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  1. Hello everyone, my mates mk6 fiesta won't open from the interior handle so they have to lower the window and reach out to the exterior handle. I started taking the door apart yesterday assuming the cable was stretched / broke but couldn't get the door card off... I know I was very close but I assume if the cable needs replacing it's a Ford only part and they'd closed by the time I almost got the card off. I took the card off, unclipped the window (does the window need to come out completely?) undone all the screws but it was still held on with something. So my questions are, is this a Ford only part? If so any idea on price. How do I get the door apart fully or is there another way of changing the cable?
  2. Hello everyone, had this problem since I bought the car and I've always treated it is as I have no reverse gear but for some reason today it's really bugging me, is there any cure for it other than changing the gear box? I've read you don't need to change the gearbox oil on them but I've also read doing so is beneficial. When I do reverse it jumps out of gear so violently it sounds like my gearbox is about to explode.
  3. It has a locking collar on but it doesn't actually lock, it feels like it's locked but can be moved, I did cable tie it but when I put the air filter back on it knocked the ties and it started showing eml again.
  4. The lock is on the other side of this loom, it connects to the injectors, glow plugs & something else MAF sensor or Cam sensor maybe?
  5. My plan is to chuck a cone filter on then secure the plug, it doesn't fall off, just has slight play in it which I assume is stopping all pins from connecting,cause the engine can be running fine but if I touch the plug it then sounds like a tractor.
  6. Laptop & phone, just pulled the fuse, put a new one in (I know it wouldn't get power if the fuse was no good) and it worked, maybe pulling the fuse caused it to reset, anyway that brought up 6 codes 😂 which made me believe it was the multiplug in the engine bay, unplugged it, reseated it and it worked, put the air filter back on and the car started running bad again. I don't know if it's just my car but this Ford loom lock is ridiculous, it sits in perfectly but if you put slight pressure on it, it comes out of place and throws up codes. Is it possible to add an after market air filter to this engine as it's a PITA to remove the air filter & every time I put it back on it knocks the plug again.
  7. I don't, I get the power light on my WiFi adapter but no connection, wired connection to a laptop also won't connect, cheap ebay one connects and gives code P0643.
  8. Put it all back together and it worked for about 5 minutes, forscan still won't connect either but a cheap ebay Bluetooth adapter connects.
  9. Took it apart yesterday, sprayed electrical contact cleaner on it & left it, will put it back together today and see what happens.
  10. Yes, always cylinder 2, stupid question, which injector is number 2? Do they run from the battery 1,2,3,4 or reverse?
  11. As soon as I seen injector I knew it was wishful thinking it was a cheap fix. I'll take the air filter off when it dries up and have a look, is it worth unplugging all injector electrical connections and spraying them with electrical contact cleaner?
  12. Please tell me it's a cheap fix 😂 My 2009 1.4 tdci fiesta isn't playing nice lately, get this code on forscan, usually I clear it and it goes away for a while but at the moment forscan doesn't want to connect for some reason.
  13. I am very sceptical tbh 😂🤞
  14. The new ignition switch arrived today, fitted it which allowed forscan to connect, cleared the immobiliser fault & it started first time 🤞
  15. Hello everyone, after an hour of trying to start my car I've given up and left it in morrisons car park. Brief history, first I had immobiliser issues, new battery fixed this, then the car would start after a few turns of the key, then it'd take 10+ turns, today I stripped it down and ordered a new ignition switch, started the car with a screwdriver then put it all back together, went shopping as it started multiple times after this and now nothing at all, I can't even get my tunnel rat obd2 scanner to connect, I took the switch off and tried starting it with a screwdriver but nothing, now the immobiliser light is back on and I can't clear the fault cause the scanner won't connect. I looked online to see if there's a work around to get it started but due to it promoting car theft I had no luck 😂