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  1. My Ka Goes Chug...

    To answer your question, I bought it about 3/4 months ago, and first noticed it a few weeks after i bought it, but its just weird that it will run fine most of the time and other times it will just chug, so really been doing it since i bought it. I originally was thinking a blockage with the fuel but that surely would occur all of the time if it were the problem? Many thanks on all the help, Much appreciated =]
  2. My Ka Goes Chug...

    Hey guys, I have a ford Ka Collection 00 REG, and now and again itll just start chugging like its about to break down, even if theres a full tank and all, any help on how to fix it?
  3. Ka Collection Electrical Faults, help!!

    Thanks for the info but im a bit of an idiot when it comes to cars, how do i safely remove the rubber tubing around the wires in the door hinge? Thanks :-)
  4. Hey guys, I have a 00 reg Ka Collection and i bought it with no central locking or boot button working, i replaced i blown fuse which strangely made the problem worse, the boot button now works only when the passenger door is unlocked and the central locking only works in that door also (bit pointless). One last fault with this door problem is that when i open the passenger side door the speakers turn off in the car, so if i am playing music it stops when the passengers open their door, other than this i have no more faults, any clues on what could be causing the problem? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks