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  1. stueyroscoe

    smax 1.8tdci titanium egr delete

    well ive done it, very fiddly with it being under the scuttle, but got it done in about 40 mins, access is very limited and the action on the ratchet spanner is one click per go due to higher bolt being nearer the scuttle panel. A socket and swivel wont fit due to a vacuum pipe to the egr being in the way. Its done though and will wait for a few miles yet before seeing full results, it seems to be pulling harder in the gears, the car has been remapped from 125bhp to quite a lot more (custom map made for me by a local independant specialist) the amount of torque is immense compared to standard.
  2. stueyroscoe

    smax 1.8tdci titanium egr delete

    Well the parts have come, will be doing it over the weekend, if anyone wants any pics just ask.
  3. stueyroscoe


    Hi again :) we didnt actually buy the fiesta, its a lease car from the wifes work, we aren't daft haha when it breaks we will get another :)
  4. stueyroscoe


    Hi im new here, found this site and it seems pretty quiet, i have an smax 58 plate titanium and a 16 plate fiesta titanium 1.0 ecoboost.
  5. stueyroscoe

    morello cherry

    My 58 plate smax is as above, the rather nice morello cherry colour, ive only ever seen one more smax in this colour, anyone on here got one? Its titanium spec F+r park sensors Dab radio Privacy glass 5 spoke alloys Bluetooth phone Cruise control. It also has thule roof bars and has been remapped 1.8tdci was a 125bhp, now its a hell of a lot more :)
  6. stueyroscoe

    Buying an S-Max

    Check it brakes in a straight line as ours warped a set of front discs after 10k, service history is a must for a diesel and check its had a fuel filter recently. Apart from that go for the highest spec you can afford as its always good to have all the gadgets, the dab radio is excellent and never loses signal, f+r park sensors are a godsend too as they are quite a big car, ive had mine 4 years now and apart from the usual brakes and tyres its hardly cost us anything to run
  7. stueyroscoe

    smax 1.8tdci titanium egr delete

    Hi guys and girls, just thought i would join, i have an smax titanium 1.8tdci (125) 58 reg morello cherry, ive had it remapped and now im just about to fit a blanking plate to egr, it still has the low speed jitters and bogging down so hopefully doing the egr will be a help into getting the beast easier from a stop, it pulls like a absolute nutter in the top few gears because of the extra torque. Cant explain how much i love the car, effortless to drive on a long run with all the gadgets like cruise control etc