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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Fiesta-Mk8-N-S-Rear-Side-Skirt-Jacking-Point-Cover-Primed-1803001/254058897140?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3AFiesta&epid=1056816136&hash=item3b27171ef4:g:VA4AAOSw5LRcZYRE Ignore that! It's for the side skirts!!
  2. Never changed a bearing on a MK7 but every bearing on most vehicles requires a hydraulic press to press the bearing back in, smashing it in with a large socket & hammer isn't advisable.
  3. Wasn't there a date when DVLA had to show when a vehicle was scrapped, was done to stop cloning ? We had a Renault Clio reg' number P790 HMU, purchased from new, sold in 1998 and was written off by the new owner within one week, lovely car and know for certain it was scrapped, car was in a right mess, owner claimed off her insurance, contractor took the car away, sad day for me to see it in a mess........... Vehicle details could not be found You searched for P790HMU If you are sure that you entered the correct registration number and you need to make further enquiries please contact DVLA.
  4. It's left a 'ghost letter'.... Over time the suns UV rays will bleach the darkened area.
  5. That's actually someones poor attempt at removing a scratch, they've broke through the top lacquer layer and destroyed the base layer, then either re-lacquered or just polished the area back up, you'll never get rid of this with any bottled products, so stop wasting your money & time, only fix is to respray the whole area.
  6. I've seen folk use a cig lighter on marks! Ignite the lighter and run it slowish along the scratch, the flame melts the edges of the scratch, reducing the gouged edge.
  7. If it's well out of sight then use oil or grease, just slap in on, it's the best stuff to stop corrosion in it's tracks, if you want proof look at an old car and check out the oily engine bay, surrounding areas contaminated by old oil, the steel is mint, whereas the rest of the car is a rot box.
  8. ''Elbow Grease'' costs nothing ? Cheapest I've found!!
  9. Looking on the Gov.UK site that car nolonger exists......Scrapped ? Or you've typed in the wrong reg' number ?
  10. Vehicle details could not be found You searched for P29TFM If you are sure that you entered the correct registration number and you need to make further enquiries please contact DVLA.
  11. Check all your drive belts, I once had a flapping sound and it was a bit of belt on the edge had come away and every time it went over the pulley's it ticked making a kind of flapping noise, renewed the belt and all was good.
  12. When you say 'service the calliper'... do you mean renew pistons & seals ? At a good guess there's nothing wrong with them, other than filthed up ? Seems wasted money if you renew the parts, don't think I've ever come across any fords from an 07 plates that suffers from leaking pistons, maybe a good brushing & cleaning is all that is needed and repaint.
  13. All I use is 1500 grade wet & dry paper - T-cut - Paint polish......three simple steps.
  14. Yep 195/45/16 for sure.
  15. It's a shed...... 😉