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  1. Hello all, So today I was driving home from work for around 30 minutes some upto 40mph and some stop start traffic, when I pulled into a coffee shop I noticed that there was a rumbling noise when I turned the car off, I thought this was just a large vehicle going past on the motorway next to me and thought nothing of it. I then drove for another 30 mins in stop start traffic (my usual commute) and when I got home it did it again. There's no shaking in the car or steering wheel it just sounds like a low rumble, like if a large truck came past your window. I turned the car back on and then off and it didn't do it again - does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and if it is something to worry about? It's a 14 Plate Fiesta Petrol. Thanks in advance!
  2. Random power dip

    1.2 - mostly the reason I accelerate so high - not a great deal of pull.
  3. Random power dip

    If I am trying to build up a lot of speed I may not drive very economically. What I have started to notice is that if I accelerate quickly in say third gear to around 40-50mph then power dips by about 1-2kRPM I usually just come off and go back on the throttle then change gear. It doesn't feel like a misfire in that it doesn't stutter, its like taking the foot off the power that sort of reaction from the car, despite my foot being planted. There has been no warning light on the engine though I have yet to try the Trip reset diagnostic thingy. Is this something I should be concerned about? The car is a 14 plate Ford Fiesta.