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  1. Have you considered Ford Protect?
  2. I use a camera with an SD card. (Nikon Coolpix B700) Every now and again I get a message on the screen that the card is write protected and it's because I've caught the little switch on the side.
  3. SD cards aren't read only. There is, however, a little switch on the side that can convert them to read only.
  4. Certainly look like water marks.
  5. I've used these in the past and found them reasonable.
  6. Ridiculous decision. What would the delivery and return have cost?
  7. If you supply the parts your next problem will be finding a fitter. Fitters make a profit on parts and probably won't want to fit supplied parts.
  8. I was referring to the coolant temperature gauge.
  9. Just be careful with the body shop. My wife had a little knock on her car some years ago and we wanted to go to a main dealer but the insurance people insisted we go to a local body shop. When I went to pick the car up it was covered in scratches. I pointed this out and the guy said that they had had a flood and the cleaners had been swinging their buckets about and had caught some of the cars. When I had a closer look the boot lid was off centre and the boot was a different colour to the rest of the car. We informed the insurance and the car went to a main dealer for fixing and a respray.
  10. It's annoying isn't it. I went to the Ford dealer who I bought it from to see if it could be installed but it couldn't. That was the first car I'd had in 66 years of driving that didn't have some sort of temperature gauge.
  11. I had an earlier Fiesta with a temperature indicator then I had a 2013 model that didn't have it. I now have a 2017 model that does. Wasn't too happy about not having it.
  12. Bobr

    1 hour mode?

    Have you had a look at the menu.
  13. Thanks for letting us know Brian.
  14. It should fit. I've got one.
  15. If I was fitting a new alternator I'd use a new belt.