exhaust system to a Volvo 244 GLE. It's a long story but suffice it to say that 200 miles into my holiday I had a Volvo garage remove it and fit a proper one and I took the rubbish that they had fitted back and got a refund and £120 for the problems I had had.
  9. The bushes can cause problems but not normally a 'clunk'. Usually a squeak which is easily cured by a spray of silicon grease.
  10. I wouldn't let Kwikfit anywhere near my car.
  11. On the right of your dash there is a drop down storage box. It's behind that.
  12. I think the 16 inch wheels give a more comfortable ride.
  13. Did you replace the horn itself or the horn push?
  14. I've had five Fiestas and never had a problem with the timing belt. They were all regularly serviced by Ford.
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