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  1. Ian Lanc


    If your worried of being ripped off, then ask the missus for some old nail varnish! .....whip off the plug leads and dab the tops of the plugs with the paint - paint a short line on the oil filter - paint a short line on the air filter when the car has been serviced check that the plugs & filters are new and most importantly the ARE brand new parts fitted and the paint is not evident. Drain the washer bottle to near on empty and let them fill it to the brim with the good stuff. Check your oil level! Take a pic of the colour of the oil on the dipstick, after the service check the oil again, should be visibly different. Count the clicks on the handbrake! if it's had a major service they'll adjust it, so recount the clicks after the service. All hinges should have been cleaned & regreased, so look to see if this has been done. .Our local Warsop Ford Dealership is trustworthy, but some are not, infact Matlock Ford was a terrible experience for us! They said the oil & filter had been changed when it clearly hadn't been done, it still had the nail varnish on it and the dipstick was marked up and had never even been removed, so our car had basically sat by its lonesome for a few hours, they washed it and said its done sir and that'll be £100 odd quid sir.
  2. For anyone who watched Rallying in late 1980's - 1990's you'll know this remix well and what it's all about.
  3. Ian Lanc

    Old Airfix Dambuster model.

    Airfix has gone down hill over the years, all down to them letting India make the kits, from missing parts - warped parts - wrong kits in the box - boxes stinking of curry! I've been making models since 1989 and got through a few dozen million or so kits, I'm not one for collecting kits but try to build em' instead. This is one I'm making now, it's a monster but is all totally wrong, so having to rectify the faults as I go a long the way.
  4. Ian Lanc

    Inside front tyres worn on MK7 Fiesta

    Last year our fiesta wore it's inside edge right down to the canvas! Never seen owt like it 😞 Two new tyres fitted and tracking sorted. Never really hit anything but there are loads of ramps where I live, so I can only presume these awful things f*cked the tracking up.
  5. Ian Lanc

    Please give me your settings

    I've found out sausages placed in the middle of the oven on a gas mark setting of 6 works well and doesn't burn them too badly 😄 Ok I'll get my coat..................
  6. Ian Lanc

    2009 1.6 Zetec interior upgrade

    Seats in let's say the 2014 models has totally different electrical connections to seats in a 2009 model, but with a bit of know-how you can take your originals off and swap them over, i wouldn't suggestion just chopping & joining up cables as that's just bodging it.
  7. Ian Lanc

    Old Airfix Dambuster model.

    few more pics 😄
  8. Ian Lanc

    Old Airfix Dambuster model.

    Recently completed this model, wonder if anyone on here makes models ?
  9. Ian Lanc

    Grab handles, 2016 Fiesta 2 door

    Our Sons ST has no grab handles neither 😞 When he first took me out in it and went around a bend like a nutter I fumbled about in the dark, searching for the handle! There ought to be one on such a fast car, even some at the back maybe.... I asked a Ford Dealership friend why there isn't an handle on the passenger side, he told me they are not fitted because anyone getting in the back can catch their back on the handle, so it was deleted from the spec.
  10. Ian Lanc

    Grab handles, 2016 Fiesta 2 door

    Has the headlining got the impression/recess for a handle ? If not then any handle fitted will crush the lining, making a right mess!
  11. Ian Lanc

    Fiesta Mk8 wing mirror replace

    At a good guess the plug will be in the door, like all the other Fiesta's so yes the door card needs to be removed. Get good advice before ripping off the card! There could be hidden screws breakable clips everywhere.
  12. Ian Lanc

    Light up sill plates - Removal.

    Nobody knows how to remove them ?
  13. Hi guys, Anyone know how to remove the light up ST kick plate ? Thanks.
  14. Ian Lanc

    Fiesta 2009 gearbox rattle?

    Sounds like our washing machine!
  15. Ian Lanc

    Best way in removing baked on road tar ?

    Tried white spirit this morning and it literally dissolved it. I don't think our Son will deglect the car like the previous owner did, crazy to think someone would spend ££££'s on a car and never clean it & look after it. Just a note I've had road tar on my car in the past but used T-Cut, always removed it straight away, but old baked on tar is a different story. Thanks for the tips & idea's guy, much appreciated.