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  1. Evening all, I've been wanting to add some interior LED's to my beloved MK7 for a while now, but am stuck on what to get. I am looking for some interior LED's that have multiple colour options. Any suggestions? Karlos
  2. Black Bonnet Lip??

    Last time I attempted to do anything DIY I hung our TV bracket upside-down haha
  3. 1.0 Ecoboost or 1.6 TDCI?

    Let me know how it goes bud :)
  4. 1.0 Ecoboost or 1.6 TDCI?

    I'd personally recommend the TDCI. Although the TDCI is now practically an outdated engine as apposed to the ecoBoost it still does well on mileage. I'm currently commuting 28 miles a day 5/6 days a week and hitting 48mpg which realistically isn't too bad considering the country roads I am on. The torque is nice too. I'd suggest taking them both for a test drive and see what you prefer.
  5. Best modified car insurance

    What can I say other than I'm a busy man treading in very deep water haha
  6. Black Bonnet Lip??

    Excuse my lacking terminology, not great with car specifics haha. I'm after this part, but will look into a boot bra too haha
  7. Best modified car insurance

    I'd recommend Adrian Flux also. Was recommended to me by work colleagues however their quote was too high for me to go with them - however I know they're a reputable insurer and you can get a discount by mentioning you're part of the FordOwnersClub. Thread here: http://www.fordownersclub.com/insurance/ I've also seen your early post from 2014 regarding the same thing, still haven't made your mind up 2 years later haha?
  8. Black Bonnet Lip??

    Evening all, Does anyone know where I can acquire a black bonnet lip or more specifically a gloss black bonnet lip for my MK7 Fiesta? I've been looking on eBay gumtree etc of cars being sold for parts but most have a grey lip like my current one. Only inquiring as I recently had part of my boot lid wrapped and want to pursue the gloss black theme, however they were unable to wrap those parts due to the material.

    Heya guys, sorry for the late replies. Have you managed to get it fixed now? or are the issues still occurring?
  10. Ford Fiesta Registration Light/Lamp Replacement Part

    Cheers Mark, went down to my local garage, which used to be a Ford Registered Garage, and they had the part. As you said was £10.77 + vat which was £2 odd. Thanks George also for your help :)
  11. Ford Fiesta Registration Light/Lamp Replacement Part

    Any idea of the part name / number?
  12. Hey guys, I'm in need of your help. I replaced my registration light today with some W5W LED's to spice up the look on my Fiesta MK7 and somehow managed to put one of the unit's back in the !Removed! wrong way! Don't ask me how... Anyway, so after forcing it back out the part is rendered useless and need to get a replacement. However I cannot find the part number and don't know what the unit itself is called. Please help haha
  13. Ford Fiesta MK7 Windscreen Wiper Replacement Pads

    Damn, I was under the impression the rubbers seals/pads could be replaced. In that case.... where's the best place to buy?
  14. Hello all, Recently I have noticed the decay on windscreen wiper pads leaving a smudged line after wiping the screen. I've looked online and cannot find the replacement pads anywhere - only full blade replacements. Does anyone have the part number or any links as to where I can buy replacements. Cheers!

    Hiya Beck, I experienced this problem myself recently. In my personal experience the fan turned off after a few minutes after running at fall speed producing a loud humming noise as the fan rotated. However I had one instance where I left it, went inside, and I didn't turn off. Came outside 20 minutes later to find my key fob not working due to the fan running my battery flat. Recharged the battery and the same issues occurred. Like many people on this forum have said it could be your sensors - it is a known common fault in MK7 Fiesta's. However in my case my relay switch had became faulty - hence the fan not turning off. After taking it into the garage and getting a new relay fitted it's running smoothly again. Hope this information helps!