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  1. Common fault on the older Fiesta, even I had the same problem, the latch isn't moving back fast enough to lock down, I removed my latch mech' and thoroughly cleaned it, then gave it a good dosing of spray grease to all the joints, refitted it, then made sure it was really free in moving, after that everything was greased up, never had issues since.
  2. Some years ago, about 1986 I purchased a 'safety light black box' from a car shop, the box was rectangle and about the size of a packet of 20 *****, on the box was a little image of a car, had four LED's at the front & four LED's at the rear, the box had a mass of long wires, all went to the fusebox, this box was a device that showed if all the indicators - brake lights - head lights was working.....the LED's lit up when working, didn't light up when a bulb was blown, took me a whole weekend to wire the thing up into the car, i thought it was great as it lit up when I indicated or braked o
  3. Sons 14 plate has half stopped working on the drivers side a week ago. 🤔 Are they glued on the sill or held down with clips of somesort ?
  4. That looks mint! Ebay purchase or something or on new Fiestas ?
  5. Imagine how much it would have cost at the tyre fitters, messing about changing the valve, then seeing it wasn't that one, then going around the others until it was found or at worst nothing could be sussed out what's wrong 😟 All that messing isn't going to be free, It's a bad call on the ford designers as there should have been a little image of four wheels in the dash, showing which one is faulty or the tyre is going down, but hey that's ford for you 👎
  6. Any decent mechanic wouldn't use stuff like radweld, depending on the size of the hole it can help as an emergency fix, but only to get you home, then get the rad changed asap, bogding rads is a sure way of ensuring you'll seize up an engine if the leak turns into a pressure valve and blows like a volcano. Before radweld came out the old timer driver would use raw eggs through the expansion cap and worked, seen me dad do it on his 1970 Morris Minor 😂
  7. Son has a 2014 Fiesta, last week he was driving along and the passenger side mirror went mad! Like having a mind of its own, he had to stop and see what was up, there was a massive gap between the black plastic part which is on the door and the actual mirror, everything was dead loose, so taped it all together. On stripping the mirror down it became evident what had happened, there's a big steel lock-ring with teeth held tight against the central shaft, this steel ring had snapped in two, thus allowing everything to come apart, only the wires stopped it from dropping on the road.
  8. WOW! You'll get a long way with that attitude in the forum 😳 Obviously with a reply like that you go on Facebook which is full of t*ssers 🤐
  9. Son had a problem TPMS was up on the screen, after several attempts to reset it, which it did when the car was running, but after turning the engine off, then back on, warning was back up, not knowing which one was the faulty one and then finding out how much just one is.....£25 EACH, he visited a mate who has 'forscan' and turned the thing off.
  10. Yep radweld could fail at any time and the leak start again, find decent rads on ebay these days.
  11. My late mam 'had' a 1937 white Jaguar SS convertible ......think that's worth braggin 😍 Long gone now and most likely hidden in some collectors garage waiting for the price to go up & up 🤔
  12. No doubt the hinge mech under the bonnet is seizing up, mine seized up, unseized it by WD40, then blasting it to death with spray grease, been ok since.
  13. Have you tried blasting the hell out of it with spray grease ? Turning the steering as you blast at it. Best to get some old clothes you'll never wear to cover up the carpet, wipe off excess grease when stopped dribbling & set.
  14. Heck that sounds a right nightmare our bonnet used to get stuck, all to do with the latch seizing up, owner pulls at the lever until it snaps. If you can pull at the cable at all, try and get someone to push lightly on the bonnet as you pull the cable, can loosen the catch.
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