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  1. Hello everyone, when I was doing a service a few days ago I noticed my coolant level was below the MIN mark, luckily I had a 1L bottle of ready to use coolant so I put that in which took me to MAX, just checked the coolant and it's just below MIN. I can't see any obvious leaks and I haven't noticed any puddles under the car. Is there any go to areas to check? I know it's usually a sign of the head gasket going but wouldn't it be totally empty if that was the case? I'm sure I read something about the reservoir cap being a problem on these. Give me some good news people
  2. Finally back together with no fault codes! The multi pin engine connector is a horrible design.
  3. Took it all apart again, unplugged & replugged the mutli pin connector by the fuel filter, cleared codes, started it up, ran fine. Put it all back together... Injector 2! At least I know it's that connection now.
  4. It's not going anywhere at the moment lol I'm praying I've trapped a wire while rushing to get the air filter on by torch light.
  5. Finally changed the fuel filter & now I have a load of errors P0089 fuel pressure regulator performance P2138 throttle / pedal position sensor / switch d/e voltage correlation U0401 invalid data received from ECM/pcm P1201 cylinder 1 injector circuit open / shorted P1202 cylinder 2 injector circuit open / shorted It's too dark to mess around anymore tonight, I've cleared the codes they come straight back, it was running fine before I put the air filter back in so hopefully that's what's causing the injector problem.
  6. Found this on another site, hopefully it's right to test injectors, then I'll just need to find out how to see actual Vs requested fuel pressure. 1. Run & connect, go to Dashboard section 2. Double click on a dashboard or press Setup button, PIDS selection dialog will be opened. Select ICU module. Select PIDs CYL1_RATIO, CYL2_RATIO, CYL3_RATIO, CYL4_RATIO and click OK. 3. Run the engine, wait until engine speed is stabilized at idle. 4. Click Start button and monitor
  7. Had another go on forscan the other day but couldn't see how to get requested fuel pressure vs actual fuel pressure or the injector corrections. Fuel filter is definitely on the to do list but I wanted to check it before & after to see any improvements.
  8. Is there a guide on how to check live data? What sort of ranges am I looking for?
  9. No faults found with forscan, would injectors or fuel filter show on forscan though? I'll go for the filter first due to the mileage and the fact I've never changed it .
  10. I've seen people do it with a brake bleeding kit, do you have a link to a primer?
  11. When I removed it to clean the egr valve I had to lend a syphon pump to get it started again (3 days later) as ford decided not to put the hand primer on the MK7 for some reason.
  12. I've never changed it but after the nightmare I had trying to start the car after I had to remove it to clean the egr I'd rather burn the car than change it lol
  13. No signs of any problems bar shocking acceleration but it's been like that since I bought it. I've had the car 3 years in May and I haven't had the injectors changed in that time, not sure if any of the previous owners did it though. Oil & filter were changed May 2018, cabin & air filter haven't been changed since May 2016, if the air filter could be a suspect?
  14. I had the seals changed on the injectors within the last 18 months - 2 years and I do very little mileage so I'd be fuming if it was them again but something is definitely wrong. What's my best option for something I can add to the tank to get any gain in mpg?
  15. I do have forscan, I'll scan later no breaks binding Egr isn't blanked but was removed & cleaned recently, glow plugs were also changed recently I haven't looked into de-carbonising yet but due to the mileage (175k) I think it's due is there something I can do myself first like redex (but not so controversial lol)