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  1. If you have a new car go back to the dealer it's under warentey could be an soft ware issue apple products are known for this not linking up
  2. The ford ecosport doesn't come via fords own boats ect like most of the focus/fiestas ect what go straight to ford own dock then shipped by dag rail to speake for distribution, ford have had some issues with the 1 litre engine that could be the cause of the delay ,the diesel engine ones are fine as there built here in the UK(engine), but I do know with the ecosport ford dealers are struggling with knowing where cars are due to the system and shipping updates due to ford motor company not your dealer ship
  3. Hello, ecosport front wind deflectors available via ford dealers ,rear via clim air uk shipped from Germany look great on my ecosport Does anybody know where I can get a badge for my ecosport that sits in the ecosport incline on the spare wheel cover Ford ecosport headlight protectors has anybody got an idear where I can buy these from
  4. Car plan ultra shampoo is good , Polish auto glym deep shine polish , then auto gym high definition wax will give your car a great deep shine , deep dark gloss look , any carpets seats and trim just use star drops in hot water and a micro fibre cloth it's as good as any thing else