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  1. The rubber O rings need greasing as well.
  2. Common problem, where this arm & cables are located they are just forgotten about, I removed my cover about 4 years ago, everything was dry and corroded, blasted everything to death with WD40 and got it working freely, then blasted all the moving parts in spray grease, gear changing is now super smooth.
  3. I had the same problem but only one corner of the material gets wet, I've since cut out the section which was getting wet.
  4. By the way there's no need to remove the full stereo, just removing the heater controls gives you enough space to get at that sensor.
  5. All depends on how filthed up the little fan has got, the thicker the dust the more unbalanced it gets, results in more noise.
  6. Good luck with the change-over, Discs & pads are easy enough but you'll need a longlish steel bar to help with the removal & refitting of the links, so get a bar before you start the job.
  7. Know exactly what it is and it does my head in every six months, so I've got to take it out and clean it and put everything back....Shouldn't have to be doing this as I've broken the gear lever surround now!!
  8. It's a pocket rocket of a Fiesta, been in a few fast fords in my time but this kills them all, up to 145 mph within seconds.
  9. Glad you've got them sorted, makes sence for anyone with such a noise to get the car checked out. My son has a mega fast ST, he has the tracking checked every 3 months due to having Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted, and swaps his tyres from corner to corner every month, he wants them to wear out evenly
  10. When my missus got her R reg' Escort 1.1L stolen in 1990 she was offered £700 for it, I refused because I foolishly said it's just had 4 new tyres - refurbished wheels - new full exhaust - an interior out of a Ghia - new front windscreen - new leaf springs - new dampers - new discs & pads - new front suspension - pair of new wings - new slam panel - part repaint... blah blah blah...In total I must have spent 2.5K on it, Insurance company then said ''such parts should be on the vehicle in the first place and be in a safe satisfactory condition to be used on the road, what you spend on maintenance does not increase the book value'' It stumped me on the spot and we took the offer.
  11. A friend of mine went to a car jumble a few years ago and came back with 5 alloy cortina ghia wheels - 5 centre caps - 16 bolts - 4 locking nuts....All brand new genuine Ford and never been out of the boxes, they cost him £45 for the lot, sold them to a Ford freak for £500....talk about making a quick buck.
  12. Go for Ferodo premium discs & pads ? The discs have a special none rusting silver coating, they'll look great for many years. Most car parts shops will sell such discs & pads, just don't go for anything cheap & nasty.
  13. Wonder why my post is in blue ? Odd that! Told the missus to sit in the driver's seat last night and whilst I sat in the back, I lightly pulled on the door latch and let it go.... ''clunk bang'' she swung her head around and said..''that's the same bang what is it''......I then showed her what was causing the bang and she looked puzzled, I then said...who was sat in the back today, she then bursted out laughing 🙉😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Get a load of this guys.... Went to take the missus to work this morning, we had our twin grandkids & grandson in the back, as we drove along we heard a clunk/bang to the offside rear of the car, thought something had broken, so pulled up and looked around the car, so we went home asap, missus went on the bus to work, I checks all over the car and can't find nothing wrong with the car, dreading the time to take the twins home because of the bad noise, drives a mile and no noise, odd i thought, then the clunk/bang happened but this time it was on the nearside.... i thought WTF same noise but the other side, then heard it again but this time i was stationary, so it couldn't have happened whilst in motion [suspension]..... I looks at the twins only to see one of them leaning forwards and grabbing hold of the door handle and trying to open the door, kiddy locks on so no way of opening the doors, she lets go of the handle......''''clunk bang''''' Never laughed so much in my life 😁😁😁😁