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  1. tyre pressure monitoring system

    Okay, thanks for that info Iantt. Sorry for delay in replying - been away.
  2. tyre pressure monitoring system

    It used to let me know when a tyre deflated to 27.5 psi. And yes, as far as I know it is TPMS
  3. Hi, When I first got my 64 plate Focus Titanium X the tyre pressure monitoring system alerted me when one of my tyres was under inflated. I don't get an alert anymore even when one of the tyres is 5/6 psi under inflated. I always pump the tyres up to 31 psi and reset the TPM system which is stored. Ive not had any tyre changes so I know it isn't to do with that. Anyone else experienced this problem and if so , how did you fix it. Thanks.
  4. Unit on top of spare wheel

    Thanks guys, Just been out and listened and you are absolutely right - subwoofer it is!!
  5. Unit on top of spare wheel

    Hi All I have just updated my Focus from a 62 plate to a 64 plate and moved up to a Titanium X from a Titanium. There is a round unit with electrical wires attached sitting on top of the spare wheel in the boot. I suspect that it is the tyre pressure monitoring system but can't see anything in the drivers manual about it. Can someone confirm my suspicions please ? Thanks Ian