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  1. I've tried the search on this forum and it always comes back with nothing, so go through page after page......after page! Looking!!!
  2. Son was on the M1 the other day, a Focus blew by him and that car had the space saver wheel on the back nearside! Son decided to catch that car up, he was doing 95mph ......Son then backed off and slowed down. How stupid can a driver be having a space saver wheel fitted and travelling so fast
  3. These are the bushes that cause bumping/knocking/floating of the rear end.
  4. Driveshaft..... Maybe ? Remove the wheel - Jack the front end up off the floor and start the engine, carefully listen. As for the backend going all over the place, it could well be the trailing arm bushes, well know problem, the central alloy bush deteriorates and gets smashed to bits.
  5. How old is the Fiesta ? Is it a genuine battery, fitted from new ?
  6. Might have to look in to using Forscan to see if the program needs opening to allow the mirrors to work.
  7. A good friend had a brand new Fiesta MK7.5, when it came out that is! that had the start/stop fitted and he used to brag about it, three months into owning the car his car was back with Ford, new starter motor fitted, it kept jamming, a month on and it was back in with Ford, car nearly died a death! All the cables from the starter to the battery had melted, blowing fuses and Ford had to renew the starter motor - all cables - new battery 👎 Ford explained to my friend that it's just teething troubles and several has come back with similar faults
  8. Never trust a garage who says the battery is fine! Did you see them check it ? On our car the battery was going dead after the car was 2 years old, Ford checked the battery and said its fine, it wouldn't hold its charge, if I'd play the stereo for half hour and then try to start the engine it would be dead, so I'd have to charge it up for 2 hours, enough was enough, so took the car to a a very good car parts supplier and they checked the battery over, several cells was split and had dried up, I fitted a high quality battery and it never goes dead, that must be 6 years ago now.
  9. Key fob switch worn ? If it's been used/abused it could be that ? Got the new spare ? If so try that one and see if it works better.
  10. On our Fiesta we had issues as the boot would unlock whilst driving, having to stop, then shut the boot, then drive off, then it would open again, it drove us nuts, even sometimes the boot would be open the next day whilst it was sat on the drive 🥵 I replaced the main lock & the small hand operated switch, problem has gone.....until the next time 🤔
  11. This type still has the same micro switch hidden inside, they all seem to fail after a few years, just a matter of changing the unit for a brand new one and all will be well.
  12. Is the push button lock like this ? If so the micro switch has had it inside, so the whole unit needs replacing.
  13. I'm an old school chap who loves chrome on 'luxury' cars, but no chrome on sports cars, This is my 2010 Titanium, had it from brand new. Most likely not your thing but I've ditched the small spoiler for the larger type, this was done when the car was just a month old, original rear lights have also been changed, inside has also been altered, standard stereo replaced - all the horrid painted silver is gone, done in gloss black to match the stereo - scrapyard sourced genuine ford brushed parts, the original Titanium alloys got smashed one winter, proper badly flattened & kerbed too, came across 4 brand new zetec alloys & tyres all for just £300...... makes it look very different to other fiestas, like I say..'Might not be your thing'
  14. Fitting the When I got our Titanium I wanted the front lower splitter fitting, but Ford told me there's a slight difference in shape due to the chrome insert, they said the whole bumper would need to be changed, complete with the full black surround to accept the zetec s type splitter, I thought 'sod that' so never changed it. Having the lower rear bumper splitter plus side caps looks odd with a car without the front splitter fitted.
  15. Best put that question on this section! https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/2-ford-focus-club/
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