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  1. "to Start Press Clutch" Issue

    I've managed to record the clicking noise: here
  2. "to Start Press Clutch" Issue

    sorry that picture was a reference - here's a pic of my fusebox edit: does anyone know if i can buy a new ignition relay online ?
  3. "to Start Press Clutch" Issue

    Thanks for the reply! I've just checked the fuse box and noticed that the large gray relay was really hot (dont think this is normal) Here's a diagram showing the gray relay: does anyone know if this relay is linked to the Power start button? (i didnt have a ford manual with my car)
  4. My Fiesta has served me well so far. But has developed a strange fault: First of all it has the push button start feature. when I press it once (equivalent to one click with a key) the power comes on as normal - but for some reason it keeps wanting me to press the clutch in (to start the car) it will carry on saying this until I put the clutch in (it prompts me at least 20 times a minute) but whilst it prompts me it makes a loud click noise from the fuse box - and the red immobiliser light flashes once on the dash. it does not stop there, when I drive the fuse box 'click' is heard and so does the immobiliser light flash on the dashboard. has anyone experienced this before? I've not checked the fuses yet. any help would be great. thanks
  5. My Fiesta Metal Edition.. Pics

    Car looks smart!
  6. Service Advice

    ah ok, that makes sense. wow, every year is thats news to me - are they compulsory or just a recommendation ?
  7. Service Advice

    nice St btw :D So would this mean they will forget the 2nd service altogether or just add them both together ?
  8. Service Advice

    Hi all, My beloved S1600 is coming to the end of its 3 year warranty period and has only had 1 service since it was registered. It's now due a second service at 19,200 miles. What i'm asking is, do i have the service done at ford or could i go elsewhere?
  9. Getting An St

    I would personally go for the Blue (that's what i'm saving up for :D)
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Rs Grill ... On ! ;)

    The grill looks 100 times better with a gloss black finish. great work ! :D
  11. Fiesta ST-3

    That would be great if they include the Mountune package! I bet the price will be around 20k ?
  12. Zetec S Ordered :-)

    I love the new shape Fiesta - what's the Torque like on it ? I'm contemplating changing mine for either a Zs or wait a bit longer for a ST :D
  13. Fiesta Mk7 Rs Grill ... On ! ;)

    Looks great ! It really does make a difference to the front.
  14. Getting A S1600

    haha awsome! same colour? im doing a gloss black / blue theme inside hence the dark DMB :)