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  1. This is my first post on this forum and a lot of you will probably be offended by what I have to say. The POS is a 1996 Escort zetec 1.6 estate aka 'puff the tragic wagon' I bought this car for my wife 3 years ago. It had 125000km(78000 miles) on the clock. At 131000km(81417 miles) one of the idler pulleys collapsed and suprise! bent all the valves. so after replacing the valves and both idler pulleys as well as the cam belt tensioner at great cost because things like this are expensive in South Africa I felt that it would be ok for a while. Well with all the other problems this peice of !Removed! has given me why the hell would I expect it not to do this again before the next cam belt change. 3 days ago my wife calls me and tells me that the heap of dog poo wont start. When i got around to having a look at it today I see it is a few teeth out. Line everything up again turn the motor by hand to make sure that nothing is catching etc. Then I spin the motor. It's making a popping noise. I suspect the valves are already bent. Check the timing, all is well. Might be 180 degrees out. Checked but same result. Do a compression test on all the cylinders. no compression = bent valves.It is now on 164000km(101926 miles) So once again I am in for a expensive repair bill. I hate this car, it has been an unreliable nightmare. Worst part is it will be a battle to sell as they are not popular here. How can anyone be fanatical about such a loser of a car. I even asked Ford SA for an apology for launching such a heap of cr@p but they wont even give me that. Thanks for listening and if you are offended by my post and that I think the Zetec Escort is possibly the worst feat of modern engineering then I am sorry but that is life. To the morons in fords employ who designed the Escort and the Zetec, i hope your balls rot off. That is all