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  1. I am very sceptical tbh 😂🤞
  2. The new ignition switch arrived today, fitted it which allowed forscan to connect, cleared the immobiliser fault & it started first time 🤞
  3. Hello everyone, after an hour of trying to start my car I've given up and left it in morrisons car park. Brief history, first I had immobiliser issues, new battery fixed this, then the car would start after a few turns of the key, then it'd take 10+ turns, today I stripped it down and ordered a new ignition switch, started the car with a screwdriver then put it all back together, went shopping as it started multiple times after this and now nothing at all, I can't even get my tunnel rat obd2 scanner to connect, I took the switch off and tried starting it with a screwdriver but nothing, now the immobiliser light is back on and I can't clear the fault cause the scanner won't connect. I looked online to see if there's a work around to get it started but due to it promoting car theft I had no luck 😂
  4. Yeah 72Ah & 720cca & 5 year warranty again (exide).
  5. I've taken the 075 back & I'm collecting a 100 tomorrow, the guy in euro was reluctant to "let me" order a 100 cause the system said 075 but it's a 100 in their & the dimensions match.
  6. I stupidly trusted euro & cp4l to find the right battery off my reg. Hopefully I can contact ebay and they'll let me return it to a store rather than have to post it back.
  7. No, which is strange cause that battery is what's recommended online and euro & cp4l both bring up 075 batteries off my reg.
  8. It's about 40mm too small & the bracket doesn't hold it in place, I could put a piece of wood in the tray to stop it sliding but surely somethings wrong here 😂
  9. I've had my eye on a battery for a while now and it was the lowest I'd seen in a long time, £50 with 5 year warranty, it's a varta silver 075 but my car has a 100 in it currently, it's a 1.4 tdi 2009.
  10. Hello everyone, bit of a random one I'll admit, my cars been playing up lately so used the ebay 20% off code to pick up a battery from euros ebay store, checked the reg on their site first then found the same battery on ebay, it's a varta silver 075, it's arrived today but is way smaller physically than what's currently in the car and has lower power ratings too (the original is 70Ah & 650A vs 61Ah & 600A) so what's going on people or am I just too tired today 😂
  11. Cleared the codes, jumped it from another car as I'd drained the battery & it started, no codes, battery on charge now. I'm assuming it's a lose connection somewhere but no idea where to even start.
  12. Same codes every time but when I clear them it wants to start.
  13. P2121 & P2127 are pedal position sensors U0155 lost communication with ipc control module P1935 brake switch sensor signal P1936 clutch switch sensor signal U0167 lost communication with vehicle imobilser control module U0155-p lost communication with ipc control module U0100 lost communication with ecm/pcm Praying it's a relay or fuse 😂
  14. If I clear the codes it'll turn over but won't start but as soon as I turn the key back it won't attempt to start again unless I clear the codes.