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  1. Brake Caliper Tool

    Isn't it an Allen key?
  2. Hello everyone, I've had my car for about 18 months now and decided to take the seat covers off a few days ago and order nicer ones.... The new ones look like they are for a model car, has anyone on here got a decent seat of seat covers they can recommend or am I now on the look out for new seats altogether. Cheers
  3. PLEASE HELP- Cost on repair for this?

    Are there any shops on the road it was parked on that might have CCTV? Was it just your car that was damaged?
  4. It's well hidden! Once the battery, tray and metal bracket are all out you'll see 2 bolts, the third you get at from underneath the car.
  5. Drivers side brake shoes sticking (2009)

    I ended up fitting a new cable as I couldn't get the old cable off in one piece. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  6. Drivers side brake shoes sticking (2009)

    I'm going to have another look at it soon as I need the car for work early tomorrow so it needs fixing today. The cable is only £23 and I've already found £5.01 by removing the centre console lol so it's not the end of the world if I have to buy one just looks like hassle swapping them over. Thanks for all the replies so far, really appreciate it.
  7. Drivers side brake shoes sticking (2009)

    Handbrake seems normal in regards to travel.
  8. Drivers side brake shoes sticking (2009)

    Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7) Springs are definitely on correctly, passenger side works fine but drivers side you can see the cable not releasing. I have sprayed it with wd40 for now and priced the cable, assuming it's the centre cable it's £23. I adjusted the brakes by turning the adjuster wheel but there wasn't much left on the pads when I done this so decided to replace them. Thanks for the replies, taking the cable off and oiling it is plan a, new cable is plan b.
  9. Hello everyone, just put new brake shoes on my fiesta after being advised on it a few months back on an MOT but the drivers side drum is sticking on after releasing the handbrake. If I pull on the cable just before the joint by the drum the brake releases so I'm assuming I need a new cable but I'm not sure what cable I need as eurocarparts have 3 listed, front, centre and rear left or right. Originally I thought I needed rear left or right because it was the only 1 that had any mention of what side on it but not sure. Any ideas?
  10. Is my starter motor on the way out?

    Sorry to bump an old thread but I have an update and thought by posting it, it might help someone who has the same problem in the future, the starter really sounded like it was on it's last legs yesterday so I finally decided to change it and now touch wood it starts first time every time.
  11. Saturday morning my car really struggled to start so after work I went to get a starter motor (£75), a local garage had quoted £140 to supply and fit. I ordered the haynes manual a few days earlier which arrived Friday but had very brief instructions! Took a little over an hour to do. For anyone looking to do this in the future if you stumble across this thread here's my brief guide. Working in the engine bay Remove battery Remove battery tray (there is a metal box screwed to the side, I think you can undo the connectors and remove the tray with it attached but I just unscrewed it, 3 torx screws t30 iirc) Remove the metal bracket under the battery try Remove the top 2 bolts, you'll need a ratchet and an extension bar (either 10mm or 13mm socket I'm pretty sure it was 10mm) Working underneath the car, undo the wires to the starter motor then undo the last bolt, I found it easier to pass the starter up through the gap made by removing the battery rather than dropping it to the floor. Under the car I can't remember what sizes I used but 8mm, 10mm & 13mm sound about right, I used both a ratchet and spanners for this part. Refitting is obviously the reverse.
  12. It just makes a grinding noise like it's either not pushing the pinion in place or maybe some of the teeth are stripped, hopefully I can get it out, have a look and go from there.
  13. My dad was saying he used to know someone who fixed them but it seems like it's a dying art, saying that I would prefer to buy a new one anyway as I'm not sure if / when it was changed. By the looks of the second picture I'd say the solenoid isn't activating so the pinion isn't being pushed into place. A local garage has quoted me £140, I can get the starter for £75 and it shouldn't take me too long (famous last words) but access is the problem.
  14. Hello everyone, the starter on my fiesta is on the way out, looking to change it but it looks harder than any I've ever done before, any tips? Do you get it from the top of the engine or underneath? Thanks in advance!
  15. Is my starter motor on the way out?

    I charged the battery but it still done it, it doesn't make a dead battery clicking noise but more of a grinding noise, I'll try and record it.