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  1. Our Son was spitting feathers the other day! Got blown away by a Polo GTI 😃😃
  2. Had words with him over his mistake, he's going to have another bash at it tomorrow. Thanks for your knowledge, much appreciated.
  3. He started to pull the handbrake up first then pumped the brakes!
  4. Hi guys, Son has just changed his discs & pads on his ST, fitted everything smoothly, brake pedal feels firm but the handbrake goes up much higher than previously! Is this normal for the handbrake to go up higher than before or has he done something wrong ? Thanks.
  5. One tiresome way to get the wheels rockin is to remove them off the car! Products like 'Iron out' is good for visually removing brake dust but it doesn't remove everything, once a year my wheels are taken off the car and the inside of the wheels thoroughly scrubbed clean, then polished up to a high lustre, before the wheels are refitted, the brake discs & callipers are fully cleaned, as is the hub & strut & wheel arch liner, then it's time to refit the wheels. Sad! Yes! but it's one sure way of keeping the area clean and will always look good.
  6. So you can't see numbers/words in the central rectangular digital area ? If this is blank then maybe the heating fault is within the display, could be stuck on cold. Maybe check the fuses which control the display ?
  7. Son is to never blast the edge and be careful when washing the lower edge. A few images, his 'old friends' approve of the newer Fast Ford entering the stable.
  8. Son & me fitted the spoiler, used plenty of heat on the spoiler & boot spoiler, it's fitted bang on and doesn't over hang on the ends of the original spoiler [like i've seen] It's been on a week now and still stuck firmly down, fingers crossed it stays putt.
  9. I take it the car isn't sat on level ground at your house ? So many problems are caused by trapped water which is unable to drain away. If the car is at angle, trying facing the car the other way.
  10. Son has purchased this! The website pictures look great, but the spoiler fit to the ford spoiler is a bad fit and the ends protrude out slightly. Has anyone on here got one fitted ? https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/body-kits/ford/ford-fiesta/ford-fiesta-mk-7.5/ford-fiesta-mk-7.5-st/spoiler-cap-ford-fiesta-mk7-st
  11. Me too, got to be the same make for either side.
  12. Just visit a model shop who sells Humbrol Enamels! Buy a little tin of red gloss and you'll be fine, the older the enamel gets - the hotter the enamel gets it cures like glass. £1.60 a tinlet and there's different types of red so no doubt there will be one that matches.
  13. I ditched my silver surrounds [so boring] had them all dipped in carbon fibre effect....side air vents - centre console - hidden ash tray - upper display surround - armrests - cost me £80 all in.